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Feature Article: The Erotic Diamond Mind

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Sundance BoysDedicated to Razel Wolf and the Next Generation of Bodhisattvas

Returning from a sublime time, sharing ceremony with exquisite people who gathered from around the world to celebrate the raw power beauty of being alive. On the last day, as our prayers for the healing of Grandmother Earth and all her people began, our beloved Dance Chief Elder shared a vision she had of many Bodhisattvas floating in our midst. Each Deity was encased in a diamond. Earlier, the two people sitting by her side saw something shiny hiding deep in the red dirt by her feet. Needless to say, we all shivered in the early morning sun to hear that a Herkimer diamond was dug out and lifted from the sand, in front of where she sat. It is impossible to express the feeling of utter joy when such things happen. Clearly, it was a testimony of raw power manifestation, that quickly, quickly appears, when hearts are pure, devoted and sincerely focused on the ascension of all humans. Her vision reminds us the impossible is merely an illusion, and that our prayers, hopes and dreams are indeed heard by the Bodhisattvas. More …