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two jade eggs

Jade Egg for Sexual Restoration

Why Sexual Restoration is Necessary?

It’s no longer a secret that feeling sexy is an important aspect to vibrant health. Women everywhere are starting to realize that we cannot always wait for the right moment or the perfect partner to get our sexy back.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait; you already have everything you need to begin an integrated body – mind – spirit practice to feel that warm hum of sexy energy flowing through your body. It is a new time for women; a time for open communication, sharing and renewed awareness about how we can stay happier, healthier and younger.

Yin Way Practices

I have been presenting and developing Yin Way practices over the last twenty years because I have found feminine ways, ways that are both gentle and invigorating that work remarkably well for women’s health.

What makes the Yin Way Practices so unique is not that the methods are so different from yoga, or other forms of Qigong, in fact, they are all easy to do. I have created a system to to blend the tranquil Yin meditative exercises together with vigorous, active Yang exercises in a balanced way. Most importantly, through the Breast, Vaginal and Ovarian exercises, we include sexual restoration exercises in our regular practice. Plus, of this is done in a way that nourishes women in an empowering, feminine way.

The Yin Way Practices includes methods my partner and I have gathered from various teachers, especially female teachers who embody the essence of feminine power, wisdom and grace.

Here is the method behind our body – mind – spirit integrated approach for women to get their sexy back.

Yin Yang Principles

“Feminine strength does not push or control, rather its power comes from compassionate wisdom and offers a perfect compliment to its Yang, masculine counterpart. Without Yin, or water, the Yang, or Fire, burns too hot and eventually extinguishes itself. Yes ladies, there is strength and beauty in being women. We are needed, and in turn, need a healthy connection to that which is our opposite to be truly balanced. No woman is an island, rather she is the water surrounding the island that permeates and nourishes all life. Let us endeavor to keep our energy clean and vital, together.”
Sarina Stone

What Does the Jade Egg Do?
The Jade Egg is a marvelous way to strengthen and control More …

A Blessing in Disguise – Dr. Robyn Benson

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While traveling in New Mexico, Shyena gave me a treat on my birthday to stay at Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Health Spa in Sante Fe. The night before, I got terribly sick with that awful bug and could barely get out of bed. I really wanted to enjoy my gift, so when my friend Louise Kockler recommended I get a Myer’s cocktail, I did the unimaginable (to me) and agreed to get this shot.

Truly, it was a blessing in disguise, not only did I enjoy the spa a day later,  I met an extraordinary women – Dr. Robyn Benson. I had such an remarkable recovery I just had to write her:

Dr. Robyn Benson, I am writing to thank you for the treatment the other day. The whole experience of seeing you was remarkably friendly and warm. Just what a healing center should be! I’ve been to many such places, and I have to say, your hearts and kindness comes soaring through. As a ‘stranger’ coming from out of town, and then not feeling very well at all, I couldn’t really express my gratitude to you. Thank you for introducing me to something new and a bit ‘scary’ – the Myers Cocktail- with great care and finesse. I feel fantastic. I have to say I have never recovered so quickly, and now, days later I feel remarkably well. — Amara Charles

Needless to say, I loved Robyn’s brilliant and loving approach to healing.

But that’s not all.

I found out she’s a world renown Holistic Healing Expert.

And, she invited me to be part of her Self Care Revolution in July!

You can join the Self Care Revolution for free too.

More …

Lemon Essential Oil – Your Secret Weapon for Sensuous Health

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Because I believe feeling healthy is quite sexy, I’ve invited Margurite, who’s  as passionate about health and well being as I am. to contribute to my site.  I’ve been using (and absolutely loving!) Young Living Essential Oils for over twenty years. This new series will keep you up-to-date on some of the best essential oils on the planet.  – Amara

Lemon Essential Oil—Your Secret Weapon to Sensuous Health

by Margurite Mullins
Most likely sitting in your kitchen right now are answers to a multitude of health problems ranging from poor memory and immune disorders to fibroids and  tumors.  Some amazing answers come from lemons! You may use them to refresh drinks or add flavor to cooking, but you may not know this common fruit has little-known health properties as well. More …

How Did You Know I Wanted This?

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I believe happiness in our intimate relations can change the world.  Our feminine and masculine essence is absolutely precious; and when we can give this freely, without any expectation of return, it is the most valuable substance on earth.

