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Internationally renowned sex and intimacy expert Amara Charles has traveled teaching Spiritual Sexuality workshops internationally since 1989, helping men and women reconnect with their passion, restore the potency of their sexual energy, and deepen their appreciation of life. As a mentor, facilitator and trainer, Amara has helped many discover their hidden passions in order to experience a more meaningful approach to sex and intimacy.

I am passionate about giving people access to esoteric sexuality practices that work — to help men and women turn ordinary sexuality into extraordinary relationships.

Her dynamic, insightful and often humorous presentation style inspires audiences to heal relationships and have more passion, playfulness and pleasure in their intimate lives.

Amara is the author of Sexual Agreements and Aching to Open. Her new book, The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka, which is the first to reveal the Shamanic healing practices of sex from the Nagual Tradition, published by Inner Traditions/Bear & CO., is available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

Amara is also the first White Tigress initiated on Western soil into the ancient Taoist Sexual Arts which she draws from to teach both Taoist Restoration and Shamanic Sexual Practices for men and women. Amara is also one of the few teachers authorized to teach Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality workshops based in the Toltec and Mayan traditions that show us how to heal and experience the sacredness of our sexuality.

In addition to teaching Quodoushka and the Taoist Sexual Arts, her transformational workshops  include Feminine Spring; Reclaiming Your Sexual Vitality and the Yin Way Rejuvenation Course for Women. For couples, Amara offers D Y E N Discover Your Erotic Nature, Touch for Two Couples’ Massage, as well as Men’s Sex Forums to reveal the secrets to sexual to extraordinary intimate pleasure.

Amara has been a guest on BBC, ABC, and HBO as well as numerous national and international radio shows. She helped establish the Red Lodge Yearlong Shamanic ceremonial program, has led Rites of Passage Ceremonies for parents and teens and is committed to helping people transform their lives and their relationships with greater sensitivity, awareness and passion.

Like many people of my generation I am a seeker. In the 1980’s my search led me to California where I attended a workshop called Quodoushka based in the Toltec and Mayan traditions that teach about the sacredness of our sexuality. That was the beginning – it was where my life shifted dramatically onto a spiritual path that offered profound insights about empowering myself as a woman. Through years of observing my life I discovered how my own body and mind holds the secrets to the mysterious feminine and masculine energies of life.

My devotion to my spiritual calling continues. There are many paths one can take to evolve spiritually. I realized that using sexual energy with wisdom and care open’s one’s heart into a more compassionate way of living.

Quodoushka Sexuality Practices

I have been teaching Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality and Rights of Passage teachings since 1989, when I became an apprentice to the Sweet Medicine Path of Turtle Island. Since then, I have had the good fortune to travel sharing these life transforming practices with men and women around the world. My new book, The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka, which is the first book to be published about these amazing teachings, will soon be available worldwide through Bear & Co.

Taoist Sexual Arts

Feminine Spring, Yin Way and the Women’s Empowerment Programs reflect my passion for the teachings of female Taoists who have inspired methods for achieving health, tranquility, and longevity by their example. The Taoist Sexuality teachings we share focus on practices for sexual restoration and spiritual refinement. Our path is about learning to  harmonize our receptive yin and active yang life force energy.

Amara is the first White Tigress initiated on Western soil into the ancient tradition of Taoist Sexual Arts. Blending the wisdom of the Taoist and Shamanic healing methods for over twenty years, Amara is one of the few women authorized by her teachers to teach in both the Taoist White Tigress and Quodoushka traditions.

Perhaps some of the teachings and practices I have learned may be of use to those seeking to find a more spiritual and empowering approach to sex and intimacy. If I can help a few souls that pass my way, that would be great. It’s the soul I want to speak to.

Testimonial from a Woman’s Sexuality Workshop USA
All of the women at the Woman’s Sexuality workshop collectively created a very safe place for me to sort out live time confusions and blockages of energy I had around sex.  I had life changing shifts in my universe on two levels.  One was an education about a woman’s anatomy and the nature of orgasms.  Another was the lifting of blockages of sexual energies in my body.

I have never felt safe discussing sex with other women, so my only glimpse into the sex life of another woman was through what various men had told me.  I was always suspect of this source because a man can only report to me from a man’s vantage point.  One area that this caused confusion for me was in the area of orgasms.  Having never openly discussed this subject with any other women, I was convinced that I was not multi-orgasmic which, in turn, led me to believe there may be something wrong with my physical structure.  But I had nothing to compare to, since I have never openly discussed this with a woman, either. I think this confusion in and of itself caused blockages in sexual energy in my body. I had the misconception that there is only one type of orgasm and all the other sensations I felt were just that….wonderful, incidental sensations.

At the Q, I received a rather in depth education on the wide variety of women’s sexual body types and how each body type experiences orgasm differently.  I also received an education on the wide variety of types of orgasms every women is capable of having.  Consequently, I came to realize that I am indeed multi-orgasmic. What a very liberating realization this was for me!  Not only that, but I learned how to become even more multi-orgasmic.  And even better yet, I learned that orgasms promote physical health, so any “societal taboos” I was still caring around about orgasms fell away.

I think it’s a sad commentary on the sex education in western society that a woman 52 years old is only now learning such very basic lessons about her body and her sexuality that should have been taught at puberty.  It’s especially sad to me when I realized mine is a very common story.

On another level, I had allowed a childhood incident and a rocky 18 year marriage to create additional blockages of sexual energies in my body. I had long since emotionally recovered from these incidents, forgiven the parties involved, and created new relationships with them.  But I had always suspected that I still had resulting blockages of energy in my physical body.   Taking part in the Q helped me to open those blockages.

Just as when a person eats Big Macs everyday of his life for 50 years, complete healing from the ill effects is not going happen over night, I think its going to take some time for completely healing my physical body of sexual blockages, but I started that healing in a very big way at the workshop and came away with very useful exercises to continue the healing on my own.

I would encourage all the women of the world to experience this workshop as early in their adult life as possible.”
- Sally

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