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DAY SIX – 30 Day Inspiration – Discover Your Erotic Nature

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30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature
Ten Days Of Gentleness | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team

DAY SIX Gentle Pulses Of Compassion Inside The Pussy

two jade eggs

“Feminine strength does not push or control, rather its power comes from compassionate wisdom and offers a perfect compliment to its Yang, masculine counterpart. Without Yin, or water, the Yang, or Fire, burns too hot and eventually extinguishes itself. Yes ladies, there is strength and beauty in being women. We are needed, and in turn, need a healthy connection to that which is our opposite to be truly balanced. No woman is an island, rather she is the water surrounding the island that permeates and nourishes all life. Let us endeavor to keep our energy clean and vital, together.”
Sarina Stone - Taolady.com

Bringing it ALL the way into the body.
We have been discovering Our Erotic Nature the last 6 days.
Connecting to self love, by practicing acceptance for our body just the way it is…
Diving into the many holographic depths of our precious nature, shakti energy, prayer, chant, benevolent compassion, spiritual practice etc…

Let’s bring compassion deeper into the body. By exploring the gentle pulses of the jade egg inside our precious jade gate.

FEEL everything JUST the way it IS.
Breathe deeply… While something greater is breathing you.

Discover more about the Jade Egg the article written by Amara Charles 

Flowers Hawaii

Sex and Intimacy joins the Self Care Revolution

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Listen to my Self Care Revolution with Dr Robyn Benson of Santa Fe Soul


Is sex and intimacy an integral part of intimate health? Of course it is! So why is it so often excluded in mainstream health conferences and why is the topic reserved to backroom conversations (where what’s really going on) is discussed by everyone?

That’s why I celebrate Dr. Robyn Benson’s bold invitation to include the topic of sex and intimate health to Doctors and healers at the Health Clinic Santa Fe Soul in New Mexico.

Help spread the word about how the wise use of sexuality can benefit all sentient beings. Be a part of the Self Care Revolution and take care of your intimate health.

A talk with Dr. Robyn Benson after our ‘off the charts fabulous’ Shiva Shakti Workshop in Santa fe. We introduced Shamanic ceremony to heal wounds of the past to make space for more intimacy and pleasure in our relationships. And we shared sexual restoration practices to boost libido and increase sexual energy.
Everyone loved it! We’re invited back to present Quodoushka in Santa Fe next year for the first time… woo hoo.

I totally resonate with Robyn’s message about taking responsibility for our health by becoming more aware and wise.I believe intimate happiness can change the world. As our relationships heal, so does the world.


In beauty

FAQ: Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Workshop – Amara Charles

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Q Fire

These are some of the common Questions people ask about Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Workshops.

Can I come to a Quodoushka Workshop without a partner?
Yes! You may attend Quodoushka I and II as a single or attend with a partner.
For Quodoushka Three, you must attend with a partner.

Is it better to come with a partner? More …

Five Ways To Spot An Alpha Male

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Alpha Male

A beta male knows nothing higher than himself; but an alpha male instantly recognizes genius. 

I’ve had more comments from Five Things Women do in the Presence of an Alpha Male than any article I’ve written so far. Maybe having ‘What is an Alpha man?‘ on my mind turned me into some kind of magnet for them because for the last few weeks I’ve been quite dazzled by the alpha men who keep popping up around me.  

Yesterday, at my favorite coffee shop a man who always wants to know what I’m writing asked, ‘What do you think is Alpha?’… I suppose he has to show you, he sort of has to prove he’s better than other guys.’   

‘Yes. Maybe it’s true.’ I said, but as I explained that it’s all in the way he proves himself, he interrupted me with his real question: ‘Am I an Alpha man?’ More …

A Daring Sexy Way to Celebrate Your Love

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Lynn and Mark

Bailey Masks VideoWatch this wonderful erotic story about an adventure Lynn and her husband Mark created. It’s a fantastic idea for any couple who would like to celebrate their intimacy in a most daring and risque way…



What follows is our story of how we came to have David Steinberg take nine rolls of film of us while making love. It explains our motivation, our fears, but most of all how David was able to get us to a point of total comfort before, during and after the shoot. The results were absolutely fantastic in projecting the tenderness, love, joy, silliness, fun and total ecstasy that we felt while making love for the photo session.

