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Sacred Sexuality Workshops, Seminars, Retreats and on-line Courses Invite You to Explore Ancient Daoist, Tantric and Shamanic Traditional Teachings on Sex.

Nourishing Arts provides learning opportunities and a variety of educational material to help women and men cultivate their beauty and youthfulness, realize their full human potential and achieve tranquility in daily life. Our mission is to inspire and educate people, awakening their capacity for wonder and restoring spiritual and sexual vitality and physical health. Our trainings present practices and teachings from the Taoist and Shamanic traditions.

Shiva Shakti ~ An Introduction to Spiritual Sexuality Santa Fe

UntShiva Shakti flyerSponsored by: Dr. Robyn Benson Santa Fe Soul

Shiva Shakti

An Introduction to Spiritual Sexuality


with Amara Charles & Shyena Venice


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A few of the weekend treats

  • Step-by-step instructions to heal, awaken,and increase your sensuouspleasure
  • Learn how your eyes, words, emotions, and vulnerability can bring you intimate ecstasy
  • Experience the 6 kinds of sensuous touch to bring fresh energy into your love life
  • Breathing and internal organ exercises for increased sexual awareness and bliss
  • Easy and fun ancient techniques to become a more masterful lover

Workshop Registration Details


January 9-11 2015 | Santa Fe Soul


$395 Register Now – until December 15th $495 After December 15th


FRIDAY 7:00 – 10:30 pm

SATURDAY 9:00 am – 10 pm (two hour dinner break @ local restaurants)

Register now and save at:

In a sacred and safe environment you will learn how to use sexual energy forincreased intimacy, spiritual connection, and pleasure beyond your imagination. You will begin to master easy methods of sexual restoration and learn ways to increase your energy so you can make love well into your old age, keeping you young for many years to come.

Most of all, you’ll enjoy a weekend full of nourishing, vibrant pleasure, with ancient  secrets that will simply blow you away.

Amara Charles

Author of #1 Best Selling book The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka. Amara has presented spiritual sexuality programs around the world for over twenty-five years. As seen on VH1, BBC, ABC, and HBO, her powerfully inspiring presentations reveal her passionate commitment to help others achieve profound happiness in their intimate lives.

 Shyena Venice is a woman’s health wellness and intimacy expert and workshop facilitator who has traveled around the world helping both menand women experience the pleasure of intimate compassion. She’s also a master body worker, CEO of SYLK, as well as a healer and musician who brings her light.


Dr. Robyn Benson DOM  505 660 1907


Amara Charles







Quodoushka 1 Phoenix January 22-25 2015


Sex and Intimacy Workshop for Singles and Couples

Phoenix, Arizona January 22-25   2015
Thursday – Sunday evening

What is Quodoushka? More …

Quodoushka I Texas February 2015


Sex and Intimacy Workshop for Singles and Couples

Denton Texas  February 19 – 22 2015
Thursday – Sunday evening

What is Quodoushka? More …

About Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Levels 1-4


Based in ancient shamanic traditions, the experience of Quodoushka will change the course of your life forever. This series of spiritual sexuality workshops will empower you to be a more sensitive, creative lover and will help you enjoy the intimacy you deserve in your relationships.

Since 1985 Quodoushka workshops have empowered people around the world to unlock their deep seeded blocks against pleasure and to have greater health, hope, happiness, harmony and humor in their sexual lives

Quodoushka workshops include:

Practical exercises to reach higher levels of orgasm, renew relationships, and discover the healing power of sex

  • Demonstrates how to identify and best please the nine male and female genital anatomy types—such as Coyote Man or Buffalo Woman
  • Provides exercises for greater sexual pleasure and orgasmic intensity, including the Firebreath exercise for full-body orgasm
  • Explains how to perform powerful healing sexual energetic work with the chakras and light body

Based on ancient Mayan, Olmec, and Toltec teachings passed down through the generations by the Twisted Hair Nagual Elders of the Sweet Medicine Path, Quodoushka offers practical guidance on sex, intimacy, and relationships as well as how to reach higher levels of orgasm and sexual ecstasy. Working with the healing power of sexual union and orgasm, this practice offers a path to repair emotional wounds and sexual insecurities, revive monotonous relationships, and discover the sweet medicine of sex.

Discovering Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality

“Since most of us come from families where meaningful guidance about sex was scant if it existed at all, many of us are hungry to find sensible approaches for creating healthy intimate relationships. For me, discovering the teachings and practices of Quodoushka dramatically changed the course of my life. They not only offered an inspiring system of integrated knowledge, they expanded my whole view of sex, orgasms and relationships. They helped me accept the unique characteristics of my sexual anatomy and most importantly, showed me how we can learn through pleasure in order to become more sensitive, creative lovers.” Amara Charles

All Quodoushka Teachers

All Quodoushka teachers are highly trained individuals apprenticed to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path of Turtle Island. Each Quodoushka is taught by both male and female teachers. This select group of teachers is authorized to present the Quodoushka teachings around the world.

