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Reclaiming Your Libido- White Tigress Taoist Feminine Secrets

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Feminine Spring

White Tigress Taoist Feminine Secrets
Every woman has a rich source of vibrant libido and feminine energy that yearns to flower into it’s full potential. Tapping into your feminine spring is about reclaiming your sexual vitality at any age.

Yet how do we find the time and energy to enjoy the pleasures of sex?  It’s easy to get so caught up in our Superwoman roles juggling schedules, jobs, kids or relationships that we put our sex life on the back shelf marked ‘Later.’ The trouble is, when we do find the time to make love, we may not have as much energy as we would like.

Thanks to ancient Taoists, who have long recognized sexuality as vital to our health, More …

The Art of Energetic Menopause

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The Art of Energetic Menopause

Our generation is enjoying the longest life span in history. Yet in order for women to truly enjoy living longer, there are certain things she can do to make sure her later years are as delightful as can be.

For certain female Taoists, many of whom who were admired for their enduring beauty, their goal was to have ‘youthfulness in old age.’ What especially fascinates me is understanding what these women have done do to stay so young and full of energy. The female Taoists I am referring to did not have access to longevity creams or cosmetic surgeries. Their natural rejuvenation methods reveal a highly intelligent and unusual feminine perspective.

According to female Taoists and White Tigresses there are two key things a woman must learn to do to maintain youthful in her body and spirit. First, she must reduce the amount of energy lost during her menstruation.* Secondly, she must cultivate a healthy libido. These are the key ingredients to having a harmonious and energetic menopause. More …