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Max Van Prague TV Intimacy and Sex with Amara Charles

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I Loved talking with Max Van Prague about my favorite private matters: passion, sex and intimacy… It’s all about having a ‘Beginner’s Mind’. Great Interview. Thanks Max!

FAQ: Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Workshop – Amara Charles

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Q Fire

These are some of the common Questions people ask about Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Workshops.

Can I come to a Quodoushka Workshop without a partner?
Yes! You may attend Quodoushka I and II as a single or attend with a partner.
For Quodoushka Three, you must attend with a partner.

Is it better to come with a partner? More …

The Thirty Day Erotic Challenge

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The Thirty Day Erotic Challenge – Online Guide to Enhance Your Erotic Pleasure and Prosperity

I am thrilled to announce the Thirty Day Erotic Challenge is now available for your at home pleasure.

  • This 64 page Illustrated Digital E Manual includes daily instructions, inspirations and stories to supply you with thirty days of fascinating ways to enhance your erotic health and happiness.
  • * Plus you get the bonus S.M.A.R.T. Goals PDF to boost your ability to harness your sexual energy to manifest your dreams.
  • The Original Erotic Intelligence Online Program sells for $49.95 – But I’m giving a special introductory price for the next 30 days…
  • MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: Send me your start and finish date, along with comments of your experience of your Thirty Day Erotic Challenge and I’ll send you a 2oz Bottle of Sylk Natural Personal Lubricant.

What is The Thirty Day Erotic Challenge?
It’s a treasure trove of daily erotic teachings and suggestions to lift your your erotic health and happiness to a whole new level. It’s designed to inspire you for thirty days whether you have a partner or you’re looking for one.
It starts out gently, giving you guidelines on what to pay attention to during each day. It then builds gradually to include more fun and fascinating ways to bring delight and passion into your life. More …

A Daring Sexy Way to Celebrate Your Love

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Lynn and Mark

Bailey Masks VideoWatch this wonderful erotic story about an adventure Lynn and her husband Mark created. It’s a fantastic idea for any couple who would like to celebrate their intimacy in a most daring and risque way…



What follows is our story of how we came to have David Steinberg take nine rolls of film of us while making love. It explains our motivation, our fears, but most of all how David was able to get us to a point of total comfort before, during and after the shoot. The results were absolutely fantastic in projecting the tenderness, love, joy, silliness, fun and total ecstasy that we felt while making love for the photo session.

We are a couple who took a giant leap from having had “boudoir” pictures taken, to having an almost 2 hour photo shoot during a most intimate love making session. Our boudoir session involved full nudity, but only holding and caressing for the pictures; we are both comfortable with nudity, having sex in unusual places and taking pictures and movies of ourselves. We were initially nervous with the  pictures being taken by others, but relaxed gradually as the session proceeded—most “poses” were directed by the photographer (David was not the photographer).  There were enough shots that projected eroticism and our expanding erotic nature that we had five collages made suitable for matting and framing. The pictures (proofs & collages) combined with having seen several “erotic” pictures of other couples taken by David suggested to us that we should try to express our intimacy in pictures while making love. Though we were nervous and almost reluctant to attempt it when we first discussed it, we were very comfortable, at ease and felt natural during our shoot. The difference in our comfort level was initially reading David’s article “Real Sex In Front Of the Camera”, but the most benefit and impact came from our pre shoot discussions with David.

From the first time we spoke with David by phone until he snapped the first picture, he emphasized that he had NO agenda and that his role was to capture what we projected. He would not direct, position or critique us. We felt we could see that concept in the various sets of pictures of other couples we had seen.  We did not want pictures to put on an amateur porn site, or pictures to shock or titillate others. We wanted pictures to reflect our feeling for, and closeness with, each other during our love making. The same feelings and emotions that during our regular love making has made us shriek, laugh, gasp, groan or cry depending on some variable yet to be identified.  We wanted on film how we felt more than how we looked.

