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Sexy Challenge Interview with Dr. Janelle and Alex

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sexy challenges

We did a tease interview for Sexy Challenges. A great connection! We’ll do video in August- but for now – check out the fine and sexy things Janelle and Alex are up to. Have a listen – they’re fun!sexy challenges

Five Ways Sensuous Touch Can Build A Better Relationship

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Touch is the heart of intimacy. Depriving our selves of loving touch is one of the biggest mistakes we can make, because without connected, intimate touch stress sky rockets and the mind gets foggy. Sensuous touch may be the single most important thing you can do to sustain a loving relationship.

Here are Five Ways that Touch Can Enhance Your Relationship

Spicy Touch

Bringing variety of touch into the bedroom is not a matter of doing difficult things to please your lover. Being a better lover is much more subtle. It involves spontaneously touching in new ways. Can you touch your lovers and make your fingers move from feeling like water, earth wind and then fire? Check out Touch for Two for some great guidance on the variety of touch.

The Nine Erogenous Zones of the Love Game

Stimulating the Nine Erogenous Zones through playful, sensual touch

not only helps build trust between you and your lover, it makes the game of love intriguing and fun. Listen to this audio to get some ideas about how to arouse your lover, perfectly and playfully getting ready for love.

Love Talk

The words that come from our lips are what make our hands feel warmer. Thoughts of beauty cause sensuous words to flow from our mouths. These words not only float into our lover’s ears, they cause the whole body to open for pleasure.

Loving Ears

Being receptive means first listening to listen to your own desires. Don’t know what they are? Not to worry: you don’t have to get into your head about what you need. Everybody needs loving touch. Try this: begin with giving your lover a particularly slow and warm hug. ‘Listen’ to the way it makes you feel. Now, ‘feel into’ your partner. Can you feel his or her body melt when you give a doubly slow and endearing hug without expecting anything?

Touching Special Places

Keep in mind these three things when touching especially erotic places.

Delicacy. Tease. Deep Satisfaction. Our most erotic places on the body yearn to be wanted. Yet they only open for touch when we knock gently on the door first. With permission, these places love to be surprised and have been known to moan for more. This is when touch goes straight to the soul, for there is nothing better in life than to be touched by someone we love.

Amara Introduces the Touch of Wind, Water, Earth and Fire for her guided inspirational, instructional sensuous touch video download: Touch for Two.

You Tube bans My Video Poem, Beautiful Breasts

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You Tube pulled my video poem, and suspended my account. (my account has been reinstated)

There is nothing pornographic about this video. It is dedicated intended to educate and empower women. Yes, it astonishes me that showing a man being shoved in front of a train is okay to view, but a beautiful portrayal of women’s breasts on video is fine. (sculptures are okay).

What do you think?


Beautiful Breasts from Amara Charles on Vimeo.

Beautiful Breasts from Amara Charles on Vimeo.

Amara Charles presents a video poem inspiring women to love their beautiful breasts.

Amara Charles presents a video poem inspiring women to love their beautiful breasts. An inspirational video, this is the introduction to her new release of the Yin Way Breast Exercises for sexual restoration. By practicing this self love, self massage exercise, women can love them selves and love their breasts. The full exercise is available @

The full YIN WAY BREAST EXERCISE, follow along self massage practice filmed in Kauai, is now available in my shop.


Yin Way Breast Exercise

Yin Way Breast Exercise. Now available.

9 Fascinating Things You May Not Know About the Penis

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February 25, 2013 |   By Liz Langley

“Isn’t it awfully good to have a penis,” Eric Idle mused in  the greatest 35-second song ever written [3] and I believe he’s telling the truth: having a stiffy is probably spiffy. Erections are such hopeful things, like carrying a little optimist around in your pocket, one imagines.

The penis provides lots of pleasure and keeps the human race going in its capacity as a reproductive organ. There’s all kinds of interesting facts and facets to the human penis and there are some in the animal world that could easily have been designed by Dali. Now’s your chance to get to know them a little better.

1. Spiny Norman no more.

Evolution has discarded many parts of the human penis, including … its spines?

Penile spines are little tiny ridges made of a hard tissue called keratin, and line the outside of the penis. They look (I think) a bit like those punk-inspired accessories [4] that are so popular these days. Lots of animals, including the chimpanzees, still have penis spikes. Christine Dell-Amore of National Geographic News [5] writes that the human genome project gave us the information that the ancestor we share with the chimps also had the spines.

