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My Secret Santa

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One of my most memorable Christmas’s was when my lover decided to fulfill one of my sexual fantasies to be with two men in an evening of sensual delight and adult sexual play. He made all the arrangements with someone he knew I would like – tall, lean and Italian, and told me where and when to show up. Let’s call my secret Santa, Sergio. More …

Sex in The Woods

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–an erotic dalliance by ‘B’ from Austria
Ever wonder what to so with nettles? One summer day I walked with my friends Patric and Sanna through the woods near the side arms of the river Danube. We were looking for a place to go swimming. It was very hot and moist, not easy to find the way through all the green plants. There were stinging nettles everywhere. They reminded me of a book I read many years before. “You know” I said “the ancient Greeks used nettles to increase men’s virility. They used to whip them on their penises.”

“Really”, Patric said smiling, “amazing.” We continued our walk through the woods and after a while Patric said “you know, this idea is in my mind now, I can’t stop thinking about nettles. It sounds rather interesting.” We walked for another Another 10 minutes until he said “Let’s try it. I really want to know if it works. But I want to whip you too.” More …