DAY SIXTEEN ORGASM – Discover Your Erotic Nature

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30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

Ten Days of Spice | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team

The body naturally knows which orgasm to naturally move into as a way of balancing the body, mind, spirit and heart. Knowing the body and having an educated pussy ( tupuli) and cock ( tipilli) is of high importance to bring more pleasure and fun into our sacred spiritual sexual practice. As we listen to our body, we become master conduits for creating more peace on the planet. When we allow the body to move in a way that comes from a deeper knowing of what we actually desire and yearn for it appears as though the body is much wiser then our own ‘planning’ can ever really be. When we have a orgasm or two or twenty we actually bring balance to different aspects of our being depending on also what kind of orgasm we experience.

There are many different types of orgasm. Check my book on page 183 in The Sexual practices of Quodoushka chapter 10 –  The nine types of orgasmic expression.

“When we use orgasm well, our orgasm can sustain our health and well being. Yet, it is also true we can loose energy by having low-level orgasms.” page 201

I felt like the bed was rising and falling. We were so connected I could feel him inside as if he were actually touching my heart with his penis. We would stay like this for a while, rest a few minutes and start all over again. I don’t know how long we made love, and I lost count on how many orgasms I had. My belly was still shaking hours later. Leela Age Thirty-one. 

This orgasm is a west earthquake orgasm, it originates inside as a rolling feeling inside the womb. Like the rumbling of an earthquake starting with milder sensations, it builds gradually in strength until it implodes inside with great force. These deeply satisfying orgasms induce swells of gratitude and profound intimacy. Page 196 in The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka.


To discover more about your erotic nature and learn about all the different male and female orgasm types. You can read more about this in my book The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka and find it in my online shop


Wishing you all more high level orgasms and natural ways of restoring, relaxing and replenishing the body…



The Perfect Pussy? A Man’s Response to a Girl Thinking About Labiaplasticy: Perfect.

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My two cents as a man: it’s easy for us to get together in groups and make fun of women who aren’t entirely perfect, or who at least don’t fit the vision of “perfection” we get from models and porn. It’s not our greatest asset. In fact it’s things like that that make me feel like I belong to the weaker sex. We’re so bent on bringing other people down because we’re all really fragile and have these delicate egos and we make ourselves feel strong by banding together to make fun of people.

Vaginal attractiveness is a tough subject because no one’s really talking about it objectively, or at least not with me around. Porn is teaching you that there are pretty and ugly vaginas, and even though I have very little experience being a teenage girl, my understanding (garnered largely from tv and movies, I’ll admit) is that girls default to thinking their vagina is ugly. Like as a curious teenager when you finally give it a good long look, it’s probably not what you were expecting. Forgive me if that’s an ignorant sentiment, but like I said, the conversation isn’t really at the forefront of gender equality so I have very little to go on.

But men find them beautiful. Like really actually beautiful. Not beautiful-for-a-few-flaps-of-skin-beautiful, but legitimately attractive. The things you think are ugly are the reasons we’re drawn to them. All those guys who bash a woman for having “meat curtains” would sell their limbs to come into contact with that same “ugly” vagina.

Ask a group of men in a room together what they find attractive in a woman and they’ll all say “big tits, big ass, skinny waist and legs, blonde hair”, but get them one on one and you’ll find guys who like small breasts and small asses and thick legs and everything else. The same way not every girl wants a huge hard body builder with a massive package.

My point is: the worst mistake you could make is basing a life decision on the mob mentality of men. When you’re ready to give your virginity to someone, I promise you they’ll be feeling like the king of the world, and more than likely too focused on their own bodily flaws to even notice your inner labia aren’t Photoshop Perfect.

Amara’s Response: More …

DAY FOURTEEN – 30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

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30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

Ten Days of Spice | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team


Feeding our own personal sexual hungers can be a huge gateway to deeper joy, relaxation, and pleasure. – For real.


Not the kind of sexual hunger that is kind of what you desire but the the kind that fully replenishes your soul and meets your deepest longing.

How do we know that we are feeding our own personal sexual hungers? In my personal experience approaching life, love, intimacy, relations comes from a deep self love and fully embracing our life force energy. I would like to inspire each and everyone of you to really be real with your self first and foremost. Connect with what you desire. Explore with yourself. Feeding your life force energy could be having a bath, going for a hike or having a really deep intimate conversation.

LIFE can be a TURN ON several moments throughout our day. Quodoushka is life force energy and is not something that comes and goes. It is here all the time.

