Sexual Empowerment Correspondence Course

Sexual Empowerment Correspondence Courses - Amara Charles

The Jade Moon Woman’s

Sexual Empowerment Course for Women

with Amara Charles

This correspondence course will be conducted in 10 Gates. It is now available only via Skype or Phone. Each Gate is presented in three phases. First, a collection of teachings, lessons and tasks are sent to you by email. Second, you are then asked to read the lessons, complete the tasks, write your reflections, ask 3 questions, and email them back back*. Third, you will then arrange a Skype or Phone Session to discuss your questions, comments and experiences.

After you complete each Gate you can decide if you would like to proceed to the next. Each Gate takes about three weeks. The cost of the course is per Gate. The time period can be extended according to your circumstances. It is recommmended that you complete one Gate Per Month.

Course Cost



Empower Yourself with Beauty and Compasion

How The Jade Moon Correspondence Training Course Works


What Are the Empowerment Teachings, Lessons and Tasks?

The teachings and lessons are derived from various Shamanic and Taoist traditions of sexual arts. They have proven to be effective in empowering greater confidence, understanding, courage, passion and contentment in many people’s intimate sexual lives.The information contained in the teachings come from my experience while teaching sexuality workshops for over twenty years, working with thousands of men and women of many ages and from all different walks of life.

This course has been carefully developed as a guide to help liberate your sexual energy, clear issues from the past and create new possibilities for greater intimate pleasure. Whether you have a relationship or are seeking one, this course serves as a personal mentorship. It will help you navigate through difficulities, questions and sexual issues. Most importantly, it will give you a deeper understanding of your unique sexual beauty and power.

Plus, the Jade Moon Correspondence Course is custom designed to suit your needs. Your responses influence the direction of the course and your questions help me select certain tasks and teachings I feel will work best for you. However, since this is a very private course and there is limited availability, all applicants will be interviewed in advance by email by Amara Charles.

Sample Topics from Gate One Include:

Gate One: Opening the Jade Gate




Lesson One: Women’s Empowerment


  • Discovering Your Natural Femininity
  • Restoring Your Sexual Energy
  • Reclaiming your Feminine Essence
  • Nourishing the Three Treasures of Life
  • Sexuality and Spirituality
  • Questions & Tasks Regarding Your Story

Lesson Two: Empowering Attitudes


  • Clarifying Your Intentions
  • Sexual Kindness and Compassion
  • Sexual Openness and Honesty
  • Task: Clarifying Your Intentions with Men

Lesson Three: Yin Yang Harmony for Male Female Balance


  • Introduction to Sexual Alchemy
  • Developing Your Yin Feminine Essence
  • Developing Your Yang Masculine Essence
  • Unraveling the Mysteries of Intimacy, Men and Sex
  • Nourishing Arts: Creating Special Practices for Your Empowerment and Health

Application for Sexual Empowerment Correspondence Course

If you are interested in taking the Correspondence Course, please answer the following questions and email them to:  Amara will respond within 10 Days.


Application Questions

1. Why are you considering taking this Empowerment Course?

2. What practices, books, or workshops have you attended that you feel will assist you in this course?

3. What are the three main topics around sex and intimacy that you seek guidance with?




p.s. If you are interested in this course and you are a man, no worries! We are developing a Male Empowerment Course. Please email me at:

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