About Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Levels 1-4


Based in ancient shamanic traditions, the experience of Quodoushka will change the course of your life forever. This series of spiritual sexuality workshops will empower you to be a more sensitive, creative lover and will help you enjoy the intimacy you deserve in your relationships.

Since 1985 Quodoushka workshops have empowered people around the world to unlock their deep seeded blocks against pleasure and to have greater health, hope, happiness, harmony and humor in their sexual lives

Quodoushka workshops include:

Practical exercises to reach higher levels of orgasm, renew relationships, and discover the healing power of sex

  • Demonstrates how to identify and best please the nine male and female genital anatomy types—such as Coyote Man or Buffalo Woman
  • Provides exercises for greater sexual pleasure and orgasmic intensity, including the Firebreath exercise for full-body orgasm
  • Explains how to perform powerful healing sexual energetic work with the chakras and light body

Based on ancient Mayan, Olmec, and Toltec teachings passed down through the generations by the Twisted Hair Nagual Elders of the Sweet Medicine Path, Quodoushka offers practical guidance on sex, intimacy, and relationships as well as how to reach higher levels of orgasm and sexual ecstasy. Working with the healing power of sexual union and orgasm, this practice offers a path to repair emotional wounds and sexual insecurities, revive monotonous relationships, and discover the sweet medicine of sex.

Discovering Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality

“Since most of us come from families where meaningful guidance about sex was scant if it existed at all, many of us are hungry to find sensible approaches for creating healthy intimate relationships. For me, discovering the teachings and practices of Quodoushka dramatically changed the course of my life. They not only offered an inspiring system of integrated knowledge, they expanded my whole view of sex, orgasms and relationships. They helped me accept the unique characteristics of my sexual anatomy and most importantly, showed me how we can learn through pleasure in order to become more sensitive, creative lovers.” Amara Charles

All Quodoushka Teachers

All Quodoushka teachers are highly trained individuals apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path of Turtle Island. Each Quodoushka is taught by both male and female teachers. This select group of teachers is authorized to present the Quodoushka teachings around the world.

Worldwide Quodoushka Calender

Including Workshops with Amara Charles and with other qualified Quodoushka instructors worldwide.

Quodoushka Articles by Amara Charles Healing Power of Sex

‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’ Published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.

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The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka

MasterQCalendar2015 with Amara Charles and Other Qualified Quodoushka Instructors around the World.

About Quodoushka Level One

The focus of the first level of Quodoushka is about your individual sexual self. It’s a reclaiming of your personal energy and a Rite of Passage into a more natural, empowered way of appreciating your sexuality.

Through the wisdom of these ancient teachings, which come from Mayan, Olmec and Toltec sources, you will gain an understanding of what keeps you from fully enjoying the intimacy, sex and love you deserve. The Q1 is full of profound shamanic teachings that will not only enhance your sex life; they will bring tremendous vitality and joy into your relationships, friendships, career and family.

The Quodoushka instructors and support team create an amazing intimate environment where you will be guided through a variety of experiences to deepen your understanding of sexual energy. Some of these exercises are solo, others you will share with different partners. You can attend as a single, or if you come with a partner, you can enjoy the weekend exploring your sexual potential together as a couple.

Either way, you will learn more about yourself as a spiritual sexual being in four days than you have ever felt in your life. Quodoushka helps you expand and accept your sexuality as healthy, natural and good. The Quodoushka workshop is not only practical and profound, those who attend agree; it’s also a great deal of fun! That’s because we believe you have a right to gain knowledge through pleasure.

What Q Graduates have to say….

“An essential life training for all human beings whatever age. A much needed teaching to clean up the current mess/confusion around the whole area of sex/sexuality in society. I will be suggesting to my daughters that they attend Q1 as a basic life skills/education programme….. Words cannot describe the importance of this teaching to mankind.”Bruce Irvine – Company Director, Auckland, New Zealand

“Having over 30 years completed a myriad of workshops, this is by far the most powerful ‘useful’ workshop for embodiment of a joyful blissful life.”Diane Ryan – Psychotherapist, Brisbane, Australia
“One of the most profound sexual healing trainings I’ve done. The usefulness and integrity of the material is a great gift.”Anna Marti – Sexual Intimacy Coach, Seattle, USA

“Truly an amazing weekend. Can’t wait to use the teachings in my life. Profound is not enough of a word to describe these teachings. World leaders should all be required to go through this in order to lead the human race.”Jim – Business Owner, Seattle, USA