Worldwide Quodoushka Calender

Including Workshops with Amara Charles and with other qualified Quodoushka instructors worldwide.

Quodoushka Articles by Amara Charles Healing Power of Sex

‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’ Published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.

Now Available at Barnes and Nobel, Amazon, and our Shop

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka


These are some of the common Questions people ask about Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Workshops.

Can I come to a Quodoushka Workshop without a partner?
Yes! You may attend Quodoushka I and II as a single or attend with a partner.
For Quodoushka Three, you must attend with a partner.

Is it better to come with a partner?

Many people ask this question because they think, ‘oh, I can’t explore anything about my sexuality until I have a partner.’

I would say, please do not wait to have a partner to attend a Quodoushka!

It’s a common relationship mistake to think that our sexual sense of ourselves comes from outside. The truth is, our life force energy is ours, and until we feel good, whole and healthy in our own skin, and until we learn to accept ourselves we really have trouble deserving pleasure from someone else. And there is so much to explore about ourselves sexually. You may experience intimate feelings you never really articulated or even thought possible…
If you attend as a single, (even if you have a partner), you will untangle so
many beliefs about sex, and get so clear about your own feelings that you will return to your everyday life with such an attractive glow about you that people will ask you , ‘what happened?’
(we hear this all the time.)

But most important, you will not only be blessed with a temporary glow, you will learn practical intimate communication skills that will enhance your relationships for a life time.

That’s why I say ‘Do not wait to attend a Quodoushka’ . If you attend as a single now You’ll be in a much better place within your self to find, attract, or rekindle a current relationship.

What if I want to come with my partner?

Of course you can come with your partner, and if you choose, you can do all the exercises together to share an exquisite and profound healing space for your relationship. The Quodoushka experience is simply an amazing, intimate way to celebrate your union. You will learn ways to talk about and make clear sexual agreements around things most of us, often mistakenly take for granted.

We’ve even had couples who chose to come to Quodoushka to celebrate their honeymoon, and to recharge a ‘broken’ relationship.

If you think you already know  what your partner likes and wants it’s more than likely not exactly so. All partners can benefit from learning more, especially about your self first. There’s so much that happens in both QI and QII that will give you practical insights about how to shift habits and patterns that keep you stuck in doing the same things over and over in your intimate life.

While we cannot guarantee Quodoushka will fix every issue in your relationship, we can say you will receive the tools to create enduring and more fulfilling sexual intimacy.

What if my partner does not want to go?

It’s often the case that one partner wants to go and one is not ready. I always say, if that’s the case, one of you should go, make clear agreements, and then share what you’ve learned with your beloved. (if you need help doing this, our staff is here to help you before and after the Q.)

Many times, when one partner goes, later, when they’ve seen the positive changes, the other partner wants to attend! Then you can have one go as a single, or you can both come to experience the Quodoushka together.

What if I am Gay, will I benefit? Are Gay people welcome?


Quodoushka is open to all sexual preferences. We honor and teach that we all have a choice about what kind of relationship we could best learn and grow from. It’s one of the most accepting and loving spaces you will find to celebrate, share and express who you truly are.

If you have questions or concerns about how you would like to participate, our staff is ready to help you before, during, and after the Q.

What About Sexual Safety?

We take great care to create a sexually safe environment, and we fully advocate and practice safe sexual practices.

Is there nudity in Quodoushka?

This is the next big question. First of all, in all Quodoushka Workshops there is never anything that you must do. There’s so many things in our sexuality that we do because other people told us to, or because other people wanted something. Sometimes we were not sure what we wanted, and sometimes we didn’t know how to no and maybe regretted that. All these sorts of things happen in our intimate life.
That’s why there’s a great focus in the Q1 is getting to YOUR own ‘Yes. This is what I want’. And, about getting clear about YOUR own ‘No. This is not what I want.”
The Q1 experience is about learning to feel, clarify and express what we want in our intimate life. And it’s a chance to practice saying it.

This is a round about way of saying that there will never be anything in a Quodoushka workshop that you need to do if you don’t want to. You will always be at choice every step of the way. So with nudity,
you may practice everything clothed, or you may choose to do the exercises without clothing. That’s entirely up to you. I will say that the vast majority of people who come to Quodoushka experience a level of safety and respect with a group they’ve never felt in their lives. So, if you’re nervous about that, please don’t worry, a lot of other people are too. The most important thing is that Quodoushka is a safe place to practice making and expressing your own sexual agreements.

I think the hidden question is, and perhaps the question people want to ask but often shy away from, is about the other people. They wonder if there will be sexual advances, or if there will be sexually explicit things going on.

