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DAY SIX – 30 Day Inspiration – Discover Your Erotic Nature

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30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature
Ten Days Of Gentleness | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team

DAY SIX Gentle Pulses Of Compassion Inside The Pussy

two jade eggs“Feminine strength does not push or control, rather its power comes from compassionate wisdom and offers a perfect compliment to its Yang, masculine counterpart. Without Yin, or water, the Yang, or Fire, burns too hot and eventually extinguishes itself. Yes ladies, there is strength and beauty in being women. We are needed, and in turn, need a healthy connection to that which is our opposite to be truly balanced. No woman is an island, rather she is the water surrounding the island that permeates and nourishes all life. Let us endeavor to keep our energy clean and vital, together.” More …

Hunting Marianne ~ an ode to finding Shakti anywhere

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I’ve come to think that just about anyone loves permission to talk about sex.

Once you you peel away the veils that like getting lifted, I notice it’s the same everywhere I go. And I love hunting Beauty wherever it lands; coaxing it to peek through the shyness, enchanting it to smile, wonder or sing just a little bit more than it should. I like taking down the weight of walls nobody likes holding up.

It’s how I hunted Marianne, a Jew from Uzbekistan sitting next to me on the plane from JFK To Phoenix. Even before I notice all the yamakas and delicious scent of food passing across the aisles, she catches my eye by the way she covers
her hair and keeps tugging her skirt to cover her legs. But it’s  how she inadvertently keeps brushing back her two year old’s soft brown curls that really has me smitten.

A lot of kids get cranky at take off, but Samuel stares wide-eyed out the window and giggles the whole way up. He seems blessed with an unusual dose of  gentle intelligence.

It was  Marianne who convinces me that given the time, a curious mood and the right questions, just about anyone will tell you anything . We start with casual banter about the Jewish holidays and then her nose flares slightly when I
tell her what I do. In her world of conservative Jews, no one’s written a book about sex. So she’s clearly delighted to me a few tell me things about her husband, all the while glancing at the floor to guard affections. More …

EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE: from a gorgeous Alpha Gentleman

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The Alpha Male

Dr. Richard Hauser  wrote:


Every once in a while,
I need to stop.  Just stop.  And then just stop some more.
I need to sit.  Just sit.  And then just sit some more.
I need to breathe.  Just breathe.  And then just breathe some more.

Every once in a while,
I need to listen.  Just listen.  And then just listen some more.
I need to cry.  Just cry.  And then just cry some more.
I need to connect.  Just connect.  And then just connect some more.

Because I forget.
I forget what life is really about.
I forget that life is really about love.
I forget that I need to accept love as well as give love.

Because I remember.
I remember how much I have to give.
I remember how much I am blessed.
I remember how wonderful I really am.

So today I stopped, and I sat, and I breathed, and I listened, and I cried, and I connected, and I found love, and I found blessings, and I found my wonderful self.

It was a miracle of life day for me today.
And I accept it.

The words you sent to me today inspired this miracle.
So you accept it.

I Love You


From: Amara Charles
To: Richard Hauser

I love you too Richard. This is so beautiful. I’m totally inspired. Can I post this on FB and my site?? These are such excellent words from an Alpha Male.
Love Amara

You may post it.  If it helps one other person, I would be honored. Richard

Five Ways To Spot An Alpha Male

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Alpha Male

A beta male knows nothing higher than himself; but an alpha male instantly recognizes genius. 

I’ve had more comments from Five Things Women do in the Presence of an Alpha Male than any article I’ve written so far. Maybe having ‘What is an Alpha man?‘ on my mind turned me into some kind of magnet for them because for the last few weeks I’ve been quite dazzled by the alpha men who keep popping up around me.  

Yesterday, at my favorite coffee shop a man who always wants to know what I’m writing asked, ‘What do you think is Alpha?’… I suppose he has to show you, he sort of has to prove he’s better than other guys.’   

‘Yes. Maybe it’s true.’ I said, but as I explained that it’s all in the way he proves himself, he interrupted me with his real question: ‘Am I an Alpha man?’ More …

Forbidden Fruit

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There’s something about forbidden fruit. Somehow, it just tastes better than regular fruit.

