10 Questions for a Sexier 2017

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If you’re like me, I’m hitting the refresh button for a year of greater happiness, health, humor, hope, and harmony. And way more horniness. I’m going all out to get closer, to plant good seeds and to enjoy the good things I’ve earned. I’m daring myself to be more vulnerable, less self- consumed and to speak the unspeakable when I need to.  I’m collecting awesome allies, appreciating my enemies and  expanding my capacity for bliss. As if this were my last year here, I am living to give what only I came here to give. And I invite you to join me without waiting to be perfect to start.

I offer this little ceremony you can use with a friend or lover to cozy and cuddle up; to start your year right with a bit of audaciously kind conversation. Just light a fire, take a walk or email a friend across the ocean. Make an extra move to get close with someone who might resist your nudges at first.  Go ahead, be recklessly ever so slightly over the top real with the way you answer these questions.  Hint: enjoy!

How can I show my love in ways that really work for you?

Chakra couple

What friendships can I help you grow?


Can you describe what kind of erotic experiences you’d  like more of ?



What really made you laugh this year and how can we have more of that? More …

First Quodoushka in Prague March 1- 5 2017

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QUODOUSHKA 1 Spiritual Sexuality for Singles and Couples with Amara Charles & Åsa Kullberg

A shamanic approach to sacred sexuality for your health and well-being

March 1-5 2017, Czech Republic

To Register Please Contact: seminare@maitrea.cz More …

Aloha Quodoushka 1 & 2 in Hawaii this Fall!

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Imagine experiencing spiritual sexuality in the sensual paradise of Kauai with it’s warm tropical evenings filled with the aroma of plumeria, pristine white-sand beaches, and sparkling waterfalls. Thus begins your Quodoushka journey to completely nourish your body, mind, and soul. With your senses open and alive, luxuriate on the “Garden Isle”of Kauai, the greenest and most luscious of all the Hawaiian Islands. Cruise with new friends through the markets, take a hike along the famous Na Pali coast or relax by the ocean to enjoy the glorious Hawaiian sunshine.



Registration is OPEN for Quodoushka 1 and 2

Q1 October 27 – 31

Q2 November 4 – 8

Registration and Information CLICK HERE!

Aloha Quodoushka FLYER

Kauai Healing Retreat with Master Angela Yan

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Experience the Tranquility & Supreme Aloha Beauty of Kauai

Experience the Tranquility & Supreme Aloha Beauty of Kauai

We hope you will join us for a special women’s healing retreat on the Garden Isle of Kauai, Hawaii this October. At this retreat you will have an extraordinary and rare opportunity to work with Qigong Master Angela Yan. Angela is a world-renowned Buddhist energy healer and we are THRILLED she accepted our invitation. Read on to discover more about Angela and her amazing healing work.

‘A natural life is 120 years. This should be common. Yet, why do people die
early? They do not follow the law. They do not know how to harmonize their
natural self. You must find where your personality comes from in order to
purify and cleanse. Knowing who you are and where you come from helps
you find and follow the right path. To heal, you must understand yourself
more, regardless of your path or religion, in order to reach enlightenment.’ 

- Angela Yan

October 13 – 20

Kauai, Hawaii

Shakti Queen Healing Retreat FLYER

Register Today here!

**Space Limited**

Why Should You Use Products With Lavender Oil?

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Lavender is one of the loveliest fragrances in the world. For many of us, it is a highly nostalgic fragrance…bringing back childhood memories of lazy summer days in the forest or helping parents with the flowers and garden.

Lavender OilHowever, lavender is more than just a beautiful plant with a wonderful fragrance. It also is a powerful herb with many physical and emotional health benefits. Lavender has been used for many things, including:

  • Stress
  • Sleeplessness
  • Infections
  • Skin issues
  • Migraines
  • Burns

One of the key reasons that lavender is effective for health purposes is that its aroma is rich in molecules known as esters. These molecules are antispasmodic, tonic and pacifying. Other molecules in lavender provide it with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Below are some of the most common uses of lavender:

Respiratory System

Lavender oil is very useful in keeping the respiratory system in good health, and can help to reduce colds, flu and cough. It is particularly good when the respiratory tract is clogged with mucous.


Lavender oil has cicatrizant properties that are helpful for wounds, and also for burns and cuts. Some users report lavender can help with dermatitis and eczema.

Aches and Pains

Lavender is known as one of the best ingredients to relieve sore muscles and joints. Rubbing lavender oil into these areas can provide you with quick pain relief, and the aroma also is most relazing.

Ways to enjoy lavender oil include:

· In the bath: This is one of the best ways to use lavender for aching muscles and joints, as well as stress relief. You can simple add about 10 drops of lavender oil in a hot bath and agitate the water. Lie back in the water and feel the pain and stress melt away.