“Chuluaqui Quodoushka awoke my sexual energy. It gifted me the power and knowledge to love my life in the present as a sexually empowered and motivated woman. I want to, and will do, everything to take this into my everyday life.”Helen Heatley Gilberd – Director, Auckland, New Zealand

“The Q was not only one of the most safe and supportive experience for me to learn about myself in the area of sexuality, personal awareness and being happier, but also, it supported me in being more clear in business and in all areas of my life. Very, very powerful…”DC Cordova – International Business Entrepreneur.
“I am particularly grateful at the level of safety and opportunity that your team generated. This environment gave me the opportunity to stretch, which I repeatedly felt empowered to do. So I stretched and stretched some more. I feel profoundly transformed!”Pat Muller – Psychologist.

“I arrived bruised and battered by my relationships and found a healing space with the tools to empower me in my everyday life. I found the space that revitalized me, filled me with hope, I found love for myself and the beings that surround me.”David Frost – Australia.
“I cannot begin to tell you how much the recent Q1 has changed me. I had never gone through such a profound transformative process within the course of a single weekend. I rejoice in knowing that freedom, love and great sex are my birthright.”Annette Sand – Physical Therapist.

“My life has already started the ramping-up-process. The level of intimacy that my partner and I have experienced since our return from the Q1 is remarkable. Thank-you.”Billy Western Fox – Zen Buddhist Priest.

“As the next Quodoushka workshops approach I’m wishing I were there with you guys! I’m currently setting up my business. It is extremely hard work and is taking everything I’ve got….The only reason I’ve got the power to do it, is because of you guys and the Q magic – after what you guys showed me, there’s no way I’m leaving this amazing planet with my music still inside me!”Lee Burger – UK.

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka by Amara Charles

Amara Charles is Author of the Best Selling "The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka'

About Quodoushka Level Two

The second level of Quodoushka is about embracing your new found sexual energy to heal the rift between men and women.

You will release deeply held resentments that hold you back from fully feeling sexual pleasure. You will also learn detailed shamanic lover’s techniques to share with a partner- whether you are in a relationship or are looking for one. As in the Q1, you may attend Q2 as a single or with a partner.

The Quodoushka Two exercises help you understand what you truly need as a man or a woman in order to enjoy a rich, healthy sexual life- You will return home knowing how to sustain more kindhearted intimacy in your relationships. As you learn skills to become a better lover, you will experience how honest communication paves the way for more sexual joy, passion and playfulness in your life.

Quodoushka Level Two Testimonials

“A most highly valued experience – imperative for healthy (sexual) living.  A wonderful arena for knowing myself so much more deeply and understanding others.  The highly professional teachings and support create a safe, safe space for sexual exploration and life. I feel so blessed to have been here.”

Pamela Rosalynde Therapist/Coach/Facilitator

“One of the very special things here is the safety – safety to be yourself in every sense of the word.  I felt surrounded by love and felt I also contributed to this by feeling love for everyone.”

Tanja Murphy Therapist (Chiropractor)

“Q1 was without doubt the most amazing experience of my life.  I found what I’d been searching for all my life.  I discovered that there is real magic in the universe.  I got as high as a kite in the space of 3 days and remained high (dropping exponentially) for months afterwards.

I was worried that in doing Q2 I wouldn’t get as high and would be disappointed with the experience.  An element of that worry did come true – I didn’t get as high – but I got other things out of Q2.  In Q1 I got too high, too soon – I went from being a zero, to seeing a glimpse of the face of God, in the space of 3 days!  That obviously couldn’t last, because I had no foundation to hold it on – and without spiritual connections in the UK I fell miles and experienced the loneliest 1 ½ years of my life, and slipped back into negative, self destructive thought patterns.

Though Q2 didn’t get me so high it pulled me up to a calm, contented, appreciative level of being, but this time, with a firm foundation.  I feel strong at my current level of enlightenment.

After Q1 I built an unimaginably magnificent, magical palace (with rotating crystal structure mapping the knowledge of the universe in nodes of brilliant light) on the sand.  That palace collapsed into a black sea.  Now I’ve built a beautiful modest temple, on a sacred rock, where I feel comfortable, strong and calm.   I thank Sonia and all the teachers for providing the materials and helping me to build that temple.
Most of all I thank you for breaking down the wall that separated me from my beloved.  I never used to be able to look into others’ eyes for more than a few seconds.  Now I can not only hold eye contact, I can see god in the face.  I can see light in a smile – where the face becomes just a symbol and what I actually see transcends the limited dimensions of space.”