You know, there’s only one way to get rid of the temptation to eat a banana…

Speaking of which, I am super excited about Steven Barnes coming to town to do some things we’ve never done. I just love playing with brilliant men and we’ve been digging deep into our lives to pull out some luscious treats I can’t wait to share.

Our new I.D.E.A. workshop is about the hunt, lure and flow of seduction. It’s about how we can increase our erotic prowess.

I’d like to tell you more, but I promised I’d wait…

We’re using the January 17 Phoenix Tantra Meet Up to launch it and then test it out the next day with our lucky pleasure victims….Since this is a premier presentation that may never happen again ( I know many of you can’t come to Phoenix) we’re planning to record some of it if we can.

The truth is, I’ve been having such a blast playing with ways to share this erotic material like never before. I do love a good challenge, and Steven certainly is.  So let me know if you’d like to be kept in the loop of what’s next, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


Saturday, January 18


p.s. and the first Q’ of 2014 is coming soon too. What a way to start the year. Then come to The New York Q. 

Why not have it all?

Hope you’re having some luscious, fruitful & forbidden erotic ideas… in your heart, your spirit and of yes course, your body too…

In beauty,

Erotic Intelligence Online Package – Now Available

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INTELLIGENCE package is now available!  

The more passion you have in
your life, the easier it is to
motivate yourself, manifest
creativity, and create your dreams.

Conversely, the more power
you have, the easier it is to
create a safe space to explore
and express your passions.

Whether you are trying to create
a new body, a new career, a new
relationship…or simply take
your current body, career, or
relationship to a new and more
dynamic level, pulled by hunger
rather than driven by discipline
…the Art of Erotic Intelligence
is what you’ve been looking for.



a new world of possibility, created by the combined vision of Amara Charles and Steven Barnes

e·rot·ic /iˈrätik/ adjective

in·tel·li·gence \in-ˈte-ləә-jəәn(t)s\noun

Erotic Intelligence is about becoming sensitively attuned to the constant fluctuations life presents and then using this awareness to properly discern what to do.

–Imagine living a life where everything you do leads to your dreams…and the fulfillment of those dreams increases your overall pleasure, joy, and erotic adventure.

–Imagine living in a world where every erotic awareness increases your energy and aliveness, enabling your creativity, health, fitness, and success!

In 1928, Napoleon Hill’s classic THINK AND GROW RICH revealed that the most successful men and women had highly charged erotic natures. And that through the process he called “Sex Transmutation” actually used this energy to drive their creativity and worldly accomplishment.

But using sexual energy to drive accomplishments is not the whole story, for the real challenge is to channel your erotic energy with wisdom so you can fully enjoy the whole journey toward success.

Now, for the first time, the two worlds of worldly success and erotic delight have joined together to create a unique blueprint.

Amara and Steve have been friends for twenty years, and out of their fascinating comparisons of sacred and worldly paths of power, created the unique Art of Erotic Intelligence Online Program.

steve_1STEVEN BARNES is a world-reknowned expert on human performance, a NY Times bestselling novelist, film-maker, black belt in three different systems, yoga teacher, creative consultant, master hypnotist, husband and father.




AMARA CHARLES is a world-reknowned expert on sexual energies, having taught Amara in Hawaiithousands of students in dozens of countries, authored books, tapes, given live lectures in seven countries, and been certified in multiple traditions of sexual magic.What if we said that there’s a scientific way, a proven formula that could dramatically increase your magnetic fire and allow you to realize accomplishments most dear to your heart?



You will receive:

1) The Thirty Day Erotic Challenge

Designed to “kick start” you, giving you specific instructions and assignments to help you begin this new, juicy phase of your life. Thirty days of focus and flow, helping you and your partner (there are solo exercises, never fear!) tap back into the joy that originally brought you together…and take it up a notch!

2) The Science of Erotic Intelligence MP3. The full, two-hour lecture originally given by Amara and Steve at the Tantric Erotic Meetup in Phoenix.