But that was so six million years ago. The code for the “penile spine enhancer” was deleted from the human androgen receptor gene, says Nature [6] (androgens are male sex hormones) and Dell-Amore reports that it happened “before our common ancestor split into modern humans and Neanderthals about 700,000 years ago.” Quite a few deletions were discovered — 510, if you please — and gave us other spiffy changes like having bigger brains and not having whiskers.

It’s not yet certain just what the spines are for, though there are theories, Jen Quaraishi reports in Mother Jones [7] like a correlation between spines and greater promiscuity, also that they make for faster copulation time. If you want to see what they look like, here’s a picture of a cat penis on a blog called Sand Walk. [8]

2. How the human lost his bone, er, baculum.

Another thing the human penis lost along the way — gosh, is it forgetful or what? — was its baculum, or penis bone. Some animals have what’s called an os penis, one containing a bone which keeps them rigid long enough to deliver sperm into the female’s reproductive tract. Most primates have one, but human males rely solely on blood pressure or hemodynamics for rigidity. Lauren Reid of Science Alert [9] writes that the baculum is usually stored in the animal’s abdomen until needed, when abdominal muscles push it out. One of its good qualities is speed: it’s more reliable than waiting for blood flow to work and allows for quick copulation.

In The Selfish Gene, [10] evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins describes the os penis as clearly being an easier way to maintain an erection. He theorizes that the reason we lost such a helpful trait is that hemodynamics allow females to better gauge male sexual health when choosing a partner. From diabetes to depression, there are numerous health factors that can cause erectile trouble and “females could glean all kinds of clues about a male’s health and the robustness of his ability to cope with stress, from the tone and bearing of his penis,” clues a bone would obfuscate because “anybody can grow a bone in the penis; you don’t have to be particularly healthy or tough.”

Another charming tidbit from Reid: “There is also a female version of the baculum in some species which has a rather lovely name – the “baubellum [11],” or “os clitoris.”

3. The adventurous penises of the argonauts.

So the human penis is strong, but not strong enough to run away and mate on its own, leaving the rest of the guy to relax and watch TV.

One animal that does have that ability is the argonaut octopus. Stefan Anitei writes on Softpedia [12] that in octopi, the third right arm of the male is the penis, which is detachable and is called the hectocotylus. The hectocotylus deposits sperm packets called spermatophores into the gills’ cavity of the female and will regenerate a new third arm next season.

Some human males will be jealous of the fact that the male argonaut doesn’t ever have to bother with any intimacy hooey. Some other octopi will at least get close — they recognize their partners by smell and touch. But the argonaut’s hectocotylus wanders off on its own when the spermatophores are formed and goes into the “mantle cavity to fecundate the eggs.” More …

Discover Your Sexual Anatomy Type

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Sexual Anatomy Types from Amara Charles on Vimeo.

An introduction to discovering your sexual anatomy type from Amara Charles' best selling book, 'The Sexual Teachings of Quodoushka'. Named for the gifts and attributes of different animals, knowing your Sexual Anatomy Types gives you a ways to take pride in your anatomy type and learn about the things your lover likes best.

The Most Profound Quodoushka Letter I’ve Ever Recieved

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her-icon-chocolate JPEG

Quodoushka January Phoenix
*posted with permission, of course

Dear Amara, Mukee, John and Emily,

We are back in the (very) frigid Northland again. It’s 18 degrees F right now and is predicted to be in the below zero range over the weekend.

But we are warm within. We have taken your hot juiciness with us.

You are all so very talented! You are all funny. You are all sexy. You are all brilliant.

Hot, hot, hot and so very kind and wise – Each of you.

Amara – whose perfect understanding of group dynamics and perfectly paced delivery never failed –even when coughing. Your complete acceptance of the Sexual Being before you was a Welcome Home to everyone in the room. Mukee your lusty, sexy humor and goodwill to all and your fabulous freedom and body language took the material home. John (“Ryan Seacrest”) with your brilliant speaking style and connected embodiment of the material (can’t ever stop thinking about that Forest Fire Orgasm demo!) you taught us a depth of knowing that will stay with us for years. Can’t believe you aren’t a veteran of the course! And lovely, dear, Super-Hot Emily who made us all feel OK about being sexy
because you were always the sexiest. We will remember you moving with pure pleasure on the floor, (trying to) grab John’s leg, and of course your fantastically sexy outfits. What a great role model for all of us.

Somehow, you wonderful, sexy people managed to transform us. You carried us from our tight, frightened inner space to expansive places of fluidity, self-acceptance and grace. Thank you!

Thank you for moving us.

When we arrived in Phoenix More …

Breast Manna from Heaven

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iStock_breasts. 9Small

It seems you don’t even have to have to touch somebody for sex to be good for you.