One suggestion that David made well beforehand that served us well, was not to over think or over complicate what we included while making love for the camera. We have many techniques, toys, positions and bondage equipment that are frequently included in our love making; we initially thought of including as many as possible. With David’s “hints”, we concluded that we did not want to illustrate a “How To Book”, we wanted to capture emotion and feelings.  We picked a couple lubes, a couple toys and decided we’ll start at foreplay and see where it goes.

It worked perfectly because we were more relaxed and in our own element and timing by us NOT having an agenda other than to enjoy.

That is not to say that in the future we won’t do a shoot with more toys, a couple specific positions or featuring bondage, but for that shoot those were not our intent. Anyone wishing to feature those things, fetish play or even a solo shoot of self-pleasuring, can certainly do it and I have no doubt that David can capture your intent; in a very erotic and sensual manner.

David also helped us put together an album (coffee table book) of 65 of our favorite pictures along with dedications to each other. Every time we look at the album, or share it with friends who understand our intent, the eroticism seems new and fresh. Obviously we have only shared it with others who are comfortable in nudity and who are comfortable in discussing our and their own erotic nature.  All who have viewed it have commented about how erotic, natural, loving and happy we are. We will also share it with others thinking of being photographed by David, or others serious about learning David’s art.

                                                          Lynn and Mark


I long ago gave to you my heart which you touched so deeply, my heart you cause to swell with pride and my heart that you humbled by picking (and keeping) me. I remind you of our symbolic hearts that reflect, but do not fully capture, your passion, your openness, your Erotic Nature and your genuineness.

In this book of images recall the trust, the openness, the silliness, the daring, the seeking of new and unknown, the passion, the tenderness, the lust, the love and the pure enjoyment that has been our relationship and lives together. Recall in the images not just the nakedness of our bodies, but the openness to our souls we provided each other. Recall our adventures, our joys, our happiness, our soft murmurs, our shouts, our tenderness and our toughness, but most of all our freedom to be ourselves with each other. Recall how we also became each other without losing ourselves.

Forever and Always to my One and Only.

To My Husband, Lover and Friend,

You make me feel beautiful and these pictures capture that feeling and the essence of us.  You see beyond the bumps, lumps and wrinkles…and I am loved in ways words cannot express.  The making of this album was scary, fun, exciting, and erotic ~ and you gave me the freedom to do so at my pace.  As I’ve said before, we’re at a place of deep trust and knowledge of each other.  We can talk without many words, laugh at ourselves, and continue to grow and explore new things together ~ and this album is testament to the explorer in us.

And here, in this special place, the magic and tingly feelings still happen and the spaces in my life are filled, for you are, simply everything to me.

Thank you for the many smiles and happy memories these pictures will bring in the years to come and remind us of the feelings creating this album evoked.

Forever and Always,

Parents Love The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka

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The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka: Teachings from the Nagual Tradition (Paperback)

I just started to read the book, and I am already thankful. I too was pretty much left in limbo regarding sexual relations when I was growing up. I got the church’s doctrine on the matter: don’t do it…you’ll get someone pregnant…it’s a sin to even think about it…oh, and it is also a sin to explore your own body through masturbation. There was no practical guidance from church, parents, or teachers as I stumbled through my sexual experiences and wondered why my experiences didn’t measure up to those displayed in the popular media (advertising, movies, magazines, etc.). Emotional and physical sexual development for me was done in the dark and always with a mental battle as to whether I should even be exploring this aspect of my personality. Some sort of mentoring process would have been very beneficial. Actually, In fact, I am sure it would still be beneficial since being mid-aged now I feel as though I have just barely scratched the surface of my sexual potential. I guess that is why I searched and found Quodoushka.The first chapter of the book has made me keenly aware of the source of my fairly recent feelings of being an insufficient parent for my young teenage children. This wasn’t a problem when they were younger, but I have difficulty now as they are starting to think about the opposite sex and sex in general. I would really like to give my kids some guidance other than the rhetoric and limbo I was given at that age, but I haven’t known how to even begin. Too much information before they are ready for it could be just as damaging as too little. Thankfully, I am also realizing from the text that I have already started my children on a solid path through my introducing them to nature and showing them the value of being observant in life and a good steward at home, school, and in the world. I am looking forward to learning much more about my sexual and parental potentials as I continue to read this wonderful book of knowledge.