Firstly, our trained staff speaks directly to every person who attends Quodoushka to determine whether they are ready to attend and there are no sexually explicit exercises in QI or QII. We do have frank discussions about sexuality, orgasms and sexual anatomy, and there are exercises that involve touch. We encourage an atmosphere where it is okay to talk about, feel and express orgasmic energy, and each person is at choice
with how they make agreements and do each exercise.

About the Exercises:

First, every exercise is demonstrated, then you practice the exercise with a partner, and then we gather to discuss what we learned.

Some exercises are solo, some are with a partner, and some we do together as a group.

Finally, most people of course want to know:

What happens in a Quodoushka?

While we do not provide a schedule for Quodoushka, this is the general flow of the 3 1/2 day workshop. (unless it is an extended Q):

Please Note: These are just the bare bones of what happens in Quodoushka. (I have intentionally left out some of the most unique, fun and special things that happen during the weekend. Why? Because some people just love to be surprised.)

Also: each Quodoushka Teacher may position topics and exercises in their own unique way. Every Quodoushka Workshop includes these essential teachings, exercises and practices.

First Evening
We open with introductions and a history of where the Quodoushka teachings come from. We do a few spoken teachings on relationship choices, and we use these teachings to share and listen to everyone’s intent for being here. This is followed by a ceremony to help everyone set their own intention for the weekend.

We also create specific agreements for the group including the rules for safety and confidentiality. This ensures our rules of engagement during the weekend provides a safe container and a safe environment for each person to learn about and explore their sexuality.

First Day
We begin with morning teachings to open our senses and balance our energy.
This is followed with exercises that bring these teachings into the body, such as chakra balancing as well as other exercises which show us how to use our energy centers.

We serve a beautiful lunch each day.

This rest of the day is devoted to expanding our concept and awareness of what sexual energy is and what it isn’t. The afternoon is filled with more teachings about how we can feel, sense and use our energy centers in very specific ways to expand our awareness of self, life and others.

The evening is devoted to the demonstration and practice of a Shamanic Healing practice used to clear away blocks and pave the way for being able to feel more pleasure in the body.

We do late into the evening. (see your particular Q Schedule to see beginning, meal and ending times).

Second Day
This is an amazing day of discovering new things about your sexual self.

There are interactive teachings and healing exercises to help us ground, feel and express a more empowered sense of self. Teachings during the morning provide answers to questions about why we sometimes react so childishly, or with so much negative emotion when it comes to intimacy and sex. We start the day practical tools to help us see our selves with more awareness so we can wake up and take responsibility for what we want.

The afternoon is devoted to a very special Shamanic ceremony that is designed to help you lift deeply held layers of shame and guilt about our sexuality.

The evening‘s exercise and ceremony is designed to bring out different faces of your lover’s persona, and it’s designed to help you accept and feel worthy of more pleasure in your life.

Day Three
Part of the last day is devoted to learning amazing things about orgasms, levels of orgasms, and types of orgasms. There’s also ample space given to sharing and and expressing the things we’ve learned and gained.

One of the most significant things that happens in every Quodoushka is that you will have the chance to hear other people’s journey; what they’ve gained and what they’re giving away. In fact, sharing personal blocks, defeats and victories is one of the hidden treasures that happens in every Quodoushka, and it’s also where much of the healing happens, for we realize again and again, we are not alone.

Plus, sharing within the Q Matrix is profoundly uplifting, for you will not hear or experience these kinds of amazing intimate breakthroughs anywhere else in the world.

Our final closing ceremonies are designed to help us ground our gains and seal the love to take it home into all our relations.

In beauty, Amara

(c) Amara Charles 2014

If you have other questions, please email me at

Amara Charles is the author of the Sexual Practices of Quodoushka available here, or on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

MasterQCalendar2015 with Amara Charles and Other Qualified Quodoushka Instructors around the World.


Special Workshops


Shakti Queen Woman’s Retreats

Shakti Queen North Carolina Sept 26-28

Shakti Queen New York

NYShaktiQueenFlyerNYShaktiQueenFlyer shakti 111


shakti 3 amara bio infoShakti Queen New York

Quodoushka II Phoenix 2015

Quodoushka Level Two

Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Sex and Intimacy Retreat for Singles and Couples

With Amara Charles and STAFF


Phoenix, Arizona JULY 6-12  2015 More …

Phoenix Quodoushka II


Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Sex and Intimacy Retreat for Singles and Couples

With Amara Charles and John Thunderwolf

This Year’s Flyer Coming Soon. For Costs/Info See Phoenix QII Flyer/Registration PDF – 2013

Phoenix, Arizona November 6 – 9 2014

 Early Registration Ends September 1.