How we give our most sacred, most special essence is a matter of practicing the skill of what the Buddhists call ‘Exchanging Your Self for Others’.

We tend to think our most intimate expressions happen under the sheets wrapped in the arms of a lover. Yet, the secret to having more of these moments, if this is what you want, is by practicing Benevolent Compassion.

Exchanging Your Self for Others is an active practice of Benevolent Compassion. It’s a matter of learning to observe by watching, asking questions to find out, noticing reactions, and constantly listening for clues about what someone likes. You will begin to see that the most revealing clues about what we really like come out unconsciously. More …

Announcing a New Workshop with Amara Charles and Steven Barnes

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Premier 1 Day Workshop with Amara Charles & Steven Barnes for Singles and Couples March 8. Phoenix
New Date: March 7 th & *th, Phoenix

The IDEA of increasing your prowess (sexiness in motion) is a matter of learning to become an instinctively healthy, sexy human animal. When your body, mind and heart are all singing the same song, intuitive action becomes the rule of your life.

Singles and Couples Register Here

Cost: $99

NEW DATE: MARCH 8. NE Phoenix (Address Provided upon Registration)



Steven Barnes:

the “Secret Formula”
is a luck magnet.   I’m telling you,
when you have clear goals, believe
you can and should do it, are taking
constant action (and of course
noticing your results and making
micro-adjustments, while committing
to constant improvement) and
living every day with an “attitude
of gratitude” you attract allies like
crazy.  And most strangely, “luck”
multiplies.  Opportunities come to
you with the predictability of American
Express and Visa offers arriving in
the mail if you raise your credit score.
When you don’t need money, people
offer you credit.  When you don’t
have a job, you can’t get a job, but
as soon as you have one other
people offer employment.  When
you don’t have a relationship you
can’t get one, but as soon as you
have one people mysteriously start
showing interest.

1 Day Workshop with Amara Charles & Steven Barnes

But really,  this will not be a mere discussion of concepts to stir your passion… each IDEA is a body experience designed to help you experience the instinctive design of your erotic intelligence.The idea of course is to increase your body intelligence so you can draw on your intuition any time you need it. More …

Love Your Daddy (part two)

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Inspired by a remarkable letter written from a son to his father after attending a Quodoushka Sexuality Workshop. He attended by himself (with the blessing of his wife, who also attended a Q).

Read Love Your Daddy (Part One)

By Amara Charles

Lets say a father makes his son suffer. But the father doesn’t know he’s causing his son to suffer. He does not see how, nor understand why his son is suffering. So the father carries on doing the best he can.

The reality is that the father copes with his pain, but he has not looked into its root causes. He deals with his pain the way he learned to from his dad, and he passes the ball on to his son who then passes it onto his wife and family. Perhaps from a young age the grandfather mistreated the father. Even though the son wants things to change, the habits are deep.

Until somebody gets the game for what it is, the only thing that gets passed (usually veiled in numbness or angry outbursts) is resentment,  And thus, the wheel of suffering spins from generation to generation.

Whenever you recognize that the root cause of suffering is always some form of withholding love, you pick up a light arrow of awareness. This moment of awareness, this pause of habit is priceless; it stops the cycle of suffering.

It’s quite liberating to realize, whoa, this is not ‘me’. I’ve just been acting the way I was taught, behaving the way I grew up. The instant you realize this, you sort of catch the habit by the tail. Then there is a gap, a pause, a chance to do something, anything different. What I enjoy about Taj’s letter is the way he seeks to untangle the original kink, and the way he knows the stuff with his Dad is somehow the key to liberating more passion and love with his wife.

So instead of creating a kinked loop of dark resentment covered in bland indifference, a new trajectory of compassion has begun. This is the key to liberating sexual, intimate love and compassion.

Using our defensive childhood coping strategies of withholding love never works. Withholding love only breeds the resentment that perpetuates suffering.

However,  I do respect the tenacity of those early twisted- love -patterns we take from and pass on to our loved ones and I know they need constant attention. The glimpses of awareness we gain can be fragile and fleeting.

I especially know how those love kinks may return when we go home to visit families…

So to comb through the tangles and return to the natural flow of love, do this healing practice from Thich Nhat Hanh:

Breathing in, I see myself as a five-year-old child.

Breathing out, I smile to the five-year-old child still alive and present in me.