Amara Says

Thank you for sharing this Dancing Yogi. I cannot tell you how many people – from all different cultures- I have met who have had little or no real sexual guidance or education from anyone.As I mention in this book, the harm caused by perpetuating negative attitudes about sex is immeasurable for when we do not have something instilled at the core of our being that says that sex is healthy, natural and good, it weakens the joy in every connection we make. When we have to hide our pleasure, when we feel guilty for the natural joy that creation has given us it paves the way for confusion in our adult relationships. Why in the world would we want to pass on this legacy? I commend you for your simple wisdom and for trying to introduce the world of sex to your children by having them look into the natural world around them. I am happy that my book inspired you to do something you probably already knew. I loved writing the chapter on An Initiation into the World of Sexuality. In many ways, it’s just plain common sense, yet because so many of us never had a good introduction to our sexuality, we get confused. We want to give our children the best we can, but we don’t always know how. As I say in many different ways in my book, the best thing we can do for our children is to get clear ourselves, heal the wounds we can, and then honestly answer the questions they ask.

I am thrilled by the responses from so many parents who are showing my book to young teens. They appreciate having some real guidance, and a starting place to talk about sex. A lot of people ask me ‘when should I show my children?’ I always say, ‘when they are interested, when they ask.’

I still see so many fine people that are hindered and held back from love and intimacy because of sexual things that happened to them when they were young. It takes a tremendous effort to overcome the wounds that happen because of ignorance, and again I commend you for taking steps to put the misinformation behind you. Many of us may wish we had these teachings way earlier, but I know it’s time now to begin a life of more care and sensitivity for your self, Mother Life, and others.

Thank you for sharing.
In beauty,

Cover- the-sexual-practices-of-quodoushka-book-cover

New York City Quodoushka

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New York SkylineNew York City Quodoushka 1
April 10-13
Residential Workshop for Singles and Couples
Early Registration Till February 15
Come Join this amazing group and let love  change your life
Amara Charles and John Thunderwolf

It’s Here! The Art of Erotic Intelligence Program

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a new world of possibility, created by the combined vision of Amara Charles and Steven Barnes                                          

e·rot·ic  /iˈrätik/ adjective

in·tel·li·gence  \in-ˈte-ləә-jəәn(t)s\noun

Erotic Intelligence is about becoming sensitively attuned to the constant fluctuations life presents and then using this awareness to properly discern what to do.

–Imagine living a life where everything you do leads to your dreams…and the fulfillment of those dreams increases your overall pleasure, joy, and erotic adventure.

–Imagine living in a world where every erotic awareness increases your energy and aliveness, enabling your creativity, health, fitness, and success!

In 1928, Napoleon Hill’s classic THINK AND GROW RICH revealed that the most successful men and women had highly charged erotic natures.  And that through the process he called “Sex Transmutation” actually used this energy to drive their creativity and worldly accomplishment.

But using sexual energy to drive accomplishments is not the whole story, for the real challenge is to channel your erotic energy with wisdom so you can fully enjoy the whole journey toward success.

Now, for the first time, the two worlds of worldly success and erotic delight have joined together to create a unique blueprint. More …

I’ve been in my Boudoir

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sample 2-2

Hi. Amara here, and I’m finally about to open the doors to a fabulous project I’ve been working on for years, called The Art of Erotic Intelligence and we had to get it just right.

My passion in presenting this program comes from my desire to give you the cherries of what I’ve learned about how to harness your erotic sexual energy with intelligence in order to manifest anything.