Lee Stillitoe Full Time Dreamer, London England

“Quodoushka 1 was the catalyst for profound changes in our relationship.  Quodoushka 2 has helped us both to consolidate those changes and to give new teachings which will enable me to go deeper and deeper into being a sexual man.  A number of barriers have moved during our time at Q2.”

Terry Murphy, Holistic Manipulative Therapist

“A fantastic way to look in the mirror! Extremely safe and transformative!Very ‘Powerful’! The wisdom takes my breath away!”

Mike Beckingham, Consultant

“It is the best course I have done in my life.  It holds most of the answers to help a person find a truly balanced relationship in life.”

Louis Phillips

“Profound teachings in sacred space.  When used in everyday life will assist in creating the life that I want.”

Glenys Pilmore, NLP Practitioner

“A very special and unique opportunity to learn new techniques to expand my awareness of my sexuality and to break through invisible barriers.”

Michelle Graham, Teacher

“I feel that these Quodoushka workshops are the most high-grade courses that I have participated in and that the facilitators of the Deer Tribe are World-Class for unsurpassed personal growth with definite healing potential and I strongly recommend them to anyone who has issues around their sexuality and the opposite sex in their lives.”

John Stephenson, Massage Trainer/Therapist

“Big shift again.  Q1 and Q2 two years ago started me on a journey into self from which there is no return… So Q1, 2 and 3 are on my list this year to speed me on my way.”

Peter Thomas, Creative/Speaker, Quodoushka Sponsor, Asian Pacific

“My journey in life is to live, love and be who I truly am, and Quodoushka 2 has been critical to me discovering what that is, through my genuine sense of self.
Thankyou, I’m eternally grateful.”

Helen Heatley Gilberd, Advertising Director, China

“Nurturing, wild, fully supported, healing and deep.
Mmwaa (kissing sound).”

Elmara Grace Mother/Student of Life

“Q1 and Q2 are a necessity for anyone holding men’s or women’s circles, and is a foundation for understanding core human relations.”

Jared Veall, Self-employed

“I found it really beneficial to move from the Q1 to Q2 with a majority of the same people, made coming together easier and also added to deepening the relationship with self through ‘informed’ feedback.  Also, able to stay in energy space between workshops. This all enabled a ‘deep process’ in a safe and trusting environment to take place.”

Bruce Irvine, Company Director

“Very good for your heart and soul.”

Shauna Cotter, Massage Therapist

“Each workshop I do takes me into a deeper place of magic and mystery where anything is possible.  Life changing!”

Heather Stewart, Massage Therapist

About Quodoushka Level Three

By embodying the gifts of your sexual clarity, beauty and power, the third level awakens deep compassion and universal love between intimate couples.

At this level, you attend with a partner to stir the magic of your relationship. You will experience how awakened sexual giving and receiving brings new meaning and purpose to the healing forces of your sexual energy.

You will discover and explore your deepest sexual hungers while learning fascinating shamanic lovemaking techniques to delight your lover into states of profound ecstasy. You and your partner will be guided to experience the blissful places of profound union you may have never known before.

About Quodoushka Level Four

Level four takes you to the depths of love and passion with your partner. It stretches the horizon of your sacred, intimate union into and beyond your personal satisfaction. It shows you how to direct the full intensity of your sexual love and guides you through the doorways of ecstasy for the benefit of all life.

The entire journey of Quodoushka develops the healing energies of sex-not only for ourselves; it reveals how through personal lovemaking, as we increase our own self acceptance, self worth and self love, we spread greater health, hope, happiness, harmony and humor through our relationships, families and communities.

Quodoushka guides you to liberate the powerful energies of sex with greater  responsibility and wisdom. You will learn how to give fully as a lover and experience how your sexual pleasure connects you with all the worlds of Grandmother Earth.  (Quodoushka IV is only taught by Thunderstrikes, founder of the Quodoushka teachings and Elder of The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path.)

What Q Graduates have to say…

I’ve done all kinds of transformative work. Nothing has given me the kind of direct access to my naturally powerful, loving self like the Q1. I recommend this course for any human being who knows there is more to their lives and power than their traditional‚ western education. The Q1 beautifully captures, conveys, and makes available to western ears what sages have said about sacred sexuality without being abstract or weird.
Thank you for the gift of my true sacred sexual self!
C. Lambert, Consultant, Phoenix, AZ (Jan Q1 2006) More…

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