Breathing in, I see the five-year-old child in me as being fragile, vulnerable, wounded.

Breathing out, I embrace the five-year-old child in me with all my understanding and love.

May the generosity of your spirit lead you to break the chains of the past and may you have the energy to walk boldly on a path with heart.

In Beauty, Amara Charles

Next Quodoushka 1 workshop in January 30-Feb 2 2014. Phoenix

Read the remarkable unedited letter from a son to his father

Amara Charles is the Author of Best Selling book.

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka by Amara Charles


What is it About Breasts?

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Maybe someday, it will be fine to show bare breasts and enjoy in their beauty without being shamed. What it is about breasts that makes us feel so uncomfortable?

Female Breasts that is. Last I checked, every female has them. But we can only do certain things with them, one of them being we must hide them in public. We are allowed to tease, with partial peeks around the edges, but not the tips, or the nipples. Really, nipples must be tucked away from view.

If you’ve ever gone to a place where every one is naked, in about ten minutes, everyone stops looking. So the argument that baring breasts causes too much arousal, (similar to what some Muslims fear) is just not true. In reality, it’s the hiding, the partially revealing that’s far more arousing than letting them just hang out. I noticed our strange customs around breasts when I created this video, Beautiful Breasts, which is banned from You Tube, I guess from showing those nipples. I made it to celebrate the beauty of our breasts. But most importantly I wanted to give women a way to connect lovingly with their own breasts.

Certain breasts are okay, I’ve seen many films showing bare breasted indigenous women. Guess that’s okay, because? But showing western women enjoying their breasts, or for the purpose of healing? Still way too much for you tube. Perhaps demystifying breasts may influence too many women away from surgeries to augment them. Given the fact that so many women are suffering from breast cancer, and almost everyone I know knows several women who have had serious issues with their breasts, isn’t it time to flood our media with empowering images? Could it be that mainstream’s phobia about showing breasts, combined with our obsessive fascination may be contributing to the shame women feel about their bodies?

Rosa Talks about Breast Exercises

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Beautiful Breasts Intro Video clip

Yin Way Breast Exercise Feedback and Questions like these are rolling in.

Hello Lovely Goddesses!
I am loving the Yin Breast Restoration Restoration exercises. Thank you for bringing this to us. I have questions. Can you direct me to a site or tell me on a physiological level, why these are beneficial. Also, what about women with cancer history (not necessarily active stage), fibroids, suspicious spots or lumps, etc? And what about active stage?

Hi Rosa,
Thank you for your kind words and inquiry.

This is such a huge topic! There is a lot of great clinical research on the benefits of Qi Gong-(you could say this Yin Way Exercise is Qi Gong for the breasts).

Yin Way Breast Exercise

Yin Way Breast Exercise. Now available.

I am gathering resources for you and will be sending more information soon. Promise.



Hooray! I have been doing the exercises every night before bed for 3 weeks now. I wish I’d taken a ‘before’ photo because I believe my breast have changed…developing some fullness on top as opposed to the flatness they’ve had. And to think, I’d been counting the days until I could afford a breast life procedure. I Love You!!!

From: Amara Charles []
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 11:00 AM
To: Susan Oake; Rosa Casas
Subject: Re: Yin Way Exercises



You Tube may have removed my video, but there’s no stopping beauty. You can still see the intro Beautiful Breasts Video Poem on Vimeo

Beautiful Breasts from Amara Charles on Vimeo.

Amara Charles presents a video poem inspiring women to love their beautiful breasts. An inspirational video, this is the introduction to her new release of the Yin Way Breast Exercises for sexual restoration. By practicing this self love, self massage exercise, women can love them selves and love their breasts. The full exercise is available @

The Most Profound Quodoushka Letter I’ve Ever Recieved

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her-icon-chocolate JPEG

Quodoushka January Phoenix
*posted with permission, of course

Dear Amara, Mukee, John and Emily,

We are back in the (very) frigid Northland again. It’s 18 degrees F right now and is predicted to be in the below zero range over the weekend.

But we are warm within. We have taken your hot juiciness with us.

You are all so very talented! You are all funny. You are all sexy. You are all brilliant.

Hot, hot, hot and so very kind and wise – Each of you.