Register Now:  Single Registration $595  until Sept 1

Register Now: Couple Registration $1175 unril Sept 1

Note: Q2 Graduates and SMSD Apprentices email for costs

Those who have made a Deposit for this Q2                                                                please contact Amara :                                                      I will send you a Pay Pal request for Balance Due. Early Registration Discounts only apply to those who have paid in full by August 1st.

Experience how the gift of your sexuality is the most powerful resource for the full self-expression of your health, hope, happiness, harmony and humor.

Quodoushka Level Two

The second level Quodoushka is about embracing your newfound sexual energy to transform and heal the rift between men and women.

You will release deeply held resentments that hold you back from fully feeling your sexual pleasure.

You will also learn amazing shamanic lover’s techniques to share with a partner – whether you are in a relationship or are looking for one. As in the Q1, you may attend Q2 as a single or with a partner.

The Quodoushka Two exercises help you understand what you truly need as a man or a woman in order to enjoy a rich, healthy sexual life- As you learn skills to become a better lover, you will experience how honest communication paves the way for more sexual joy, passion and playfulness in your life. You will return home knowing how to sustain more kindhearted, endearing and enduring intimacy in your relationships.

AMARA CHARLES has been an apprentice of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path since 1987. She has traveled teaching Quodoushka Sexuality workshops internationally for over twenty years. Amara is the author of Sexual Agreements, and The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka soon to be released by Bear & Co. Amara helped establish the Red Lodge Yearlong shamanic ceremonial program for the Deer Tribe Métis Medicine Society and has led family Rites of Passage training programs for many years. She is the founder of Nourishing Arts, providing Sex and Intimacy mentorship for singles and couples.

JOHN Thunder Wolf: began his shamanic training in the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in 1985. He leads the Black Lightning Lodge in Canada. John embodies the strength, confidence and gentleness of the masculine. He brings the experience of his rich and varied life as a professional classical musician, teacher, psychotherapist, father and husband. As a Quodoushka facilitator he is a wonderful guide through the maze of human sexuality. He brings humor and care in helping others to find their naturalness within their sexuality. John also leads powerful inspiring programs for men. He has a vision of men returning to balance and finding their strength, power and beauty through ceremony and the community of the masculine. He also brings the shamanic healing ways of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path

SCHEDULE: for Phoenix Q2 November 9 – 9 2014
Thursday 5 – 7 pm registration, teachings begin at 7 pm

Friday 9 am – approx. midnight, with a 2 hour dinner break
Saturday 9 am – approx. midnight, with a 2 hour dinner break
Sunday 9 am – 5 pm

Send payment in full or a deposit of $150 (US) per person to:
Nourishing Arts, 3741 East Shangri La, Road, Phoenix, AZ 85028

To Register by mail.

Make checks payable to Nourishing Arts
Registration is limited and subject to confirmation.
Specific location and all the information you will need to attend will be given upon registration.

You must notify us 10 days before the event. There is a $150 fee for office expenses.
Within 10 days, it is $250 non-refundable.

$150 nonrefundable when you notify us more than 10 days before the event. Within 10 days it is $250.


AMARA CHARLES 602.820•4661

Yin Way Weekly Class

Yin Way - Amara Charles

Mondays & Wednesdays Phoenix, 6-8:30 pm

A Unique blend of Women’s Qigong, Healing Tigress Exercises designed especially for women.

Similar to yoga in that it includes coordinating your breath, body, mind and spirit, Yin Way’s Qigong practices are simple, easy-to do (yet very powerful)  movements. The movements of your body, mind and breath primarily circulate your blood and energy.

For More Information about Yin Way Classes in Phoenix, contact Shyena Venice.  More …

Private Coaching with Amara Charles


Private Coaching with Amara Charles

My mission is to help others find peace, passion and purpose in their intimate lives so they can do what they came here to do

I’ve been working  for over twenty years mentoring, coaching and guiding individuals and couples to realize their purpose through strengthening their bonds of intimacy.

I create what I call an orbit of influence where you and I partner to realize your highest possibilities.

Over the years I’ve seen how having a healthy, intimate relationship makes all the difference in life. I am passionate supporting people to resolve issues, plan creative projects and realize their dreams. .

I not only give tools to clear away blocks to sexual happiness, I provide detailed teachings, practices, inspiration, techniques or ceremonies – whatever I feel works best for you – to support you in enjoying the happiness you deserve.

How My Orbit Coaching Works
I rarely do single sessions these days because I prefer creating an ‘orbit’ of closeness, connection  and commitment that lasts over time. Currently an Orbit consists of 10 sessions spread over several months.

I can only accept a certain amount of people to create a coaching connection with. There is currently a waiting list for my Orbit Coaching.

I offer a free session to see whether we might enjoy working together. This offer is only for people I have actually met. Please email me if you’d like to arrange a short session by phone to explore possibilities.

Find Out More
Please Note: If we have not met yet, and you’d like to be on the Orbit list, please write me a letter of request.

In beauty
Amara Charles