Having our desire met can only come from knowing ourself and getting to know ourself. Sometimes we can go years and not know what we what. So how can we begin to move the energy and find out what it is that we really desire? If we are stuck in pattern and nothing is happening and no actions are taken, then slowly we may feel uninspired and sexually unsatisfied. Sometimes moving into an adventure is better then putting the lid on the curious place inside. It is a delicate subject, of this I am aware and there are fine lines to be aware of. What works for you, only you can know.


How about approaching life from an adventurous and explorative place…When we can open our heart with curiosity to find out what we desire we begin to move the energy and the curiosity is now building a relationship with knowledge and experience. Communication could be an excellent is key here. Perhaps you have an intimate partner and would like to try something new and different? Or perhaps you could invite one into your life today? Express your longing and ask them to support you as you embrace your life force energy. Follow the pleasure in your life and your highest excitement. In my book The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka I share about spiritual sexuality and how incredible fulfilling it is when we approach sex from the nagual tradition.  This upcoming May we will have a Quodoushka 1 workshop in Phoenix for all of you ready to begin embracing your own life force energy in such a sacred beautiful way. We would so love to have you join us. Read about the Male and Female genital anatomy types in my book and get to know your own… and get to know your lovers anatomy type. Not only does it serve us in becoming even better lovers, it also opens new doors of understanding for our unique differences and the beauty we bring into the world.



The Thirty Day Erotic Challenge

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The Thirty Day Erotic Challenge – Online Guide to Enhance Your Erotic Pleasure and Prosperity

I am thrilled to announce the Thirty Day Erotic Challenge is now available for your at home pleasure.

  • This 64 page Illustrated Digital E Manual includes daily instructions, inspirations and stories to supply you with thirty days of fascinating ways to enhance your erotic health and happiness.
  • * Plus you get the bonus S.M.A.R.T. Goals PDF to boost your ability to harness your sexual energy to manifest your dreams.
  • The Original Erotic Intelligence Online Program sells for $49.95 – But I’m giving a special introductory price for the next 30 days…
  • MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: Send me your start and finish date, along with comments of your experience of your Thirty Day Erotic Challenge and I’ll send you a 2oz Bottle of Sylk Natural Personal Lubricant.

What is The Thirty Day Erotic Challenge?
It’s a treasure trove of daily erotic teachings and suggestions to lift your your erotic health and happiness to a whole new level. It’s designed to inspire you for thirty days whether you have a partner or you’re looking for one.
It starts out gently, giving you guidelines on what to pay attention to during each day. It then builds gradually to include more fun and fascinating ways to bring delight and passion into your life. More …

Five Things Women Do in the Presence of an Alpha Male

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The Alpha Male

As fascinating as the topic of the Instinctive Design of Erotic Attention* was really, it’s the bronco ride of co-creating with an alpha male that lifts my skirt these days.

My recent collaboration inspires me to reflect on the five things women tend to do when we’re with an alpha male. But first, I suppose, we should ask, What are the signs you’ve got an alpha male on your hands?

He’s Unpredictable. Check. Powerfully assertive yet yielding at the right moments. Check. He’s an unabashed, indomitable and at times he’s an unstoppable leader. Yet, as strong as he appears, a superior alpha male bows gracefully to feminine intelligence whenever she shows a face wiser than his own. Double  Check.

The five things we tend to do are run, put him above us, contend, control or cultivate and then ride on the curves of his magic. Any of these options may be correct depending on the man and the time. The approaches you choose will either take you into tangled webs of disappointment or they will intensify the quality of happiness in your intimate relations with men.


Although the option of running may seem weak, if you sense an alpha male is using his seductive charms to get something you do not wish to give, running away could be an act of power.  But how many of us, intrigued by an alpha male’s charm, stay longer than we know is right?

To reflect on the reasons why, consider this: cajoling you into giving something that you actually desire, but are afraid to give can be quite alluring. An alpha male must become good at hunting for the hidden needs of a woman; predators take advantage of them.

More …

Hilarious, Sexy Interview with Crickette & Amara Charles

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What a hoot!   I was as just on Chatterbox radio for a hilarious interview. I’m on about 20 minutes into the show….  Have a listen. Crickette is a riot.

Crickette Radio Show


Forbidden Fruit

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There’s something about forbidden fruit. Somehow, it just tastes better than regular fruit.