Amara – whose perfect understanding of group dynamics and perfectly paced delivery never failed –even when coughing. Your complete acceptance of the Sexual Being before you was a Welcome Home to everyone in the room. Mukee your lusty, sexy humor and goodwill to all and your fabulous freedom and body language took the material home. John (“Ryan Seacrest”) with your brilliant speaking style and connected embodiment of the material (can’t ever stop thinking about that Forest Fire Orgasm demo!) you taught us a depth of knowing that will stay with us for years. Can’t believe you aren’t a veteran of the course! And lovely, dear, Super-Hot Emily who made us all feel OK about being sexy
because you were always the sexiest. We will remember you moving with pure pleasure on the floor, (trying to) grab John’s leg, and of course your fantastically sexy outfits. What a great role model for all of us.

Somehow, you wonderful, sexy people managed to transform us. You carried us from our tight, frightened inner space to expansive places of fluidity, self-acceptance and grace. Thank you!

Thank you for moving us.

When we arrived in Phoenix More …

My Mother’s Ben Wah Balls

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I often return from visiting my Mom swirling from the differences in our lives. This time, brimming with benevolent compassion and feeling rather sexy after teaching several Quodoushkas, I was perfectly poised to find the bridges of heart-to-heart connection between us.

Within the first 5 minutes, as I’m unpacking my bags in Florida, I open a box of of Jade Eggs.

What are those? she asks.

Out of respect, I could have easily made up something. But there was something about the way she asked – it was like she already knew what they were. Sure enough, before I could even say, she blurts out;

They go inside your ‘pupick’ (our polite family word for vagina.)

Yep, that’s exactly what they are Mom. They go inside and they feel really nice.

I have this thing with my mother. I don’t go into details unless she asks. This time she does, so I venture a little further;

I show women how to become stronger and juicier.

Sensing this is a bit too much information, I shift to,

How do you know what they are?

As if she’d been using them for 70 years she delightfully boasts of her new-found sexual education,

They talk all about Ben Wah balls in Fifty Shades of Grey. I figured that’s what they were.

My sister chimes in and says, You should write an article on Fifty Shades.

Next, my sister-in-law can’t wait to tell me she has read all three books, which she says, Are really cheesy, but I can’t put them down.

Ok, I confess, I am one of several people on the planet who has not read Fifty Shades of Grey. Apparently, these tugs from my family, and possibly the sky-rocketing Jade Egg sales on my website are trying to tell me something. I used to consider my teachings using Jade Eggs somewhat esoteric, but who knew?

I’ve been wondering why these books are now more popular than Harry Potter.

Have you read Fifty Shades? Is it worth the read?

p.s. Thanks Mom. You’ve got balls. And I love you.

Quehestemehah. You Dance in My Heart In beauty, Amara Charles

p.s. Want to learn about  how Jade Eggs can strengthen your muscles and increase lubrication? Come to my Woman’s Retreat called the Shakti Queen!

Temples Tea and Treasure in China

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Temple China

My Video poem celebrating the Buddhist Temples in the glorious mountains of Wu Tai Shan in China

A Natural Language for Sex

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This  is a video poem from my recently released best selling book: ‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’ This clip shows the difference between clinical western approach affects sex, and how the more nature based language of Quodoushka can uplift and inspire more magical sexual experiences.

Amara Charles is author of the Best Selling "The SExual Practices of Quodoushka'

The self-healing tips for HANGOVER

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The self-healing tips for HANGOVER are finally here!
Re-posted from Cedric Sun
from his blog: New (but old) ways to stay healthy

There are often 2 major kinds of hangover symptoms:

1: Headache being the main symptom, with eye swollen or/and echo in the head from talking. This is usually caused by acetaldehyde accumulation.
2: Bad emotion being the main symptom, with nauseous or vomiting. This is usually caused by acute gastritis.
If you went hardcore the night before then you may have both. If you have swollen fingers or even losing conscious, then it’s probably alcohol intoxication and you better have someone call 911 for you.

To save you from symptom 1, find the following points:

No.1 Bai Hui: midpoint of the line between the two ears, very top point of the head. Method: press. (Picture above)


No.2 Tian Zhu: on the neck, level with C2, in the depression at the lateral border of trapezius. Method: rub.


No.3 Gan Shu: level with T9, 2 fingers away from the spine. Method: tap, hit or rub (Don’t worry if you can’t find the exact locations, even you are just working the area it will still work.)