· In the shower: After you get your hair wet, just add three drops of lavender oil to one cap of water and pour it on your head. Stand under the shower and allow the oil to run off. Put your hands over your face and inhale the fragrant vapors.

· Lavender massage: This is one of the best ways to apply oils to your body when you have tight muscles or sore joints. When you rub the oil into the skin, it usually is absorbed quickly and reduces pain within minutes. Massage White Flower Analgesic Balm into the sore muscle or joint can be especially effective in melting away pain.

· Lavender foot bath: This is a wonderful way to ease tired feet. All you do is add six drops of lavender oil to hot water in a big bowl and soak the feet for about 10 minutes.

As mentioned above, a good product to enjoy the benefits of lavender is White Flower Analgesic Oil, which is commonly used in China as a gentle and natural alternative for pain relief. Also, this balm helps to relax the mind and promote a good night’s rest when used at the end of the day.

This balm works wonderfully as a foot soak to ease the pain of tired feet, and the soothing aroma helps to relieve your stress at the end of a long day.

Another option to relieve pain with lavender oil is Camphor Oil.This oil also is highly effective to naturally relieve pain in sore muscles and joints. In addition to lavender oil,  camphor oil is also is a highly effective analgesic for sore joints and muscles. Camphor is extracted from several types of trees. When it is rubbed into the sore part of the body, it helps to increase circulation to that area, which can quickly relieve pain.

Whichever product you choose, the lavender oil combined with other natural products is highly effective in relieving pain and providing stress relief.

I am a Young Living distributor.

You can order essential oils with my Member Number


DAY FIFTEEN 30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

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30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

Ten Days of Spice | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team


Can we find pleasure in the unknown? I wonder…


We schedule life, plan, dream and imagine. And somewhere in the mist of all this we seem to want to hang on for dear life that things need to be a certain way.

When can we approach life in the most delicate discovery?

We have our agreements with ourself first and foremost and then we have agreements with lovers, partners, colleges etc and hopefully by now we all have gotten to a mature place that we can talk about love, sex and intimacy in a way that empowers us. If you are knew to all this check out my book Sexual Agreements.

What happens when we take things for granted, assume and live in fantasy?

What happens when our dear lover decides to change a current agreement?

Life is magical and continuously evolving and changing. One dear friend of mine said:

“When you are on the edge of the unknown, that is a good place to be, cause you are evolving.” – John Kent

Do we enable ourself from learning and growing? Can we embrace the wind of change while it is here – with an open heart? Or do we run a certain pattern of holding back, shutting down and do we choose a less serving attitude and approcah?  When we can mature as autonomous free human beings and take responsibility for everything we have currently chosen to show up in our life, a deeper relaxation can acure and when change presents itself, we can stay more open minded. I believe that everything that comes our way is in our highest good. More …

DAY THIRTEEN – 30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

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30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

Ten Days of Spice | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team

DAY THIRTEEN Erotic Poetry


 My petals are fragile and tender and precious.

They sense the approach of your familiar hand.

They are constantly on the lookout.

Always ready, thrilled to be touched by real love. 




A sample of the poem There are Two Places from the poetry book written by Amara Charles “Aching To Open”

Get your own copy of Amara Charles Spiritual Erotic Poetry today >>>



DAY TWELVE – 30 Day Inspiration – Discover Your Erotic Nature

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30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

Ten Days of Spice | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team



A warm, soft body waits for you. You notice a smile and a shiver when you enter the room. It’s closeness that melts through anything, dissolves distractions and grabs you near. Sex is an invitation to experience beauty. Intimacy is the knock on the door and the lounging around after. Conversation, listening, loving whatever makes your lover happy- these are the things I love about intimacy. But intimacy is also rugged: it makes you ignore distance, oceans and time. It pulls you close even when you want to pull back. Intimacy is so sexy because it makes you want to touch those special places.Couple in sun istock






Keep in mind these three things when touching especially erotic places.

1. Delicacy.

2. Tease.

3. Deep Satisfaction.

Our most erotic places on the body yearn to be wanted. Yet they only open for touch when we tap gently on the door first. With permission, these places love to be surprised and have been known to moan for more. This is when touch goes straight to the soul, for there is nothing better in life than to be touched by someone we love.

For your slow touch pleasure at home, download Amara’s Touch for Two DVD




DAY EIGHT – 30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

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30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

Ten Days of Gentleness | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team

DAY EIGHT Spiritual Determination


What really ignites your fire?

Are you listening to your inner calling?

How can you create what you really desire in your life?

Life is just a decision. What sets you on fire and pulls you close IS part of your Spiritual Determination.

When the wave comes, RIDE IT. Bring it into total and absolute completion.

Take Action in this moment and write 3 action steps that you will take to move forward in manifesting a desire/dream/hearts prayer of yours. We would LOVE to hear them and will receive you with an open heart. Thank you for sharing.

With Eternal Love, Amara and The Shakti Team.

