C. Lambert, Consultant: Quodoushka 1 Arizona

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“I recommend this course for any human being who knows there is more to their lives than their traditional, western education. The Q1 Beautifully captures, conveys, and makes available to western ears what sages have said about sacred sexuality without being abstract or weird. Thank you for the gift of my true sacred sexual self”

What People Say About QUODOUSHKA TWO

Lee Stillitoe London, Engtland

“Q1 was without doubt the most amazing experience of my life.  I found what I’d been searching for all my life.  I discovered that there is real magic in the universe.  I got as high as a kite in the space of 3 days and remained high (dropping exponentially) for months afterwards.

I was worried that in doing Q2 I wouldn’t get as high and would be disappointed with the experience.  An element of that worry did come true – I didn’t get as high – but I got other things out of Q2.  In Q1 I got too high, too soon – I went from being a zero, to seeing a glimpse of the face of God, in the space of 3 days!  That obviously couldn’t last, because I had no foundation to hold it on – and without spiritual connections in the UK I fell miles and experienced the loneliest 1 ½ years of my life, and slipped back into negative, self destructive thought patterns.

Though Q2 didn’t get me so high it pulled me up to a calm, contented, appreciative level of being, but this time, with a firm foundation.  I feel strong at my current level of enlightenment.

After Q1 I built an unimaginably magnificent, magical palace (with rotating crystal structure mapping the knowledge of the universe in nodes of brilliant light) on the sand.  That palace collapsed into a black sea.  Now I’ve built a beautiful modest temple, on a sacred rock, where I feel comfortable, strong and calm.   I thank Sonia and all the teachers for providing the materials and helping me to build that temple.

Most of all I thank you for breaking down the wall that separated me from my beloved.  I never used to be able to look into others’ eyes for more than a few seconds.  Now I can not only hold eye contact, I can see god in the face.  I can see light in a smile – where the face becomes just a symbol and what I actually see transcends the limited dimensions of space.”

Pamela Rosalynde  Therapist/Coach/Facilitator

“A most highly valued experience – imperative for healthy (sexual) living.  A wonderful arena for knowing myself so much more deeply and understanding others.  The highly professional teachings and support create a safe, safe space for sexual exploration and life. Thankyou.  I feel so blessed to have been here.”

Tanja Murphy Therapist, New Zealand  (Chiropractor in UK)

“One of the very special things here is the safety – safety to be yourself in every sense of the word.  I felt surrounded by love and felt I also contributed to this by feeling love for everyone.”

Terry Murphy Holistic Manipulative Therapist (Chiropractor in UK)

“Quodoushka 1 was the catalyst for profound changes in our relationship.  Quodoushka 2 has helped us both to consolidate those changes and to give new teachings which will enable me to go deeper and deeper into being a sexual man.  A number of barriers have moved during our time at Q2.”

Mike Beckingham, Consultant

“A fantastic way to look in the mirror! Extremely safe and transformative! Very ‘Powerful’! The wisdom takes my breath away!”

Louis Phillips

“It is the best course I have done in my life.  It holds most of the answers to help a person find a truly balanced relationship in life.”

Glenys Pilmore NLP Practitioner

“Profound teachings in sacred space.  When used in everyday life will assist in creating the life that I want.”

Michelle Graham, Teacher

“A very special and unique opportunity to learn new techniques to expand my awareness of my sexuality and to break through invisible barriers.”

John Stephenson Massage Trainer/Therapist

“I feel that these Quodoushka workshops are the most high-grade courses that I have participated in and that the facilitators of the Deer Tribe are World-Class for unsurpassed personal growth with definite healing potential and I strongly recommend them to anyone who has issues around their sexuality and the opposite sex in their lives.”

Peter Thomas Self-Employed Creative/Speaker, Quodoushka Sponsor Australia

“Big shift again.  Q1 and Q2 two years ago started me on a journey into self from which there is no return… So Q1, 2 and 3 are on my list this year to speed me on my way.”

Helen Heatley Gilberd, Director International Advertisement China

“My journey in life is to live, love and be who I truly am, and Quodoushka 2 has been critical to me discovering what that is, through my genuine sense of self. Thankyou, I’m eternally grateful.”

Elmara Grace Mother/Student of Life

“Nurturing, wild, fully supported, healing and deep. Thankyou, Mmwaa (kissing sound).”

Bruce Irvine Company Director

“Q1 and Q2 are a necessity for anyone holding men’s or women’s circles, and is a foundation for understanding core human relations. Much love to you all.” Jared VeallSelf-employed“I found it really beneficial to move from the Q1 to Q2 with a majority of the same people, made coming together easier and also added to deepening the relationship with self through ‘informed’ feedback.  Also, able to stay in energy space between workshops.  This all enabled a ‘deep process’ in a safe and trusting environment to take place.”

Shauna Cotter Massage Therapist

“Very good for your heart and soul.”

Mal Ryan Engineer

“Each workshop I do takes me into a deeper place of magic and mystery where anything is possible.  Life changing!” Heather Stewart Massage Therapist“Q1 broadened and shattered my sexual beliefs in a wonderfully fun, exotic weekend.  To do Q2 one week later enabled me to take all that I had learnt and experienced into the workshop in its fullness and ‘rawness’ to explore and deepen the experience.  The total experience has given me a total new direction… for love and life.”

Steve Wright Salesman

“Brilliant teachings, I wish I knew them 20 years ago.  I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wishes to heal their sexuality.  Once again I have gone to a deeper level of understanding of my sexuality and myself.  ”