To Save you from symptom 2, simply rub the up, down, left and right, 4 points that are about 3cm from the bellybutton, then press them down, hold about 6 seconds then release. Repeat about 10 times or simply till you feel better.

Hope this helps! (Although I have not yet got a chance to test them myself )

Cedric Sun

In the Presence of a Master

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Angela Yan Healing Workshop

For the last few weeks I’ve had the remarkable experience of being with Master Angela Yan. Although she does not not call herself a Master, other people do. It’s not only because of her remarkable family heritage or because she trained from highly renown Qigong masters; it’s because of how she lives, what happens and how you feel in her presence.

It is said some masters arouse the fragrance of roses in your mind; with Angela, it’s more like tea and dumplings. More …

Angela Yan’s Lineage and Healing Case Studies

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Angela Yan

Angela Yan Chinese Qigong Healing Works and Research

In 1989, Angela performed her “steel needle” demonstration at the International Qi Gong Conference. Ten volunteers performed blood and pain-free “needle-trough-leg”, (piercing a needle through their calves) at the same time under her Qi Gong force. This created a major impact at the conference.

She then traveled to Germany, France, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Tai Wan and Mexico to teach and heal patients. She performed many group healings with as many as 20 patients in a single session. In one month, as many as 200 patients were either fully recovered or showed great improvement from Angela’s healing sessions.

During her visit to Germany, Angela held a seminar for western doctors where she presented research from universities of Berlin, Zurich and Italy that substantiated results of her direct healing methods. Modern instruments were used to test her Qi Gong healing on a brain cancer patient. The result showed significant changes and brought her great respect from European medical practitioners.

Angela Yan Qigong Case Study

Another recent Qi Gong study was done at California medical center in Orange County, California. The results shown here indicate significant increase in circulation and reduced muscle pain before and after the Qi Gong session.

Besides in person healing work, Angela has also performed numerous long distance healing sessions. Her most recent session was performed from Buffalo, New York to Tokyo in the spring of 2011. This patient was diagnosed with bladder cancer and was informed by doctors he had one month to live. After Angela performed long distance healings, he showed great reaction, left the hospital and still lives normally until today.

Angela has had success healing gum and blood cancer completely in a single session, and has helped heal other seemingly incurable diseases in 4-5 sessions. In many cases, since dramatic results occurred quickly and sometimes immediately, at times they appear even unbelievable.

Angela’s Teaching

Angela believes that no external help or approach to healing can be ultimate. Every human being must learn about life, and learn how to exist in a healthy, harmonic and balanced state. Besides her own Qi Gong method teaching, she also provides teaching on many other Eastern traditional and spiritual healing methods which include:

-        Buddhist chanting, dharma and sutra, energy hand gestures;

-        Taoist energy cultivation and breathing techniques;

-        Yoga, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Fan, sword, calligraphy and Tea ceremony

Angela Yan Tai Chi

Recent Cultivation

During recent years, Angela has been traveling to several famous sacred Buddhist mountains in China to cultivate and go into retreat with several holy Buddhist masters, including the well-known great monk, Master Meng Can. She continues to receive teaching and training both physically and spiritually to improve herself.

Angela Yan’s Goal

Angela sees herself as a disciple of Buddha, who is a sacred life scientist to her. She aspires to become a “life engineer” to give and share her best through her “True Qi Gong Kung Fu”.

Angela Yan’s Family background

Angela Yan was born to a family of deeply traditional Chinese cultural and artistic heritage

Angela Great Grandmother

Angela’s great grandmother was the earliest known family member to practice Qi Gong healing and herbal remedies. A legendary figure in her time, stories of her remarkable healing powers were considered almost “supernatural”.

Prof. Yan Hai

Angela’s father, Prof. Yan Hai was a sports work pioneer of the new communist China founded in 1949. In addition to bringing Western concepts of sports into China, he traveled throughout Asia to study and promote the practices of numerous grandmasters in the field of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, martial arts and yoga. He was the author, editor and publisher of hundreds of books on these subjects, most of which were meant to be destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.

Angela’s father and family risked their lives to preserve much of this precious  material.

Professor Yan Hai had worked and studied with, then edited and published books and articles for many well known Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga grandmasters including:

-       胡耀贞 Hu Yao Zhen. 1897-1973.

Contemporary Chinese Doctor, martial artist, acupuncturist and Chi Kung Master. Known as the “Father of Modern Chi Kung”. Founded the Capital Martial Arts Research Society in 1953 and the first Chi Kung hospital in Beijing in 1956. Persecuted to death during Cultural Revolution.