Amara & Shyena Napali Coast

An Uncanny Eye for Eros

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Listening to Mihaly Csikszentmihaly say ‘ecstasy‘ derives from a Greek word meaning to ‘stand to the side of something’ I had to pause his Ted talk, lean back with a tingle and say, Brilliant.

It’s quite an elegant way of describing what happens in the creative flow when your identity disappears, your body dissolves and what seems to be ‘You’ floats by, suspended in the sensation that something else is moving you.

I’d like to hop on this train to propose the same is true of erotic flow states. When we are tuned in, turned on and flooded with a heightened sexual sensations, we can be replenished by states where our pleasure is not only the result of our erotic flow, pleasure becomes the fuel, the promise and the gift

I’m sure you’ve been here before; in the stream state of awareness where you More …

The Five Tibetians

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These are excellent exercises for your health

It is OK to shout at someone?

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Dear Amara,
we have a medicine discussion going on and I really would like to hear
you interpretation about this topic! I think you are a wise teacher
and maybe can clarify something, please would you be so kind to answer
it, thanks you!

It is about the basic wheel “The Gifts of Being Human” (green Manual page 32)
Give with Tenderness (Emotions – Energy in Motion)

The question is: It is OK to shout at someone when the person who
shouts let their emotions go and is happy again within 15 minutes?

Like: A says: This is green.
And B is shouting at A: How can you tell me this is green when it is red!

You know just an example and the question is not who is wrong or right.

One Medicine person says: It is totally OK to shout at “A” because
otherwise I would hold my emotions which is not the proper use of
And yes, goal is to give with tenderness, but to reach this goal and
as long as I am not there it is totally OK to shout at a person – this
is spontaneous expression of energy (within 15 minutes) and therefore
good that “B” doesn’t hold emotions. “A” has to withstand that and if
A does not agree than A is not clear with her/his emotions.

One Medicine person says: It is not OK to shout at “A”, it is never OK
to shout at someone (except in a case of emergency).
If you loose your temper so that you have to shout at another person
you should do more character refinement. And if it happens than take
responsibility for your actions and make sure that “A” is OK – and
knows that it was just a short thunderstorm and you are well and happy

So what is your opinion to that case and how do you think about the
wheels in the south, give with tenderness?

Thank you very much for your answer!

Love, Susan

Dear Susan,

Ah, lovely question. I shall answer you with my first thoughts:

First of all, the question of ‘is it okay to…” is a direct set up. Making one thing right and another wrong. Thus if you shout, you are wrong.
The real question is, what does anger do for you?
Only you can be the judge of this.
A wise person begins to realize More …

How To Increase Your Erotic Intelligence

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The Sessons with Helen Hunt and John Hawks

Go see this movie.

Why? Because it’s not only lovely to watch truth crawling through the covers reaching below the belt of collective consciousness, it shows where men and women are not different in the places that count.

While it’s hardly a blockbuster, the fact that ‘The Sessions’ made it to the screen is a testimony to the raw power of sex. And there’s no better way to see such a movie than with a group of women dedicated to compassionate sex and intimacy. So when our Yin Way woman’s class filled a row in the theater, we rooted for this true story of a quadriplegic, virginal 38-year-old writer (John Hawks) and his married sexual surrogate (Helen Hunt).

The story is not only boldly intimate, quirky and touching, Hollywood got the message right: More …

Sun Dance Prayers

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In last newsletter, I invited friends to send me their prayers so that I can dance them to the tree in the Sun Dance Ceremony.

Here’s the Invitation:

Wishing you all a steamy summer (in a good way) as I head off to the Sun Dance ceremony.  If you’d like me to dance your prayers to the tree of life, send me a note by email with your prayers for healing or prosperity. I’d be honored and happy to help dance your dreams awake.

The Sun Dance is one of the oldest ceremonies on the planet. This will be my 22nd. year dancing. The theme of this years’ dance (where you dance to the Tree of life for 3 1/2 days) is benevolent compassion.
Here are some of the prayers people have sent so far:

Comment below if you’d like me to add your prayers.

Looking forward to spending some quality time with you at Q2. It feels like forever since I seen you last.
I would love for you to dance for prosperity and health to the tree of life for the my wife and I. I would also would love to step with grace and ease into a new role for me, which is one of a teacher. Teaching about massage and the sexual healing work I do. I would love to create beautiful art forms that have beautiful lines and curves. I would love healing for myself around any sexual issues that I have not cleared yet so that when I do work on my clients I am coming from the most sacred and highest place possible. I feel like I am ready to shed the old and be reborn again. More …

Once I Had A Dream

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Once I had a dream to live and love, and this dream became music. It touched all of the beautiful experiences I have searched for or known. Each sound was a color, and each color was a warm feeling, and my heart kept the tempo.
Les McCann

inspired by Mickey Hart
Grateful Dead
Music and Spirit