We are a couple who took a giant leap from having had “boudoir” pictures taken, to having an almost 2 hour photo shoot during a most intimate love making session. Our boudoir session involved full nudity, but only holding and caressing for the pictures; we are both comfortable with nudity, having sex in unusual places and taking pictures and movies of ourselves. We were initially nervous with the  pictures being taken by others, but relaxed gradually as the session proceeded—most “poses” were directed by the photographer (David was not the photographer).  There were enough shots that projected eroticism and our expanding erotic nature that we had five collages made suitable for matting and framing. The pictures (proofs & collages) combined with having seen several “erotic” pictures of other couples taken by David suggested to us that we should try to express our intimacy in pictures while making love. Though we were nervous and almost reluctant to attempt it when we first discussed it, we were very comfortable, at ease and felt natural during our shoot. The difference in our comfort level was initially reading David’s article “Real Sex In Front Of the Camera”, but the most benefit and impact came from our pre shoot discussions with David.

From the first time we spoke with David by phone until he snapped the first picture, he emphasized that he had NO agenda and that his role was to capture what we projected. He would not direct, position or critique us. We felt we could see that concept in the various sets of pictures of other couples we had seen.  We did not want pictures to put on an amateur porn site, or pictures to shock or titillate others. We wanted pictures to reflect our feeling for, and closeness with, each other during our love making. The same feelings and emotions that during our regular love making has made us shriek, laugh, gasp, groan or cry depending on some variable yet to be identified.  We wanted on film how we felt more than how we looked.

One suggestion that David made well beforehand that served us well, was not to over think or over complicate what we included while making love for the camera. We have many techniques, toys, positions and bondage equipment that are frequently included in our love making; we initially thought of including as many as possible. With David’s “hints”, we concluded that we did not want to illustrate a “How To Book”, we wanted to capture emotion and feelings.  We picked a couple lubes, a couple toys and decided we’ll start at foreplay and see where it goes.

It worked perfectly because we were more relaxed and in our own element and timing by us NOT having an agenda other than to enjoy.

That is not to say that in the future we won’t do a shoot with more toys, a couple specific positions or featuring bondage, but for that shoot those were not our intent. Anyone wishing to feature those things, fetish play or even a solo shoot of self-pleasuring, can certainly do it and I have no doubt that David can capture your intent; in a very erotic and sensual manner.

David also helped us put together an album (coffee table book) of 65 of our favorite pictures along with dedications to each other. Every time we look at the album, or share it with friends who understand our intent, the eroticism seems new and fresh. Obviously we have only shared it with others who are comfortable in nudity and who are comfortable in discussing our and their own erotic nature.  All who have viewed it have commented about how erotic, natural, loving and happy we are. We will also share it with others thinking of being photographed by David, or others serious about learning David’s art.

                                                          Lynn and Mark


I long ago gave to you my heart which you touched so deeply, my heart you cause to swell with pride and my heart that you humbled by picking (and keeping) me. I remind you of our symbolic hearts that reflect, but do not fully capture, your passion, your openness, your Erotic Nature and your genuineness.

In this book of images recall the trust, the openness, the silliness, the daring, the seeking of new and unknown, the passion, the tenderness, the lust, the love and the pure enjoyment that has been our relationship and lives together. Recall in the images not just the nakedness of our bodies, but the openness to our souls we provided each other. Recall our adventures, our joys, our happiness, our soft murmurs, our shouts, our tenderness and our toughness, but most of all our freedom to be ourselves with each other. Recall how we also became each other without losing ourselves.

Forever and Always to my One and Only.

To My Husband, Lover and Friend,

You make me feel beautiful and these pictures capture that feeling and the essence of us.  You see beyond the bumps, lumps and wrinkles…and I am loved in ways words cannot express.  The making of this album was scary, fun, exciting, and erotic ~ and you gave me the freedom to do so at my pace.  As I’ve said before, we’re at a place of deep trust and knowledge of each other.  We can talk without many words, laugh at ourselves, and continue to grow and explore new things together ~ and this album is testament to the explorer in us.

