What People Say About Quodoushka

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The best process I have experienced to integrate, ground yourself, and move forward feeling positive and whole.  US Army Officer and Iraqi War Vet.  Staff is awesome.  Thank You!   Mike

The Q1 experience was awesome.  It was a safe space to learn so much about my own “sensuousity”!  My life really is changed from the experience.  I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.  My sexual self was hungry and though I am in a 27 year marriage to the man I love, I wanted more.  My husband and I came together.  Our sex life has reached greater heights than I ever expected.  This program made it all possible!  The staff is awesome!

Q1 was amazing.  It safely and incrementally led me to a place that I wanted to go….A place that I didn’t know that I wanted to go, or maybe I really did know deep down but kept that desire pushed down.  The facilitators created a safe container that allowed me to feel comfortable taking the next step, and the next step, and the next . . . .!!!!!   I have a new sense of self love and fulfillment that will change my life forever. –TF

Amara—engaging, smart, sass, sexy, gifted teacher

All the other support staff have been so warm and helpful and keep us safe and worry free.  –M

This has been very moving.  I got to address real life stuff while really living.  You showed me how to deal with powerful feeling when it comes up.  I can’t really say how much that meant to me.  So deep.  And the teaching in this 3rd Q experience for me was even deeper.  I wanna do more and see more of the power within—flowing within and without—

I first resisted attending this workshop.  But Great Spirit has a way of inviting which persisted and prevailed.  Obviously I had experiences which needed to occur.  What a blessing I received.  The love bonding was fantastic.  The knowledge gained was outstanding and very timely to my spiritual growth.  I will certainly recommend this to anyone seeking spiritual truth.  It truly was a beautiful experience and one I will always treasure.  –Alan

The Q1 has been a wonderful experience for me, given me the opportunity to heal much and find the courage to come back to the world with a different attitude, open and ready to start my journey as a new person, totally and fully present in every aspect of my life.

Amara – I love your energy, excitement, passion, and deep understanding of the principles.  I love your ability to teach in a way that connected with me.

My Q1 experience has been outstanding!  The love and tenderness with which the beautiful staff has guided us through very sensitive times were just amazing.  Thank you.  Thank you.  My relationship with my by sody, my7 sexuality and Great Spirit will never be the same again.  I look forward to the many moments of vibrational joy of being a spirit  I will be experiencing when I return to my daily routine.  Thank you.  –Pedja

Taught me to listen and take my time with the opposite sex and wait for approval to proceed.  Let me feel that the ladies need to feel they are safe and know that their rules are being followed completely so that trust is developed.  J. Niga Ellis

Q1 was a pleasure.  Content and presentation was clear and useful, logistics and support were impeccable, and the training was memorable and easily executed in our daily lives.  PS  In a few weeks, I think I’ll be telling people that this changed my life.  –Mark Richards

I loved it, it was very challenging for me, but I go to home with new tools for play and be myself, looking for happiness and self-acceptance.  Loving myself more.  Magic happened to me.  Thanks. –Carmen Richards

One of the greatest opportunities for rapid self-growth of anything I have done.  The integrity for the space the staff and trainers hold is beyond compare.  –Bruce

Q1 is a mind blowing experience.  I learned more in 4 days about sex and spirituality than I would have believed was possible.  This teaching gives us a beginning path to use our sexual energy to get in touch with our spirit, our partner’s spirit and God spirit.  At 70, it truly showed that you are never too old to seek and find new paths of learning.  I found this Q1 reinforced some of the things I learned in my first Q1.  I felt this presentation was lighter in nature and may have helped me better remember and put into practice the concepts presented.  –Neal L., Retired Computer Scientist

A great introduction to understanding the power of sexuality and its relationship to spirituality in ordinary life.

Staff great, especially Manuela who worked silently and continuously throughout the 4 days.   –H

A profound glimpse into the heart of the sacred union with all of life.  –Karla

My experience at Quodoushka was fascinating and life changing.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Staff and teachers were so caring and made sure that everyone felt safe.  Their honoring way of setting the space allowed me to have my experience.  These are the kind of teachings we need for the children of our future that will be the ones to rule the world in future.  Thank you to all the staff for being so beautiful, their time and dedication.  –Carmen

I have been fortunate in my life.  When deciding to study new energetic healing practices I have been lucky to study under excellent teachers.  This continued to be true in Quodoushka.  Amara and her staff are incredible.  I can usually “smell the bullshit.”  This training is definitely not.  My fellow students were equally incredible.  The growth here was amazing.  –Dale Rishel, Medical Qigong Practitioner, Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor

The Quodoushka workshops and teachings have been hugely instrumental in my sexual healing and maturation as a woman.  Also they have helped me to expand in my self confidence and how I walk in the world, with my relationships, and my career.

The Quodoushka teachings have great integrity and wisdom that left me feeling completely empowered in my sexual life, but more importantly in my sense of being a spiritual female.  It was the staff’s care, sincerity and commitment to the participants, however that really impressed me.  I will be back.  –Aubrey, Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer

Qudoushka was definitely the most powerful growth experience I’ve ever had.  It was a beautiful journey finding myself and improving my way of being.  It opened me up for exploring my sexuality and gave me tools for extended growth in the future.  Everything was wonderful.  Keep doing the beautiful, powerful work.  Thanks for the safe space to lead us on our journeys.  –Ieva

This was an unbelievable experience that totally opened up my sexuality with myself and my partner.  Amara, Mukee, Michael and Emily are inspirational teachers each with their own gifts.  I felt so comfortable and fell in love with everyone!   –Drea Pacot, Dancer/student

“Just Do It.” I just want to thank the entire staff so much for creating and holding such a safe container and modeling trust, vulnerability, intimacy and heart-centered joy—the qualities that I am cultivating.  Everyone was simply impeccable. I’ll be back . . .Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

With love and passion and juiciness and healing and self-love, Julie K.

I experienced looking at a familiar act in a very different way.  It was very powerful, enlightening, profound, and freeing.  It presented information that seemed surprising common place, het utterly new.  Teacher—Travis

Q1 is heart and body opening.  Providing a safe, transformational and non-?? space of sexual and spiritual intimacy.  –Sunil