You know, there’s only one way to get rid of the temptation to eat a banana…

Speaking of which, I am super excited about Steven Barnes coming to town to do some things we’ve never done. I just love playing with brilliant men and we’ve been digging deep into our lives to pull out some luscious treats I can’t wait to share.

Our new I.D.E.A. workshop is about the hunt, lure and flow of seduction. It’s about how we can increase our erotic prowess.

I’d like to tell you more, but I promised I’d wait…

We’re using the January 17 Phoenix Tantra Meet Up to launch it and then test it out the next day with our lucky pleasure victims….Since this is a premier presentation that may never happen again ( I know many of you can’t come to Phoenix) we’re planning to record some of it if we can.

The truth is, I’ve been having such a blast playing with ways to share this erotic material like never before. I do love a good challenge, and Steven certainly is.  So let me know if you’d like to be kept in the loop of what’s next, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


Saturday, January 18


p.s. and the first Q’ of 2014 is coming soon too. What a way to start the year. Then come to The New York Q. 

Why not have it all?

Hope you’re having some luscious, fruitful & forbidden erotic ideas… in your heart, your spirit and of yes course, your body too…

In beauty,

Announcing a New Workshop with Amara Charles and Steven Barnes

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Premier 1 Day Workshop with Amara Charles & Steven Barnes for Singles and Couples March 8. Phoenix
New Date: March 7 th & *th, Phoenix

The IDEA of increasing your prowess (sexiness in motion) is a matter of learning to become an instinctively healthy, sexy human animal. When your body, mind and heart are all singing the same song, intuitive action becomes the rule of your life.

Singles and Couples Register Here

Cost: $99

NEW DATE: MARCH 8. NE Phoenix (Address Provided upon Registration)



Steven Barnes:

the “Secret Formula”
is a luck magnet.   I’m telling you,
when you have clear goals, believe
you can and should do it, are taking
constant action (and of course
noticing your results and making
micro-adjustments, while committing
to constant improvement) and
living every day with an “attitude
of gratitude” you attract allies like
crazy.  And most strangely, “luck”
multiplies.  Opportunities come to
you with the predictability of American
Express and Visa offers arriving in
the mail if you raise your credit score.
When you don’t need money, people
offer you credit.  When you don’t
have a job, you can’t get a job, but
as soon as you have one other
people offer employment.  When
you don’t have a relationship you
can’t get one, but as soon as you
have one people mysteriously start
showing interest.

1 Day Workshop with Amara Charles & Steven Barnes

But really,  this will not be a mere discussion of concepts to stir your passion… each IDEA is a body experience designed to help you experience the instinctive design of your erotic intelligence.The idea of course is to increase your body intelligence so you can draw on your intuition any time you need it. More …

Love Your Daddy (part two)

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Inspired by a remarkable letter written from a son to his father after attending a Quodoushka Sexuality Workshop. He attended by himself (with the blessing of his wife, who also attended a Q).

Read Love Your Daddy (Part One)

By Amara Charles

Lets say a father makes his son suffer. But the father doesn’t know he’s causing his son to suffer. He does not see how, nor understand why his son is suffering. So the father carries on doing the best he can.

The reality is that the father copes with his pain, but he has not looked into its root causes. He deals with his pain the way he learned to from his dad, and he passes the ball on to his son who then passes it onto his wife and family. Perhaps from a young age the grandfather mistreated the father. Even though the son wants things to change, the habits are deep.

Until somebody gets the game for what it is, the only thing that gets passed (usually veiled in numbness or angry outbursts) is resentment,  And thus, the wheel of suffering spins from generation to generation.

Whenever you recognize that the root cause of suffering is always some form of withholding love, you pick up a light arrow of awareness. This moment of awareness, this pause of habit is priceless; it stops the cycle of suffering.

It’s quite liberating to realize, whoa, this is not ‘me’. I’ve just been acting the way I was taught, behaving the way I grew up. The instant you realize this, you sort of catch the habit by the tail. Then there is a gap, a pause, a chance to do something, anything different. What I enjoy about Taj’s letter is the way he seeks to untangle the original kink, and the way he knows the stuff with his Dad is somehow the key to liberating more passion and love with his wife.

So instead of creating a kinked loop of dark resentment covered in bland indifference, a new trajectory of compassion has begun. This is the key to liberating sexual, intimate love and compassion.

Using our defensive childhood coping strategies of withholding love never works. Withholding love only breeds the resentment that perpetuates suffering.

However,  I do respect the tenacity of those early twisted- love -patterns we take from and pass on to our loved ones and I know they need constant attention. The glimpses of awareness we gain can be fragile and fleeting.

