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Interview With Bella LaVey Part Two ~ Sexual Education and Sexual Anatomy

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Interview with Bella Lavey Part Two 

Your book, The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka: Teachings from the Nagual Tradition, is a best seller—congratulations. In my perfect world this book would be a high school textbook in mandatory sex ed. You describe nine different genital morphologies for both men and women. With porn setting the standard of large, circumcised cocks and small, neat, evenly shaped vulvas, to which we compare our own genitals, this book can help heal a lot of shame. Can you share with us some of your experiences of how you work with people around this topic?

Oh, boy, don’t get me started… just kidding. Thank You.

I think my book is so popular because women love finding out if they’re an Antelope Woman, or a Wolf Woman and men want to know if they’re a Horse Man or A Pony Man. It’s only a small part of the book, but it has a strong impact because, for one thing, people like looking at the pictures to find out what type of genital anatomy they have.

By the way, I did not make this up! These types were actually discovered and recorded from the Twisted Hairs Elders of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, and were handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. My book is the first to publish these teachings in a book for the public.

It turns out our anatomy tells us a lot about the way we like to receive pleasure, and it gives amazing insights into the specific kinds of genital pleasure our partner will most enjoy. More …

Max Van Prague TV Intimacy and Sex with Amara Charles

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I Loved talking with Max Van Prague about my favorite private matters: passion, sex and intimacy… It’s all about having a ‘Beginner’s Mind’. Great Interview. Thanks Max!

Feature Article: Who Designed Your Vagina?

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Stencil set 2I’ve had some pretty remarkable chats with women lately as I am preparing a new workshop for the Sexual Health Expo in Scottsdale.  There’s been shivers and tears mixed with bouts of passion or rage – so I know the fire trigger is getting flipped. More …


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DAY SEVENTEEN The Pussy Knows 

30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

Ten Days of Spice of 30 | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team

Nature is never in a hurry. So why would the pussy move forward with anything that is not in her highest excitement. I spoke to a dear sister today and she was sharing that she had taken on a new practice. She had decided to only fully engage sexually when she got an ‘ok’ from her womb knowing. This sister is a sheep woman on the medicine wheel of all the 9 female genital anatomy types. Sheep woman is in the place of the south on the wheel, connected to the awareness of the heart, fluidity and water.  One of her traits is that she usually is more wet and desires a heart to heart connection with anyone she engages with. Check out my book for all the 9 female genital anatamy types page 130.

Nebles Rainbow

She had been dating a lovely young man and during an intimate moment had shared with him that her pussy was not ready for his cock to enter her jade gate. She had asked her womb “Are we ready to let this man enter?” and her womb knowing said: “no.” Shortly after this incident the man spoke to her and said he could not continue the relationship. She was experiencing sadness and the feeling of loss. And was expressing this to a sister that had said: “Well, you know he probably broke up with you, because you can never say no to an erect cock.” This was not the case nor the true experience for the sheep woman. She said well I know in my heart to be true that I can only open fully when ALL of me is ready.


The point of this story is…

Are we ready to loose it all to be true to ourself? So many times the pussy has opened opened and opened from a place of wanting to please. And in the long run, that is not what the masculine actually desires. A woman is the gate keeper of deeper love. She can guide man to the deepest depths of love. If he is willing to go all the way, then he may be rewarded beyond his wildest imagination. How to find out? Man must be ready to fully die. This death is the hardest death for man. And only when it is the right timing for him, with the right woman that can hold this space of deeper love- then it is possible to merge in union where love meets love. Fear may be very present. And that is welcome here. It is only at the gate of love, where we must face all of our fears. You must be willing to enter… you must be willing to be guided. With patience, presence, and an open heart woman can bring man to the deepest love a man has always longed for. This kind of love and intimacy is what we all truly seek. Even if it is a connection for an evening or a deeper long term bond. Honesty, transparency, communication are all major keys to deeper intimacy and love. Be honest with yourself first and foremost. Nature is never in a hurry. Nature does not know how to rush. When the pussy knows. She knows. It can be very wise and worth listening to this guidance. Even better… explore for yourself. Once we have experienced the real depths of intimacy it can be hard to go back to shallow living. A quicky at the gym with someone we find a connection with can still be amazing-shake-you-to-the-core, don’t get me wrong.  The price we pay is far greater, when we push ourselves, even in the slightest ‘wrong’ direction. As we unfold each petal by petal of our truth and our pussy. It’s when She is ripe and ready the magic happens…

DAY SIXTEEN ORGASM – Discover Your Erotic Nature

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30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

Ten Days of Spice | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team

The body naturally knows which orgasm to naturally move into as a way of balancing the body, mind, spirit and heart. Knowing the body and having an educated pussy ( tupuli) and cock ( tipilli) is of high importance to bring more pleasure and fun into our sacred spiritual sexual practice. As we listen to our body, we become master conduits for creating more peace on the planet. When we allow the body to move in a way that comes from a deeper knowing of what we actually desire and yearn for it appears as though the body is much wiser then our own ‘planning’ can ever really be. When we have a orgasm or two or twenty we actually bring balance to different aspects of our being depending on also what kind of orgasm we experience.