Remember your first innocent kiss where there was a distinctly different kind of hum that moved through your whole body? Pretty yummy, wasn’t it? Now…think of a time when you were immersed in something you totally loved doing…where you lost track of time… and you were completely in the flow.

Stop. DON’T JUST READ THESE WORDS. Actually stop and remember. Do this, and you’ll begin to sense the connection between these things. Imagine being able to tap into this core life force energy on demand, whenever you need focus, motivation, inspiration, or a Jolt of creative energy.

Erotic Intelligence is the ability to navigate through life manifesting by moving in a relaxed, intelligent way from one thing to the next, being PULLED by your passion rather than pushing yourself or others.
It’s about increasing your attraction and energy in certain ways so that instead of running after people and things, they are drawn to you. It is aligning your entire life so that every action creates more juice, takes you closer to your true goals and generates the kind of awareness that makes you an attractive, magnetic light who draws the highest opportunities into your world.

NOTHING is sexier than sincere confidence and magnetism. A man or woman aware of who they are and where they are going is naturally erotic, and if he or she uses this energy wisely, their intelligence will be as attractive as their bodies. Expressed as confidence in a man, and magnetism in a woman, it’s like a prowling cat on the hunt …a simultaneously spiritual, loving being strong and confident enough to be open hearted.
We’re going to show you how to have both. Just a few more days now!

In beauty,

Amara Underpainting

Amara & Shyena Teach White Massage on VH1 for Jaiya’s Show

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Amara teaches Ian to Give a White Tigress massage on VH1
White Tigress 2 VH1

Amara Charles and Shyena Venice on VH1

We were invited by Jaiya to teach her partner the White Tigress Magssage on VH1.

It was an amazing experience and Jaiya was awesome. She had a crew of about 20 people affiliated with VH1 filming her for the show: I’m Married to a Sexologist.

We were invited (as a birthday present for Jaiya) to teach her partner Ian how to give Jaiya a sensuous White Tigress Massage. The White Tigress Massage is for increasing sexual potency, sexual restoration and sexual intensity.

Amara teaches Ian to Give a White Tigress massage on VH1

Amara teaches Ian to Give a White Tigress massage on VH1

Watch the VH1 clip here


You Tube bans My Video Poem, Beautiful Breasts

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You Tube pulled my video poem, and suspended my account. (my account has been reinstated)

There is nothing pornographic about this video. It is dedicated intended to educate and empower women. Yes, it astonishes me that showing a man being shoved in front of a train is okay to view, but a beautiful portrayal of women’s breasts on video is fine. (sculptures are okay).

What do you think?


Beautiful Breasts from Amara Charles on Vimeo.

Beautiful Breasts from Amara Charles on Vimeo.

Amara Charles presents a video poem inspiring women to love their beautiful breasts.

Amara Charles presents a video poem inspiring women to love their beautiful breasts. An inspirational video, this is the introduction to her new release of the Yin Way Breast Exercises for sexual restoration. By practicing this self love, self massage exercise, women can love them selves and love their breasts. The full exercise is available @ www.amaracharles.com

The full YIN WAY BREAST EXERCISE, follow along self massage practice filmed in Kauai, is now available in my shop.


Yin Way Breast Exercise

Yin Way Breast Exercise. Now available.

Yin Way Breast Massage Now Available

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Yin Way Breast Massage Now Available

Currently Banned From You Tube!
Yin Way Breast Massage Now Available

Announcing a New Release of the Yin Way Breast Exercises. Watch my new Video Poem: Beautiful Breasts Direct Download Video is Now Available @ Amara Charles.com

Announcing a New Release of the Yin Way Breast Exercises. Watch my new Video Poem: Beautiful Breasts Direct Download Video is Now Available @ Amara Charles.com

Amara Charles presents a video poem inspiring women to love their beautiful breasts. An inspirational video, this is the introduction to her new release of the Yin Way Breast Exercises for sexual restoration. By practicing this self love, self massage exercise, women can love them selves and love their breasts. The full exercise is now available in our shop.