I especially know how those love kinks may return when we go home to visit families…

So to comb through the tangles and return to the natural flow of love, do this healing practice from Thich Nhat Hanh:

Breathing in, I see myself as a five-year-old child.

Breathing out, I smile to the five-year-old child still alive and present in me.

Breathing in, I see the five-year-old child in me as being fragile, vulnerable, wounded.

Breathing out, I embrace the five-year-old child in me with all my understanding and love.

May the generosity of your spirit lead you to break the chains of the past and may you have the energy to walk boldly on a path with heart.

In Beauty, Amara Charles

Next Quodoushka 1 workshop in January 30-Feb 2 2014. Phoenix

Read the remarkable unedited letter from a son to his father

Amara Charles is the Author of Best Selling book.

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka by Amara Charles


Love Your Daddy (part one)

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From a son to his father after attending a Quodoushka Sexuality Workshop

I just finished a four-day, second-level, sacred
sexuality workshop called Quodoushka. While the first one
focuses on the self, this one focuses on relationship.

There are a lot of teachings
and exercises, some are talk-oriented, most are hands-on.
Agreements and boundaries are an important part of the
experience. I had a truly amazing time: the people in this
group were bright souls, with really good energy; I had
really good energetic exchanges and connections.

I got a lot of really
positive feedback about my presence, that I had a strong
impact on the group, that I “healed hearts, even
without directly interacting,” and that I helped some
folks work through some tough things. I in turn experienced
healing and a lot of clearing of old energy that no longer
served me. I felt much cleaner and brighter

Returning home, I noticed I
was very tender upon seeing Susan and Rumi. I felt bursting
with feeling, without ever being able to name any particular
emotion. I just felt feelings, and it left me weepy at

And then I felt the old
patterns creeping in. It didn’t take long—only a few
hours—before I was shutting down in the same ways as
before. Now, I had been thinking it was because Susan has a
strong masculine side that puts her in competition with me,
and that causes friction. And I had been thinking I was
going to need to be more masculine, to provide the safety of
a “masculine container,” so that she could
“let go” into her femininity. While that may be
true, I think the there’s more to it.

Later that night we were
feeling a little shut down. Lying in bed it was the same old
energy: flat. I was thinking “we should have sex,”
but her energy did not tell me she was open. Then, she said
“I think we should have sex.” Ha! Well….

The interaction was slow and
deliberate. I was really open, energetically, and could
sense a lot more than I ever could before. I noticed that
her heart chakra felt exquisite, just sweet and wonderful.
That surprised me, based on how I had been feeling with her.
Then I got to her third eye.

I was immediately and
strongly repulsed. It was shocking how More …

Tapping into Your Erotic Intelligence

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I’m to say that the Art of Erotic Intelligence course is ready to go…

The idea is to inspire you to use your passion to empower every aspect of your life, a core secret of high-performing artists, inventors, business folk and lovers since the beginning of time: energy is energy, but we don’t always understand how to access it.

But if you can tap into and release it in ONE arena of your life, you have the doorway to opening it in EVERY arena of your life.

To be effective, it had to merge male and female energies, and
no matter how balanced I might be, I was always going
to lean heavily on the “female” side. Fortunately,  I didn’t have to go looking for someone to do this with.  For twenty years, it has been my honor to be
friends with STEVEN BARNES. He’s not only a NYT best-selling author who has written for television and Hollywood movies, he’s also a 4th Degree Blackbelt and Tai Chi and Yoga instructor. Even more than these accomplishments, what I most respect about Steve is his devotion to his son Jason – which I feel adds tremendous power to his masculine perspective.

We’ve had endless conversations and fascinating debates about
how to harness, express, and teach using our erotic intelligence.
We never agreed totally, (or sometimes at all! ) and it suddenly hit
both of us–that lack of total convergence wasn’t a weakness,
it was actually a strength!

We were both sick of teachers who pretend to be in alignment
on every little aspect of their teaching.

The truth is that human beings never agree totally.  Heck,
you don’t totally agree with what you thought YESTERDAY!

So we had a unique opportunity, because while we don’t agree
totally, we DO respect each other’s positions. Steve has mastered several disciplines, and has clamoring, devoted students around the world. He is married to the lovely Tananarive Due, a highly acclaimed award winning author in her own right.

I’ve learned something valuable creating this project with Steve, for or one thing, he knows how to be friends with a woman. We decided to try teaching a workshop together, and a little bit of magic happened…

Order Now!