In a recent study done by the New England School of Medicine lucky researchers got to conduct a test on the effect of looking at women’s breasts. In the study, a group of men were given a live view of a woman’s breasts for 10 minutes several times a day over the course of 10 months. More …

Herbs and Oils for the Penis

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Hi Amara
how you doing ? i just came across your website and was wondering about the herbal dragon horn product. do you have any feedback on that at all ?and are there any reviews to look at? ive searched on the net and only a handful of sites come up saying the same thing

was wondering if you may know about this and if anyone has got back to you telling you what it was like. thank you :)


Hello Mr. S R, First of all thank you for your patience and persistence! It took me a while to find some testimonials for the Dragon Horn Herbal Formula.

You’ve inspired me to post so that guys can hear from other men about how the male enhancement herbs and oil that I offer work. (if I get enough response from men I will talk about this in even greater detail…Helping to enhance men’s prowess and strength is a favorite topic of mine…

While I’ve had many men say the herbs work for them, I had to hunt a bit find what they’ve written to me…

p.s. If re ordering is any indication of success, I can say I have a number of men who have been reordering for years. (They rotate between the Dragon Horn and Joyful Dragon Horn… )

Here’s some comments from men you may find interesting regarding Dragon Horn Herbs and other related things:

In beauty, Amara

Ed Asks About Plateaus and Slipping Back in Dragon Exercises

in Curiosities, Questions & Answers,

Hey Amara, So I am nearing the end of the Dragon Horn bottle of pills and have a question or two. First of all I have noticed a slight increase in girth but I’m not so sure about length. I guess I should have taken exact measurements! Anyway, do I continue with the Joyful Dragon? If I stop will I revert back to where I was before I started? Is there a plateau of what I can reach and how do I know that?

I would like to comment on the Dragon King Oil. I can say for certain that I am very pleased with the rejuvenating quality it has brought to my cock. My skin had gotten a little dry and regular creams were just not that effective. The Dragon King oil worked miracles! I look forward to your responses on my questions. Thanks again! Ed


Hi there, Great to hear from you and thank you so much for writing. Noticing an increase in girth is fantastic. For one thing, it is actually what women enjoy most, as it feels fuller. This is not only my opinion, it has been said to me by many women. Increasing length, while I know it is what most men would like, is harder to do. Here is why the girth is experienced more: (a little anatomy lesson for ya!)

A Bit of Education on the Penis

The penis is primarily a mass of erectile tissue comprised of three fibrous cylindrical tubes placed side by side, forming the shaft of the penis. When these fill with blood an erection is produced. The two largest chambers on the right and left sides of the penis shaft are called the corpora cavernosa, and the smaller one, in the center of the penis shaft, is called corpus spongisium. The length and girth of the penis are primarily determined by the corpora cavernosa, the two chambers that intake blood for producing an erection. Through herbs and exercises that stretch and expand these two chambers of the penis, the length and girth can be enlarged. Also determining the length of the penis is the corpus spongisum, which is very elastic and fibrous and runs through the center of the penis shaft from the base (beneath the pubic bone, called the bulb of the corpus spongisum) to the glans penis (the head). Again, the effects of the herbs and the special exercises stretch the corpus spongisum so that the length of the penis is increased. Note: If you have not yet experienced oral sex with the Dragon King Oil, I can personally recommend it (from a woman’s point of view) it tastes great. You cannot apply too much of this oil. It keeps the circulation going, which is the main reason your skin feels smoother, and the general appearance looks and feels better. On the Dragon Horn Herbs for male Enhancement: First, you mentioned you did not see too much difference with the Dragon Horn. Am I remembering that right? Well, how was the Joyful Dragon? I have had many men say they love the Joyful Dragon, and they keep reordering it. The best way to have the full results as I mentioned, is to start with Dragon Horn, then take the Joyful Dragon, and then another month with either the Joyful Dragon Horn, or Dragon Horn, whichever you prefer. Why take Dragon Horn and Joyful Dragon Herbs? So, what I suggest you do is take another round of one of these two herbs and do parts of the exercises from time to time. A little bit daily is actually best. If you want to maintain these gains, try to continue doing a few of the Nine Jade Dragon Exercises for several months. After a while then you will only need to take Joyful Dragon or Dragon Horn occasionally, and do a few of the exercises occasionally, especially during times when you are stressed or have lower sexual energy or seem more tired. Thank you again for letting me know of your experiences. If you would like to write more please do. I am especially interested in hearing how you feel about your cock. Now that you have been doing them for quite a while (and kudos for that ed!). You should also notice some other subtle differences… But since I am not blessed with one of those most amazing and gorgeous members, and can only relay what I have men tell me… I will wait to hear back from you on that :-) . In beauty, Amara Tigress of the Jade Moon Tags: Dragon Horn Herbs, dragon King Oil, Jade Dragon Exercises, Joyful Dragon Chinese Herbs E, Green Dragon from LA writes on Herbs, Oil and Exercises Leave a Comment Amara, thank you so much for your detailed response. I am typing this message at the same time as an Oprah repeat on female sexuality is on the TV. They’re talking about clits and G spots etc. Although their info on the G spot is different than the Quodoushka stuff, the woman doctor said that it’s a third of the way in every woman’s vagina. Anyway, how do I feel about my cock? Well, I’ve always liked my cock, it’s been very very good to me. Lately I was a little bummed due to its appearance but overall I felt good about it. Since I’ve begun your program though, some changes have occurred. Of course the appearance of my cock has greatly improved and I feel very proud about that. The other thing is sort of like when you work out say with weights and you flex your arm like Popeye and you see and feel it a little bigger and with better definition… and you say to yourself, “Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about!” There’s definitely a greater satisfaction internally and I find myself flirting more as well! That’s it for now, be well my friend.

