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Virtues and Vices of Seeking a Beloved

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This series is dedicated to erotically intelligent women and men who are increasing their magnetic presence to attract higher levels of engagement.

Have you ever considered writing an online ad?

It can be a fascinating way to increase your magnetic presence to seek, find and deepen your beloved relationships. I know quite a few switched on seekers who have found some rather amazing people online and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.  While online rules of engagement may change the way we meet, the laws of attraction remain. The question is, how can we refine our approach to seeking and finding a beloved, online or otherwise and turn it into a spiritual adventure?

The search for the beloved becomes a quest of the highest order if you approach the process with the attitude of an explorer doing what it takes to face your worst doubts, fears and insecurities. My advice? Throughout every stage,  let your self be surprised by how much you can learn. In order to get past any resistance and to begin,  you’ve got to feel your desire to meet someone simmer inside you like a keen ache in the gut of your soul. Remember this ache, for it is the motivation you’ll need to keep going despite all obstacles. So if you sometimes feel that loneliness, that yearning to love,  good.  It’s the right place to begin.

As you allow emptiness, boredom or even distrust to swirl and cycle through you, practice feeling its sting and then practice giving away any and all thoughts of anyone ever meeting your expectations. Why? Because your desire to find  a beloved is sincere while your expectations are not. Expectations are signals to the universe (and potential partners) that you expect things to be given to you. Expectations are things you want but have not earned. Can you earn the blessing of finding an intimate lover?  Yes, by sincerely sharing the blessings you already have. In other words, appreciate the friendships you have right now. More …

Amara Charles Interview with Chatter Box TV ~ Part Two Crickette

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Crickette vid Pt 2 clip

Crickette Gill of ChatterBox TV – she’s irreverent, she’s funny – and she’s a cat woman (very intelligent)  We chat about Erotic Intelligence, jade eggs, what happens in Shakti Queen, vaginal restoration, jade stems, gazing at the dragon and how to give your pussy a PHD… (as if she doesn’t already have a master’s degree…)

I thought our last interview was good ~ this one’s great. Crickette is so funny and so easy to talk with! Her questions turn me on! We had such a blast in my backyard and having tea…I  only wish we had camera rolling afterwards because that’s when the camera man gave his two cents, starting with something like, “well, I haven’t gotten too many complaints…

Yes, I said laughing, still, if you’re really intelligent, you’ll keep asking me questions. (which he did). So I asked if he wanted to hear my shortest poem, The Mark of Intelligence, (which he did).

The Mark of Intelligence

is the way

you open your legs.


Don’t you think?


Sexual Agreements ~ Interview with Amara Charles & Max Van Prague TV

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Amara Charles  Interview with Max Van Prague – Opening Relationships

Because our needs and our desires are constantly changing, our sexual agreements must become living entities. It’s not about making contracts that confine you, It’s not about being, or expecting perfection from your partner.

Making conscious sexual agreements requires radical honesty, not only about what you want, agreements are about owning and taking responsibility for our mistakes.