In beauty,
Amara Charles

Sexy Challenge Interview with Dr. Janelle and Alex

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sexy challenges

We did a tease interview for Sexy Challenges. A great connection! We’ll do video in August- but for now – check out the fine and sexy things Janelle and Alex are up to. Have a listen – they’re fun!sexy challenges

The Most Profound Quodoushka Letter I’ve Ever Recieved

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her-icon-chocolate JPEG

Quodoushka January Phoenix
*posted with permission, of course

Dear Amara, Mukee, John and Emily,

We are back in the (very) frigid Northland again. It’s 18 degrees F right now and is predicted to be in the below zero range over the weekend.

But we are warm within. We have taken your hot juiciness with us.

You are all so very talented! You are all funny. You are all sexy. You are all brilliant.

Hot, hot, hot and so very kind and wise – Each of you.

Amara – whose perfect understanding of group dynamics and perfectly paced delivery never failed –even when coughing. Your complete acceptance of the Sexual Being before you was a Welcome Home to everyone in the room. Mukee your lusty, sexy humor and goodwill to all and your fabulous freedom and body language took the material home. John (“Ryan Seacrest”) with your brilliant speaking style and connected embodiment of the material (can’t ever stop thinking about that Forest Fire Orgasm demo!) you taught us a depth of knowing that will stay with us for years. Can’t believe you aren’t a veteran of the course! And lovely, dear, Super-Hot Emily who made us all feel OK about being sexy
because you were always the sexiest. We will remember you moving with pure pleasure on the floor, (trying to) grab John’s leg, and of course your fantastically sexy outfits. What a great role model for all of us.

Somehow, you wonderful, sexy people managed to transform us. You carried us from our tight, frightened inner space to expansive places of fluidity, self-acceptance and grace. Thank you!

Thank you for moving us.

When we arrived in Phoenix More …

Herbs and Oils for the Penis

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Hi Amara
how you doing ? i just came across your website and was wondering about the herbal dragon horn product. do you have any feedback on that at all ?and are there any reviews to look at? ive searched on the net and only a handful of sites come up saying the same thing

was wondering if you may know about this and if anyone has got back to you telling you what it was like. thank you :)


Hello Mr. S R, First of all thank you for your patience and persistence! It took me a while to find some testimonials for the Dragon Horn Herbal Formula.

You’ve inspired me to post so that guys can hear from other men about how the male enhancement herbs and oil that I offer work. (if I get enough response from men I will talk about this in even greater detail…Helping to enhance men’s prowess and strength is a favorite topic of mine…

While I’ve had many men say the herbs work for them, I had to hunt a bit find what they’ve written to me…

p.s. If re ordering is any indication of success, I can say I have a number of men who have been reordering for years. (They rotate between the Dragon Horn and Joyful Dragon Horn… )

Here’s some comments from men you may find interesting regarding Dragon Horn Herbs and other related things:

In beauty, Amara

Ed Asks About Plateaus and Slipping Back in Dragon Exercises

in Curiosities, Questions & Answers,

Hey Amara, So I am nearing the end of the Dragon Horn bottle of pills and have a question or two. First of all I have noticed a slight increase in girth but I’m not so sure about length. I guess I should have taken exact measurements! Anyway, do I continue with the Joyful Dragon? If I stop will I revert back to where I was before I started? Is there a plateau of what I can reach and how do I know that?

I would like to comment on the Dragon King Oil. I can say for certain that I am very pleased with the rejuvenating quality it has brought to my cock. My skin had gotten a little dry and regular creams were just not that effective. The Dragon King oil worked miracles! I look forward to your responses on my questions. Thanks again! Ed


Hi there, Great to hear from you and thank you so much for writing. Noticing an increase in girth is fantastic. For one thing, it is actually what women enjoy most, as it feels fuller. This is not only my opinion, it has been said to me by many women. Increasing length, while I know it is what most men would like, is harder to do. Here is why the girth is experienced more: (a little anatomy lesson for ya!)