(currently banned for nudity)

Introduction Beautiful Breasts

Direct Download of the full Yin Way Breast Exercise is Now Available @ Amara Charles.com

Erotic Intelligence Anyone?

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Diamond Hour Radio Show with Amara Charles and Steven Barnes: Sat. Dec. 8th 1pm(Pacific)/4pm (Eastern)

By Steven Barnes

Five weeks ago, I conducted a workshop in Phoenix on something called Erotic Intelligence. Luckily for me, I co-taught it with Amara Charles, one of my dearest friends, a lovely, brilliant and creative instructor in numerous sensual disciplines. The fascinating thing during pre-planning was that we simply couldn’t come to a solid agreement on what we would teach and what our precise definitions were…which I interpreted as representative of the core difficulty men and women can have communicating about sex…and life itself.

So we did something unique: we simply never used the exact same definitions, allowing those differences to play out in “real time” in front of the audience.

They loved it.

They raved.

That conversation is recorded and transcribed and will be the cornerstone of a new course,

but I’ve convinced Amara to come on Saturday’s “Diamond Hour” show to discuss   ways

to increase, integrate, share and utilize Erotic Intelligence in your own life.

Just for fun, a little hint: Think And Grow Rich speaks of Sexual

Transmutation as a core element in life success. Basically, that

the most successful men and women Napoleon Hill studied had VERY high sex drives.

They used that to motivate themselves, reward themselves, clarify their minds and values,

protect their health…and much more. But Hill, of course, had limited

practical knowledge in the techniques of actually doing these things, so while he was

WAAAY ahead of his time in observing and defining a phenomenon, there was a

limited amount he could do in terms of direct suggestions.

Well…Amara has no such problems. For over twenty years, she’s specifically taught

these secret arts to students all over the world. More to the point, I trust the human

being she is, and feel comfortable sharing her with my students, who trust me to take the

very best care of them. Amara is one of the best. Join us?

Steven BarnesDiamond Hour December show. -

Saturday, December 8, 2012,

1:00 PM Pacific Standard time (4:00 PM Eastern)


Connect via phone or VoIP (Skype, etc.)

(724) 444-7444


How To Increase Your Erotic Intelligence

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The Sessons with Helen Hunt and John Hawks

Go see this movie.

Why? Because it’s not only lovely to watch truth crawling through the covers reaching below the belt of collective consciousness, it shows where men and women are not different in the places that count.

While it’s hardly a blockbuster, the fact that ‘The Sessions’ made it to the screen is a testimony to the raw power of sex. And there’s no better way to see such a movie than with a group of women dedicated to compassionate sex and intimacy. So when our Yin Way woman’s class filled a row in the theater, we rooted for this true story of a quadriplegic, virginal 38-year-old writer (John Hawks) and his married sexual surrogate (Helen Hunt).

The story is not only boldly intimate, quirky and touching, Hollywood got the message right: More …

Reclaiming Your Libido- White Tigress Taoist Feminine Secrets

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waterfall gush enhanced

Feminine Spring

White Tigress Taoist Feminine Secrets
Every woman has a rich source of vibrant libido and feminine energy that yearns to flower into it’s full potential. Tapping into your feminine spring is about reclaiming your sexual vitality at any age.

Yet how do we find the time and energy to enjoy the pleasures of sex?  It’s easy to get so caught up in our Superwoman roles juggling schedules, jobs, kids or relationships that we put our sex life on the back shelf marked ‘Later.’ The trouble is, when we do find the time to make love, we may not have as much energy as we would like.

Thanks to ancient Taoists, who have long recognized sexuality as vital to our health, More …

We Hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon!

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Yes! We did it! Our Worldwide request to buy on Amazon Worked! Thank you everyone who bought a copy, bought tons of copies on Amazon, and gifts for friends. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! From now on, we can say that ‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’ is a Best Seller!. Woo Hoo!

We are #1 Best Selling on Amazon in Shamanism! More …