There are many different types of orgasm. Check my book on page 183 in The Sexual practices of Quodoushka chapter 10 –  The nine types of orgasmic expression.

“When we use orgasm well, our orgasm can sustain our health and well being. Yet, it is also true we can loose energy by having low-level orgasms.” page 201

I felt like the bed was rising and falling. We were so connected I could feel him inside as if he were actually touching my heart with his penis. We would stay like this for a while, rest a few minutes and start all over again. I don’t know how long we made love, and I lost count on how many orgasms I had. My belly was still shaking hours later. Leela Age Thirty-one. 

This orgasm is a west earthquake orgasm, it originates inside as a rolling feeling inside the womb. Like the rumbling of an earthquake starting with milder sensations, it builds gradually in strength until it implodes inside with great force. These deeply satisfying orgasms induce swells of gratitude and profound intimacy. Page 196 in The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka.


To discover more about your erotic nature and learn about all the different male and female orgasm types. You can read more about this in my book The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka and find it in my online shop


Wishing you all more high level orgasms and natural ways of restoring, relaxing and replenishing the body…



The Perfect Pussy? A Man’s Response to a Girl Thinking About Labiaplasticy: Perfect.

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My two cents as a man: it’s easy for us to get together in groups and make fun of women who aren’t entirely perfect, or who at least don’t fit the vision of “perfection” we get from models and porn. It’s not our greatest asset. In fact it’s things like that that make me feel like I belong to the weaker sex. We’re so bent on bringing other people down because we’re all really fragile and have these delicate egos and we make ourselves feel strong by banding together to make fun of people.

Vaginal attractiveness is a tough subject because no one’s really talking about it objectively, or at least not with me around. Porn is teaching you that there are pretty and ugly vaginas, and even though I have very little experience being a teenage girl, my understanding (garnered largely from tv and movies, I’ll admit) is that girls default to thinking their vagina is ugly. Like as a curious teenager when you finally give it a good long look, it’s probably not what you were expecting. Forgive me if that’s an ignorant sentiment, but like I said, the conversation isn’t really at the forefront of gender equality so I have very little to go on. More …

DAY FOURTEEN – 30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

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30 Day Inspiration ~ Discover Your Erotic Nature

Ten Days of Spice | With Amara Charles and The Shakti Team


Feeding our own personal sexual hungers can be a huge gateway to deeper joy, relaxation, and pleasure. – For real.


Not the kind of sexual hunger that is kind of what you desire but the the kind that fully replenishes your soul and meets your deepest longing. More …

Hilarious, Sexy Interview with Crickette & Amara Charles

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What a hoot!   I was as just on Chatterbox radio for a hilarious interview. I’m on about 20 minutes into the show….  Have a listen. Crickette is a riot.

Crickette Radio Show


Discover Your Sexual Anatomy Type

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Sexual Anatomy Types from Amara Charles on Vimeo.

An introduction to discovering your sexual anatomy type from Amara Charles' best selling book, 'The Sexual Teachings of Quodoushka'. Named for the gifts and attributes of different animals, knowing your Sexual Anatomy Types gives you a ways to take pride in your anatomy type and learn about the things your lover likes best.

Herbs and Oils for the Penis

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Hi Amara
how you doing ? i just came across your website and was wondering about the herbal dragon horn product. do you have any feedback on that at all ?and are there any reviews to look at? ive searched on the net and only a handful of sites come up saying the same thing

was wondering if you may know about this and if anyone has got back to you telling you what it was like. thank you :)


Hello Mr. S R, First of all thank you for your patience and persistence! It took me a while to find some testimonials for the Dragon Horn Herbal Formula.

You’ve inspired me to post so that guys can hear from other men about how the male enhancement herbs and oil that I offer work. (if I get enough response from men I will talk about this in even greater detail…Helping to enhance men’s prowess and strength is a favorite topic of mine…

While I’ve had many men say the herbs work for them, I had to hunt a bit find what they’ve written to me…

p.s. If re ordering is any indication of success, I can say I have a number of men who have been reordering for years. (They rotate between the Dragon Horn and Joyful Dragon Horn… )

Here’s some comments from men you may find interesting regarding Dragon Horn Herbs and other related things:

In beauty, Amara

Ed Asks About Plateaus and Slipping Back in Dragon Exercises

in Curiosities, Questions & Answers,

Hey Amara, So I am nearing the end of the Dragon Horn bottle of pills and have a question or two. First of all I have noticed a slight increase in girth but I’m not so sure about length. I guess I should have taken exact measurements! Anyway, do I continue with the Joyful Dragon? If I stop will I revert back to where I was before I started? Is there a plateau of what I can reach and how do I know that?

