Mary Barham-Q1 Phoenix

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My Q1 experience has moved me into a place of deep reverence with my body.  Words feel lacking to express the grace I feel.  My body returns to innocence and gentleness.  At the same time, I am opened to the amazing potential of the temple of God I have been gifted to reside in this lifetime, and the life forces that rest within.  To receive this gift, of myself in this way, reaches beyond my beyond, and from my willingness to walk into my unknowingness.  I didn’t know anything of the workshop, what would be taught, what we would do.  I simply knew I needed to be there.  I found a key “missing link” in my journey to wholeness, my need to fully embody my spiritual knowings through uniting with my body, including with the sacred sexual.  Over the course of my journey, I have worked with many masterful teachers.  Those who facilitated Q1 were among the very best I have encountered.  They held a perfect space for awakening to the sexual self in the context of the sacred.