Yin Way Weekly Class

Yin Way - Amara Charles

Mondays & Wednesdays Phoenix, 6-8:30 pm

A Unique blend of Women’s Qigong, Healing Tigress Exercises designed especially for women.

Similar to yoga in that it includes coordinating your breath, body, mind and spirit, Yin Way’s Qigong practices are simple, easy-to do (yet very powerful)  movements. The movements of your body, mind and breath primarily circulate your blood and energy.

For More Information about Yin Way Classes in Phoenix, contact Shyena Venice. 

(Also available live via Skype)

Yin Way is a woman’s restoration class in Phoenix, Arizona. It consists of  a unique blend of “Qigong” exercises, meditations, and a variety of practices designed especially for women who wish to increase their vitality and health.

What is Qigong?

(First of all, it is pronounced: Chi-Gong.) Similar to yoga in that it includes coordinating your breath, body, mind and spirit, Qigong practices are simple, easy-to do (yet very powerful)  movements. The movements of your body, mind and breath primarily circulate your blood and energy.

What Makes Yin Way so Unique?

Guan Yin Pouring Water

It is called Yin Way because the class is about doing things the “yin” or feminine way.

This means learning to increase your energy and improve your health in an intelligent, nourishing and thus Feminine Way.

The Yin Way method is powerfully gentle.

The results women talk about are powerful (such as): increased vitality , heat and health in your core,better moods, decreased menstruation issues, including less cramping, bloating etc., stronger connection to your cycles (if you no longer menstruate), stronger libido, less stress and more smiles, everything is done in a gentle, nourishing way. In fact, we share tea together after wards.

But there is MORE that makes Yin Way a special Course for Women

We also focus on Breast Health, Ovarian Health and Vaginal Strength.

The class includes Taoist teachings and practices using the Jade Egg (sold in our store) to increase  vaginal (Jade Gate) strength and sensitivity.

p.s. As interest in this course increases, we will add the technology for you to practice in your own home. We will study and practice together with women from all over the world who share similar passion about heath, youthfulness, beauty and compassion.


(c) Amara Charles, 2010

Why  are Gentleness, Softness, Tranquility and Rest so important when it comes to restoring your health and vitality?

Think of it this way: when you go to a typical ‘workout’ what’s the vibe? Usually, the space is teeming with action and packed with people pressing to meet goals, pushing limits, counting, pumping, sweating and ‘working’ out.

Plus, to take your mind off this pressing, pushing, and all the resistance to more ‘work’, exercisers often blast something in their ears, listen to books on tape or read magazines to distract their minds from the whole process.

I know, what that’s like. It can actually be fun to zone out this way, and certainly, you can build abs, lose weight, add muscles or whatever you put your mind to. There’s no question it ‘works’.

It’s The Western Way

In order to relax while striving to meet a goal, get into that dress by Christmas or lose those extra pounds after Thanksgiving,  you have to put your mind to it and strive away. Convinced we are progressing, succeeding and improving, we feel good when we are in pain and stress. It seems as if there’s No pain- no gain/ no stress no test.

As Westerners, we love this, we really do. It makes us feel like we are working, being a good productive, non-lazy person. And like I said, there’s plenty of evidence to show the method of stress, goal, strive, perspire, achieve and start again does work. (are you getting pumped just reading this?)

So, while, the (let’s call this the Yang- or Masculine Way- where linear thinking, action, achieving and really hard work produces results, what if there were a different, more relaxed and balanced way to coast towards your desires that didn’t leave you needing a vacation from your free time?

Actually, most well thought out exercise programs bring a bit of Yin and Yang into the mix. Even the US Army is adding meditation and yoga into their basic recruit training. While Japanese Shogun have known for centuries that things like Yin neditation strengthen Yang Sword weilding, the idea of bringing stillness, silence, tranquility and rest into a warriors practice is relatively new to the Western mind.

A Yin Course however is quite different. Yes, there’s plenty of challenge, action and some things to get the blood flowing. It’s just that every exercise includes calming your mind while moving, rather than distracting yourself.

It also includes still stances (that are not exactly easy at first) as well as movements that bring better circulation through the inside of your body- including your liver, spleen, lungs heart,  kidneys and adrenals. We also practice something called the Willow Waist that brings vitality into the places women tend to hold weight or tension.

Rather than developing your external focus, Qigong causes you to naturally feel your internal feelings, mostly by teaching you how to gently use your breath, your mind and your body together to bring you more happiness, harmony and youthfulness.

In beauty, Amara

More to come….

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