A Bit of Education on the Penis

The penis is primarily a mass of erectile tissue comprised of three fibrous cylindrical tubes placed side by side, forming the shaft of the penis. When these fill with blood an erection is produced. The two largest chambers on the right and left sides of the penis shaft are called the corpora cavernosa, and the smaller one, in the center of the penis shaft, is called corpus spongisium. The length and girth of the penis are primarily determined by the corpora cavernosa, the two chambers that intake blood for producing an erection. Through herbs and exercises that stretch and expand these two chambers of the penis, the length and girth can be enlarged. Also determining the length of the penis is the corpus spongisum, which is very elastic and fibrous and runs through the center of the penis shaft from the base (beneath the pubic bone, called the bulb of the corpus spongisum) to the glans penis (the head). Again, the effects of the herbs and the special exercises stretch the corpus spongisum so that the length of the penis is increased. Note: If you have not yet experienced oral sex with the Dragon King Oil, I can personally recommend it (from a woman’s point of view) it tastes great. You cannot apply too much of this oil. It keeps the circulation going, which is the main reason your skin feels smoother, and the general appearance looks and feels better. On the Dragon Horn Herbs for male Enhancement: First, you mentioned you did not see too much difference with the Dragon Horn. Am I remembering that right? Well, how was the Joyful Dragon? I have had many men say they love the Joyful Dragon, and they keep reordering it. The best way to have the full results as I mentioned, is to start with Dragon Horn, then take the Joyful Dragon, and then another month with either the Joyful Dragon Horn, or Dragon Horn, whichever you prefer. Why take Dragon Horn and Joyful Dragon Herbs? So, what I suggest you do is take another round of one of these two herbs and do parts of the exercises from time to time. A little bit daily is actually best. If you want to maintain these gains, try to continue doing a few of the Nine Jade Dragon Exercises for several months. After a while then you will only need to take Joyful Dragon or Dragon Horn occasionally, and do a few of the exercises occasionally, especially during times when you are stressed or have lower sexual energy or seem more tired. Thank you again for letting me know of your experiences. If you would like to write more please do. I am especially interested in hearing how you feel about your cock. Now that you have been doing them for quite a while (and kudos for that ed!). You should also notice some other subtle differences… But since I am not blessed with one of those most amazing and gorgeous members, and can only relay what I have men tell me… I will wait to hear back from you on that :-) . In beauty, Amara Tigress of the Jade Moon Tags: Dragon Horn Herbs, dragon King Oil, Jade Dragon Exercises, Joyful Dragon Chinese Herbs E, Green Dragon from LA writes on Herbs, Oil and Exercises Leave a Comment Amara, thank you so much for your detailed response. I am typing this message at the same time as an Oprah repeat on female sexuality is on the TV. They’re talking about clits and G spots etc. Although their info on the G spot is different than the Quodoushka stuff, the woman doctor said that it’s a third of the way in every woman’s vagina. Anyway, how do I feel about my cock? Well, I’ve always liked my cock, it’s been very very good to me. Lately I was a little bummed due to its appearance but overall I felt good about it. Since I’ve begun your program though, some changes have occurred. Of course the appearance of my cock has greatly improved and I feel very proud about that. The other thing is sort of like when you work out say with weights and you flex your arm like Popeye and you see and feel it a little bigger and with better definition… and you say to yourself, “Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about!” There’s definitely a greater satisfaction internally and I find myself flirting more as well! That’s it for now, be well my friend.

Dragon Horn for endurance and health

(I recommend this for the first month (a bottle will last a month). Then the Joyful Dragon is more effective).

Dragon Horn Herbs good for endurance and health of semen


Joyful Dragon Herbs- great for length

Dragon King Oil (more info)

Massage Oil for Penis

The Science of Erotic Intelligence with Amara Charles and Steven Barnes

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Amara Charles and Steven Barnes

November 9, 2012  48 attended

Daniel Event Organizer: Phoenix Tantra Meet Up:

  • “This was the largest, and for many people the best, Phoenix Tantra meeting in the four years of the group’s existence. The sharing of ideas and experiences from the feminine and masculine perspectives was truly fascinating and eye-opening! I DO look forward to more collaborations between Steve and Amara, and we are totally looking forward to Amara’s (and Mukee’s) Q1 workshop in January. Thanks again to Amara, Steve, Shyena (for her music), Sunil for organizing and all those who contributed to this spectacular event! Namaste.”

  • I wanted to again thank Amara and Steven for their GREAT presentation last night! And, also put in another endorsement of her upcoming Q1 Workshop in January–if you were there last night, you should have received a flyer on it. If not, check out her website

  • I have done the Q1 four times and yet my GF and I WILL be there with Amara in January! This is going to be an AMAZING weekend workshop–life changing for some. I believe that Amara and Mukee are the two best teachers of the Quodoushka and they only do this workshop once a year in Phoenix. As Steven said last night, if you want to live your dreams, taking action is an important step (my paraphrasing). More …