And here, in this special place, the magic and tingly feelings still happen and the spaces in my life are filled, for you are, simply everything to me.

Thank you for the many smiles and happy memories these pictures will bring in the years to come and remind us of the feelings creating this album evoked.

Forever and Always,

A Simple Love Habit that Works

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Yesterday I spoke with a couple having intimacy issues.
They were eager to give me the list of wasn’t working.
‘The first thing’ I said ‘you must to drop the habit of beginning with
the past.’

You will never feel like being intimate
by constantly bringing up what has not worked.
Constant criticism defeats desire. I suggested they spend
the week sharing as many sweet memories as they could.

When I get hooked into the habit of bringing up disappointing things, I first have to notice that I am doing this. When we are asleep to how our unkind words put out the fire of our passion we keep going down this futile tunnel.

The only juice you get from trying to correct your lover by pointing out what went wrong the last time is being ‘right’. Even if you manage to score a point with even tiny insults,   you are going to feel alone. We certainly know that insulting our lover is a dead end, but sometimes that perverse habit of criticizing wins the moment, and we say unkind things. Our ego is seems to win the battle, but our hearts always suffer.

It may sound trite to say as many kind things as you can to your lover, but in the realm of intimacy, it’s particularly true. We can retrain our minds to consciously speak of times when things worked well. Make it a habit to recall excellence, beauty and tenderness. Deliberately share victories with your beloved throughout your day. It’s simple, and it works. You just have to do it often enough to put your brain in the proper state of mind to be more loving and kind to each other.

Make it a point to share several beautiful memories and see what happens in the bedroom. I hope you’re pleasantly surprised what flows naturally from your hearts.

Because Beauty is a Living State of Love.

In beauty


New York City Quodoushka

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New York SkylineNew York City Quodoushka 1
April 10-13
Residential Workshop for Singles and Couples
Early Registration Till February 15
Come Join this amazing group and let love  change your life
Amara Charles and John Thunderwolf

Tapping into Your Erotic Intelligence

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I’m to say that the Art of Erotic Intelligence course is ready to go…

The idea is to inspire you to use your passion to empower every aspect of your life, a core secret of high-performing artists, inventors, business folk and lovers since the beginning of time: energy is energy, but we don’t always understand how to access it.

But if you can tap into and release it in ONE arena of your life, you have the doorway to opening it in EVERY arena of your life.

To be effective, it had to merge male and female energies, and
no matter how balanced I might be, I was always going
to lean heavily on the “female” side. Fortunately,  I didn’t have to go looking for someone to do this with.  For twenty years, it has been my honor to be
friends with STEVEN BARNES. He’s not only a NYT best-selling author who has written for television and Hollywood movies, he’s also a 4th Degree Blackbelt and Tai Chi and Yoga instructor. Even more than these accomplishments, what I most respect about Steve is his devotion to his son Jason – which I feel adds tremendous power to his masculine perspective.

We’ve had endless conversations and fascinating debates about
how to harness, express, and teach using our erotic intelligence.
We never agreed totally, (or sometimes at all! ) and it suddenly hit
both of us–that lack of total convergence wasn’t a weakness,
it was actually a strength!

We were both sick of teachers who pretend to be in alignment
on every little aspect of their teaching.

The truth is that human beings never agree totally.  Heck,
you don’t totally agree with what you thought YESTERDAY!

So we had a unique opportunity, because while we don’t agree
totally, we DO respect each other’s positions. Steve has mastered several disciplines, and has clamoring, devoted students around the world. He is married to the lovely Tananarive Due, a highly acclaimed award winning author in her own right.

I’ve learned something valuable creating this project with Steve, for or one thing, he knows how to be friends with a woman. We decided to try teaching a workshop together, and a little bit of magic happened…

Order Now!


In beauty,
Amara Charles

How To Increase Your Erotic Intelligence

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The Sessons with Helen Hunt and John Hawks

Go see this movie.

Why? Because it’s not only lovely to watch truth crawling through the covers reaching below the belt of collective consciousness, it shows where men and women are not different in the places that count.