I would like to comment on the Dragon King Oil. I can say for certain that I am very pleased with the rejuvenating quality it has brought to my cock. My skin had gotten a little dry and regular creams were just not that effective. The Dragon King oil worked miracles! I look forward to your responses on my questions. Thanks again! Ed


Hi there, Great to hear from you and thank you so much for writing. Noticing an increase in girth is fantastic. For one thing, it is actually what women enjoy most, as it feels fuller. This is not only my opinion, it has been said to me by many women. Increasing length, while I know it is what most men would like, is harder to do. Here is why the girth is experienced more: (a little anatomy lesson for ya!)

A Bit of Education on the Penis

The penis is primarily a mass of erectile tissue comprised of three fibrous cylindrical tubes placed side by side, forming the shaft of the penis. When these fill with blood an erection is produced. The two largest chambers on the right and left sides of the penis shaft are called the corpora cavernosa, and the smaller one, in the center of the penis shaft, is called corpus spongisium. The length and girth of the penis are primarily determined by the corpora cavernosa, the two chambers that intake blood for producing an erection. Through herbs and exercises that stretch and expand these two chambers of the penis, the length and girth can be enlarged. Also determining the length of the penis is the corpus spongisum, which is very elastic and fibrous and runs through the center of the penis shaft from the base (beneath the pubic bone, called the bulb of the corpus spongisum) to the glans penis (the head). Again, the effects of the herbs and the special exercises stretch the corpus spongisum so that the length of the penis is increased. Note: If you have not yet experienced oral sex with the Dragon King Oil, I can personally recommend it (from a woman’s point of view) it tastes great. You cannot apply too much of this oil. It keeps the circulation going, which is the main reason your skin feels smoother, and the general appearance looks and feels better. On the Dragon Horn Herbs for male Enhancement: First, you mentioned you did not see too much difference with the Dragon Horn. Am I remembering that right? Well, how was the Joyful Dragon? I have had many men say they love the Joyful Dragon, and they keep reordering it. The best way to have the full results as I mentioned, is to start with Dragon Horn, then take the Joyful Dragon, and then another month with either the Joyful Dragon Horn, or Dragon Horn, whichever you prefer. Why take Dragon Horn and Joyful Dragon Herbs? So, what I suggest you do is take another round of one of these two herbs and do parts of the exercises from time to time. A little bit daily is actually best. If you want to maintain these gains, try to continue doing a few of the Nine Jade Dragon Exercises for several months. After a while then you will only need to take Joyful Dragon or Dragon Horn occasionally, and do a few of the exercises occasionally, especially during times when you are stressed or have lower sexual energy or seem more tired. Thank you again for letting me know of your experiences. If you would like to write more please do. I am especially interested in hearing how you feel about your cock. Now that you have been doing them for quite a while (and kudos for that ed!). You should also notice some other subtle differences… But since I am not blessed with one of those most amazing and gorgeous members, and can only relay what I have men tell me… I will wait to hear back from you on that :-) . In beauty, Amara Tigress of the Jade Moon Tags: Dragon Horn Herbs, dragon King Oil, Jade Dragon Exercises, Joyful Dragon Chinese Herbs E, Green Dragon from LA writes on Herbs, Oil and Exercises Leave a Comment Amara, thank you so much for your detailed response. I am typing this message at the same time as an Oprah repeat on female sexuality is on the TV. They’re talking about clits and G spots etc. Although their info on the G spot is different than the Quodoushka stuff, the woman doctor said that it’s a third of the way in every woman’s vagina. Anyway, how do I feel about my cock? Well, I’ve always liked my cock, it’s been very very good to me. Lately I was a little bummed due to its appearance but overall I felt good about it. Since I’ve begun your program though, some changes have occurred. Of course the appearance of my cock has greatly improved and I feel very proud about that. The other thing is sort of like when you work out say with weights and you flex your arm like Popeye and you see and feel it a little bigger and with better definition… and you say to yourself, “Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about!” There’s definitely a greater satisfaction internally and I find myself flirting more as well! That’s it for now, be well my friend.

Dragon Horn for endurance and health

(I recommend this for the first month (a bottle will last a month). Then the Joyful Dragon is more effective).

Dragon Horn Herbs good for endurance and health of semen


Joyful Dragon Herbs- great for length

Dragon King Oil (more info)

Massage Oil for Penis