-       曹锡珍 Cao Xi Zhen. 1898-1978.

Modern Traditional Chinese Massage doctor. Founder of the Cao’s Meridian and Acupoint Massage System. His three major books are “Chinese Medical Massage for Trauma”, “Preventive Massage” and “Traditional Chinese Massage Healing Methods”, which were all edited and published by Professor Yan.

-        刘贵珍Liu Gui Zhen. 1902-1983.

Contemporary Chinese Doctor and Chi Kung Master.  6th generation master of “Internal-Conservation Chi Kung”. Founder of the Bei Dai He and Tang Shan Chi Kung Sanatorium. Best known for his books “Practical Chi Kung Healing Methods” and “the Internal-Conservation Chi Kung”.

-        顾留馨 Gu Liu Xin. 1908-1990.

Famous martial artist. Specializing in Yang’s and Chen’s Tai Chi Pushing Hands. He was Tai Chi teacher for Hu Chi Minh, and many Chinese government officials. Professor Yan was the primary editor and publisher of his works and a close friend.

-     郭林 Guo Lin. 1909-1984.

Famous female Chi Kung master. Most well known for the “Guo’s new Chi Kung Methods” which she developed. In 1949 she was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had to have her uterus removed. In 1959, the cancer moved to her gall bladder. After another operation, she developed this Chi Kung style which has been proved to have direct effects against cancer and other chronic diseases. Her books on Chi Kung still hold publishing records and her Chi Kung style is being practiced by people all over the world.

-        番場一雄 Kazuo Banba. 1937-2003.

Japanese Yoga master, doctor and philosopher. 2nd generation master of Yuko-Yoga and founder of the Japanese Yoga Korei Organization in Kyoto, Japan. Professor Yan was invited to become the consultant of the Yoga Korei Organization in Beijing where he had many of Master Banba’s books translated and published in China.

Professor Yan Hai’s titles include:

-        Honorary Director of Chinese National Chi Kung Society.

-        Commissioner of Chinese National Sports and Physical Culture Association.

-        One of the ten founders of the new Chinese Sports and Physical Culture Commission, and the People’s Sports Press.

-        Received life achievement award as the “New China Sports Pioneer” from Chinese Government.

-        Deputy Chief Editor of “China Encyclopedia” Sports Volume.

-        Consultant of Japan Yoga Koreikai Beijing Branch

-        Honorary President of United Kingdom Nei Chia Taijichuan Association

-        Consultant of German-Japan Goshukaku Zen Dojo.

Angela Yan’s Formal Lineage

Angela Yan Sword

Angela’s earliest training started with her father, Prof. Yan Hai. She was trained in both the traditional ways of Qi Gong and martial arts as well as western sports. She received her formal healing training from 2 grand masters in China:

Master Li Yong Chang (李永昌)

Master Li was the founder and president of Chinese Martial Arts Therapeutic Research Center. Members of this center are elite martial artists and national competition champions. The famous actor Jet Li was treated, trained and transformed from a weak young man into  a highly acclaimed martial artist through Master Li Yong Chang’s teaching and healing methods. Angela trained with Master Li for several years where she received the knowledge of his unique, comprehensive healing method which includes the essence of acupuncture, Qi Gong, massage, folk remedy and martial arts techniques.

Master Qi Yao Qing (覃尧卿)

Master Qi Yao Qing (覃尧卿)
Master Qi was born in southern China at Guang Xi Province. In early 70s’ he was named a “national treasure” Qi Gong master by Qi Gong science researchers. His energy magnetic discharge was measured at 3 times the level of other contemporary Qi Gong masters. He also performed in many Qi Gong conferences and showed instant results in front of as many as ten thousand people. His Qi Gong method Jing Gang Zi Lai Gong was formed 170 years ago by Master Shi Zi Lai from Shao Lin Temple. Master Qin’s grandfather received intensive training from Master Shi Zi Lai and thus became the 2nd generation master of this powerful Qi Gong projecting style healing method. Angela’s master Master Qin Yao Qing was trained with his grandfather and became the 3rd generation master. After Master Qin Yao Qing passed away, Angela officially became the 4th generation master of Jin Gang Zi Lai Gong.

Angela Yan Pouring Tea