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Finding A Man With Heart

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It’s easy to get a precious treasure
But hard to find a man with a heart.

from  a Chinese Erotic Love Poem

The heart, the mind, the body. These are not separate things. Thus it is not possible to find a man without heart.But you will find many whose hearts are hidden.

The real ‘job’ of a woman (if we must have jobs) is to inspire men to feel their hearts.

When we resist sharing More …

A Love Poem To Myself

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Today, I decided to write a Love Poem to myself.

Pure Beauty in New Zealand

Some days, love is un-suppressible even when you try to stop it.

Others, it’s unattainable no matter where you look.

Then there are those days
You find it as if it were something that could be lost.
Or mistake it for something else.
And still others when love slips through your fingers
Like falling caramel finding it’s inevitable way into your dish.

I vote for the unsustainable kind of love that leaves you More …

How to Talk Less and Have More Sex

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I think maybe we all want sex that makes us shiver and sweat all over, but we also want sex that makes us smile, and melt into each others bodies all night. Do we have to choose between hot sex or intimate sex? While some talking is needed to have either how sex or cozy sex, it’s good to know when to talk and when to stop.

Here’s one of my favorite ways to hit the sweet spot. More …