Dragon Horn for endurance and health

(I recommend this for the first month (a bottle will last a month). Then the Joyful Dragon is more effective).

Dragon Horn Herbs good for endurance and health of semen


Joyful Dragon Herbs- great for length

Dragon King Oil (more info)

Massage Oil for Penis

The Science of Erotic Intelligence with Amara Charles and Steven Barnes

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Amara Charles and Steven Barnes

November 9, 2012  48 attended

Daniel Event Organizer: Phoenix Tantra Meet Up:

  • “This was the largest, and for many people the best, Phoenix Tantra meeting in the four years of the group’s existence. The sharing of ideas and experiences from the feminine and masculine perspectives was truly fascinating and eye-opening! I DO look forward to more collaborations between Steve and Amara, and we are totally looking forward to Amara’s (and Mukee’s) Q1 workshop in January. Thanks again to Amara, Steve, Shyena (for her music), Sunil for organizing and all those who contributed to this spectacular event! Namaste.”

  • I wanted to again thank Amara and Steven for their GREAT presentation last night! And, also put in another endorsement of her upcoming Q1 Workshop in January–if you were there last night, you should have received a flyer on it. If not, check out her website

  • I have done the Q1 four times and yet my GF and I WILL be there with Amara in January! This is going to be an AMAZING weekend workshop–life changing for some. I believe that Amara and Mukee are the two best teachers of the Quodoushka and they only do this workshop once a year in Phoenix. As Steven said last night, if you want to live your dreams, taking action is an important step (my paraphrasing). More …

Three Clues to Overcome Rejection

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Three Clues for Overcoming Rejection

How do you get your lady out of the castle when she won’t say yes?

What if she shuns affection? Avoids sex and rejects you on a regular basis?

The most important key that opens the door to the castle is to be more loving no matter what. For love is the only language she understands.

Why is she rejecting me? More …

How to Have a Sexy Wedding

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Wedding Cake

Is it DOMA or ROMA? Instead of Defending Marriage, here’s our version: a Recreation of Marriage Act.

With bells of the temples still ringing in my bones, and various cultural oddities from China and Nepal swimming through my mind, I came back to the US to hear the president announce his full support for gay marriage. Then I facilitated an unusual nuptial, a kind of alternative ‘wedding,’ which, when I told a friend he said, “I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Talk about culture shock. And I wasn’t the only one.

Let me explain. I was asked by a couple to help create a special ceremony that was both erotically intriguing in a private way, and that also had many of the traditional trimmings of wedlock (without the lock.) They wished to declare their intention to be together for the rest of their lives, have a reception, great food and a band. But that’s about as much a resemblance to a typical marriage as there was, for there were no rings, no bridesmaids, no priest, and curiously, no vows.

We never did come to a final say on what to actually call it. And this couple mused at length with what to put on the invitations, especially for family and their more conservative friends flying in from around the world.

For help, I decided to give Wiki a click to check the official definition of marriage. More …

How to Have a Sexy Marriage

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Is it DOMA or ROMA? (Recreation Of Marriage Act)

With bells of the temples still ringing in my bones, and various cultural oddities from China and Nepal swimming through my mind, I came back to the US to hear the president announce his full support for gay marriage. Then I facilitated an unusual nuptial, a kind of alternative ‘wedding,’ which, when I told a friend he said,  “I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Talk about culture shock. And I wasn’t the only one.