3) The full transcript of that lively and entertaining talk. Listen and read along to learn and absorb more deeply.

4) The Art of Erotic Intelligence one-hour MP3, Amara and Steve recorded live on the “Diamond Hour” radio show.

5) The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles. This “forgotten” classic text is the source of the worldwide best-seller The Secret! But the original, written in 1924, contains information not in the later version, information you MUST have if you would get the most out of it. This version, offered to you in complete form, contains special annotations by Amara and Steve, boiling its principles down to simple step-by-step form, linking it with the EROTIC INTELLIGENCE concept.

This package contains concepts, exercises and information gleaned over decades of research and practice. You can simply “plug and play” the Thirty Day Challenge, or “dive in” and listen to the MP3s…study the transcripts…or read the TRUTH behind “The Secret” and gain a practical knowledge of sexual and creative energies that will blow your mind!

In addition, you will receive a “Quick Start” pdf to help you navigate this new territory, and an exclusive “Get S.M.A.R.T.” lesson on effective goal setting.

Not $149 Not 59.95

Now Only 49.95

Order Here

“(Amara Charles’ SEXUAL PRACTICES OF THE QUODOSHKA) is a treasure trove of
wisdom and sexuality practices from beginner to advanced.”
— Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. Author of Dr. Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex

“Steven Barnes (is) uniquely powerful (in helping others balance) their physical
and emotional arenas along a spiritual pathway
to abiding self love and unifying purpose.”

–Gerald M. Levin,
Former CEO, Time/Warner

And what is your investment is this new life? We want to invite you to the beginning of something very special, a tribe of brothers and sisters committed to their own growth, their pleasure, success, and a healthy dance of Masculine and Feminine energies on this wounded planet. As such, Amara and Steve have made a conscious decision to offer it at the lowest price possible.

Order today!






I’ve been in my Boudoir

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sample 2-2

Hi. Amara here, and I’m finally about to open the doors to a fabulous project I’ve been working on for years, called The Art of Erotic Intelligence and we had to get it just right.

My passion in presenting this program comes from my desire to give you the cherries of what I’ve learned about how to harness your erotic sexual energy with intelligence in order to manifest anything.

Remember your first innocent kiss where there was a distinctly different kind of hum that moved through your whole body? Pretty yummy, wasn’t it? Now…think of a time when you were immersed in something you totally loved doing…where you lost track of time… and you were completely in the flow.

Stop. DON’T JUST READ THESE WORDS. Actually stop and remember. Do this, and you’ll begin to sense the connection between these things. Imagine being able to tap into this core life force energy on demand, whenever you need focus, motivation, inspiration, or a Jolt of creative energy.

Erotic Intelligence is the ability to navigate through life manifesting by moving in a relaxed, intelligent way from one thing to the next, being PULLED by your passion rather than pushing yourself or others.
It’s about increasing your attraction and energy in certain ways so that instead of running after people and things, they are drawn to you. It is aligning your entire life so that every action creates more juice, takes you closer to your true goals and generates the kind of awareness that makes you an attractive, magnetic light who draws the highest opportunities into your world.

NOTHING is sexier than sincere confidence and magnetism. A man or woman aware of who they are and where they are going is naturally erotic, and if he or she uses this energy wisely, their intelligence will be as attractive as their bodies. Expressed as confidence in a man, and magnetism in a woman, it’s like a prowling cat on the hunt …a simultaneously spiritual, loving being strong and confident enough to be open hearted.
We’re going to show you how to have both. Just a few more days now!

In beauty,

Amara Underpainting

Erotic Intelligence Anyone?

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Diamond Hour Radio Show with Amara Charles and Steven Barnes: Sat. Dec. 8th 1pm(Pacific)/4pm (Eastern)

By Steven Barnes

Five weeks ago, I conducted a workshop in Phoenix on something called Erotic Intelligence. Luckily for me, I co-taught it with Amara Charles, one of my dearest friends, a lovely, brilliant and creative instructor in numerous sensual disciplines. The fascinating thing during pre-planning was that we simply couldn’t come to a solid agreement on what we would teach and what our precise definitions were…which I interpreted as representative of the core difficulty men and women can have communicating about sex…and life itself.