While it’s hardly a blockbuster, the fact that ‘The Sessions’ made it to the screen is a testimony to the raw power of sex. And there’s no better way to see such a movie than with a group of women dedicated to compassionate sex and intimacy. So when our Yin Way woman’s class filled a row in the theater, we rooted for this true story of a quadriplegic, virginal 38-year-old writer (John Hawks) and his married sexual surrogate (Helen Hunt).

The story is not only boldly intimate, quirky and touching, Hollywood got the message right: More …

Three Clues to Overcome Rejection

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Three Clues for Overcoming Rejection

How do you get your lady out of the castle when she won’t say yes?

What if she shuns affection? Avoids sex and rejects you on a regular basis?

The most important key that opens the door to the castle is to be more loving no matter what. For love is the only language she understands.

Why is she rejecting me? More …

Great Reviews of Quodoushka in USA, Australia & New Zealand

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Whole Life Times Review


The First New Zealand Sexuality and Consciousness
Symposium: Blockhouse Bay Boat Club, March 31-April 1.
Opening Evening: The Temple in Mt Eden, March 29, 7pm
(Quodoushka night, April 2).
Bookings: videoyogalessons.com

There’s a lot of “sharing” here, and it can
mean a lot of things. Normally, sitting in a
circle and summing up how you feel in this
moment. I feel fine — just warming up. Over
organic coffee, the charismatic American
Quodoushaka expert tells me that I might
be an Antelope Woman — just from the way
I talk. “Soften up,” she says. I will.
By evening, I have listened enough. It’s
time to interact. Other conferences might
offer you a golf tournament as a social event
— well, here they have an “intimate night”. It
starts with a big circle. The women outside,
the men inside, move with the music, change
partners. Then gaze into someone’s eyes,
say something nice to a stranger, do a little
twist. A bit like speed dating, but without
trying to impress — just attracting through
radiance and openness. It’s great fun. None
of those micro-connections has to mean
anything. There’s no attachment, no pickup
plan. I notice the handsome man in the
silk kaftan for the first time and just enjoy
that his eyes linger.
The next bit is harder. More …

A Natural Language for Sex

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This  is a video poem from my recently released best selling book: ‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’ This clip shows the difference between clinical western approach affects sex, and how the more nature based language of Quodoushka can uplift and inspire more magical sexual experiences.

Amara Charles is author of the Best Selling "The SExual Practices of Quodoushka'

“This Note is to Warn you of A diabolical plot”

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Love Letter from ?

This is perhaps the Best Love Letter I’ve ever read and you’ll never believe who wrote it.

My Darling Wife

This note is to warn you of a diabolical plot entered into by some of our so called friends – (ha!) calendar makers and even our own children. These and others would have you believe we’ve been married 20 years.

20 minutes maybe – but never 20 years. In the first place it is a known fact that a human cannot sustain the high level of happiness I feel for more than a few minutes – and my happiness keeps increasing.

I will confess to one puzzlement but I’m sure it is just some trick perpetrated by our friends – (Ha again!) I can’t remember ever being without you and I know I was born more than 20 mins ago.

Oh well – that isn’t important. The important thing is I don’t want to be without you for the next 20 years, or 40, or however many there are. I’ve gotten very used to being happy and I love you very much indeed.

Your Husband of 20 something or other.

Signed Ronald Reagan when he was governor of California in 1972. He wrote his note to Nancy on their 20th wedding anniversary.

What’s the Best Love Letter You’ve Ever Read?

The Nectar of Immortality

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What would just a sprinkle of immortal nectar bring to your relationships? And where do you buy this stuff? What does it taste like and what does it do?

The Nectar of Immortality has the flavor of sweet peaches; the scent of rose oil and it causes your heart to swell with the urge to give. When this vapor is in your mind, you let go of worry and it pops the balloons of stress, sorrow and anger stored in your cells. Past transgressions become irrelevant, whatever keeps you from acting kindly dissolves and it gives you power to face anything. More …

We Hit #1 Best Seller on Amazon!

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Yes! We did it! Our Worldwide request to buy on Amazon Worked! Thank you everyone who bought a copy, bought tons of copies on Amazon, and gifts for friends. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! From now on, we can say that ‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’ is a Best Seller!. Woo Hoo!

We are #1 Best Selling on Amazon in Shamanism! More …