Let me explain. I was asked by a couple to help create a special ceremony that was both erotically intriguing in a private way, and that also had many of the traditional trimmings of  wedlock (without the lock.)  They wished to declare their intention to be together for the rest of their lives, have a reception, great food and a band. But that’s about as much a resemblance to a typical marriage as there was, for there were no rings, no bridesmaids, no priest, and curiously, no vows.

We never did come to a final say on what to actually call it. And this couple mused at length with what to put on the invitations, especially for family and their more conservative friends flying in from around the world.

For help, I decided to give Wiki a click to check the official definition of marriage.

“A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage or a similar institution. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the couple, presentation of a gift (offering, ring(s), symbolic item, flowers, money), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or leader. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is sometimes followed by a wedding reception.”

As I said,  much of this wouldn’t do, and yet, the question was;

How could we make this ceremony express a different, yet equally profound commitment of love?

Clearly, this was to be out-of-the-box. Even construing a self-styled custom vow, like one’s I’ve heard in many alternative weddings did not begin to cover what they had in mind. Instead, these two (who had each been previously married with children) wished to custom design the ceremony so that it mirrored both the open and committed nature of their relationship.

We thus created a dual ceremony, one day for close friends to share the nuances of their intentions, and the next day for family and friends to bear witness and celebrate. With the circle of intimate friends, they shared stories of how they met online as well as sexy tales of their lovely courtship.

Then there was a stunning monologue of seduction played by an actor styled on Johnny Depp in Don Juan Demarco, a slinky Tigress fan dance to get everybody juicy, followed by inspirations on the art of love. On the more serious side, I presented a teaching on what it takes to keep an evolutionary relationship (such as theirs) secure, compelling and most importantly, wonderfully erotic.

The Bedchamber

For the Her

Her girlfriends prepared the nuptial boudoir with veils and other exotic things. They also had a private bath ceremony to bathe the bride, and offered blessings to invoke her beauty.

For Him

As for the men, I’m sworn to secrecy. (They too had their way of giving special love tips to the groom.) Suffice it to say, this couple not only invited their intimate circle to consecrate their relationship, they wanted their friends to be totally inspired to try this at home. Were the smiles on everyone’s faces coming back the next day a mere coincidence? I think not.

With this wind in our sails, the next day was a breeze, as the larger gathering for family and friends was funny and warm, the way a wedding should be. Some were touched by the honest proclamations of their conscious sexual agreements; others raised an eyebrow or two.

For this couple, their wedding was about rejoicing in the freedom to love and cherish deeply for as long as they each choose to do so. Perhaps there is a way to live happily ever after all.

In beauty, Amara

How would you make a sexy wedding with Conscious Sexual Agreements?

You can learn more about sustaining the passion of intimate unions in my Best-Selling books The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka and Sexual Agreements.

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka by Amara Charles

Also available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

Amara Charles: New Zealand Sex & Consciousness Symosium & Touch for Two

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Symposium Schedule:NZ SymposiumSchedule

Symposium Schedule:NZ SymposiumSchedule

TOUCH FOR TWO April 2nd New Zealand
One of the Keynote Speakers Amara Charles (USA) will also be leading a “Touch for Two” Evening at “The Temple” 15 Landscape Road, Mount Eden on April 2nd, 7-10pm. Cost is $50/$40 concession, and her latest book “Sexual Practices of Quodoshka” will be on sale.

A Natural Language for Sex

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This  is a video poem from my recently released best selling book: ‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’ This clip shows the difference between clinical western approach affects sex, and how the more nature based language of Quodoushka can uplift and inspire more magical sexual experiences.

Amara Charles is author of the Best Selling "The SExual Practices of Quodoushka'

“This Note is to Warn you of A diabolical plot”

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Love Letter from ?

This is perhaps the Best Love Letter I’ve ever read and you’ll never believe who wrote it.

My Darling Wife

This note is to warn you of a diabolical plot entered into by some of our so called friends – (ha!) calendar makers and even our own children. These and others would have you believe we’ve been married 20 years.

20 minutes maybe – but never 20 years. In the first place it is a known fact that a human cannot sustain the high level of happiness I feel for more than a few minutes – and my happiness keeps increasing.

I will confess to one puzzlement but I’m sure it is just some trick perpetrated by our friends – (Ha again!) I can’t remember ever being without you and I know I was born more than 20 mins ago.

Oh well – that isn’t important. The important thing is I don’t want to be without you for the next 20 years, or 40, or however many there are. I’ve gotten very used to being happy and I love you very much indeed.

Your Husband of 20 something or other.

Signed Ronald Reagan when he was governor of California in 1972. He wrote his note to Nancy on their 20th wedding anniversary.

What’s the Best Love Letter You’ve Ever Read?