So we did something unique: we simply never used the exact same definitions, allowing those differences to play out in “real time” in front of the audience.

They loved it.

They raved.

That conversation is recorded and transcribed and will be the cornerstone of a new course,

but I’ve convinced Amara to come on Saturday’s “Diamond Hour” show to discuss   ways

to increase, integrate, share and utilize Erotic Intelligence in your own life.

Just for fun, a little hint: Think And Grow Rich speaks of Sexual

Transmutation as a core element in life success. Basically, that

the most successful men and women Napoleon Hill studied had VERY high sex drives.

They used that to motivate themselves, reward themselves, clarify their minds and values,

protect their health…and much more. But Hill, of course, had limited

practical knowledge in the techniques of actually doing these things, so while he was

WAAAY ahead of his time in observing and defining a phenomenon, there was a

limited amount he could do in terms of direct suggestions.

Well…Amara has no such problems. For over twenty years, she’s specifically taught

these secret arts to students all over the world. More to the point, I trust the human

being she is, and feel comfortable sharing her with my students, who trust me to take the

very best care of them. Amara is one of the best. Join us?

Steven BarnesDiamond Hour December show. -

Saturday, December 8, 2012,

1:00 PM Pacific Standard time (4:00 PM Eastern)


Connect via phone or VoIP (Skype, etc.)

(724) 444-7444


Reclaiming Your Libido- White Tigress Taoist Feminine Secrets

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Feminine Spring

White Tigress Taoist Feminine Secrets
Every woman has a rich source of vibrant libido and feminine energy that yearns to flower into it’s full potential. Tapping into your feminine spring is about reclaiming your sexual vitality at any age.

Yet how do we find the time and energy to enjoy the pleasures of sex?  It’s easy to get so caught up in our Superwoman roles juggling schedules, jobs, kids or relationships that we put our sex life on the back shelf marked ‘Later.’ The trouble is, when we do find the time to make love, we may not have as much energy as we would like.

Thanks to ancient Taoists, who have long recognized sexuality as vital to our health, More …

We are the Music Makers

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sea australia

And we are the dreamers of dreams.
Wandering by lone sea-breakers
and setting by desolate streams,
world losers and world forsakers
on whom the pale moon gleams;
Yet we are the movers and shakers
of the world forever,
it seems

Authur O’shaughnessy
Inspired by Mikey Hart
Music and Spirit

Feature Article: The Erotic Diamond Mind

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Sundance BoysDedicated to Razel Wolf and the Next Generation of Bodhisattvas

Returning from a sublime time, sharing ceremony with exquisite people who gathered from around the world to celebrate the raw power beauty of being alive. On the last day, as our prayers for the healing of Grandmother Earth and all her people began, our beloved Dance Chief Elder shared a vision she had of many Bodhisattvas floating in our midst. Each Deity was encased in a diamond. Earlier, the two people sitting by her side saw something shiny hiding deep in the red dirt by her feet. Needless to say, we all shivered in the early morning sun to hear that a Herkimer diamond was dug out and lifted from the sand, in front of where she sat. It is impossible to express the feeling of utter joy when such things happen. Clearly, it was a testimony of raw power manifestation, that quickly, quickly appears, when hearts are pure, devoted and sincerely focused on the ascension of all humans. Her vision reminds us the impossible is merely an illusion, and that our prayers, hopes and dreams are indeed heard by the Bodhisattvas. More …

Give her Pleasure Every Time

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‘How can I become a better lover?‘ I’ve been asked this more than a few times by men: “Should I go faster, slower, deeper, longer? Can you suggest a book?”

Sometimes I think people will soon have GPS Sex systems in their bedrooms. With a voice saying, “okay a little to the right, a little deeper, now ease up, easy does it… You’re almost there…” Sounds like a great App, but really, do you want such advice? Perhaps you’d rather learn how to use your instincts to dip deeply into the Mysterious Female and to take your time savoring her beauty. More …