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Welcome to the Amara Charles blog. This area of the website is my personal playground of creativity, expression and thoughts. It’s where you can learn more about me and what I do. These are the topics and experiences that are most special to me. I hope what’s here will inspire you with passion and hope for the future.

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A Fun interview In Prague

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A Fun interview In Prague with Sex Cafe

I’d love to come back to Prague (and I think I will) ! We shall see.

Watch the Fabulous Shakti Queens of Texas

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Thank You so much ladies for opening your hearts and sharing in such an honest and passionate way!

Our Next Texas Shakti Queen Women’s Empowerment Retreat is August 11-14 2016
Our Shakti Queen Texas Graduates have first dibs on spaces available

Alpha Women Say Soft is Better

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I know what you might think. Yes, while it’s true being as hard as rock can lead to hours of hot, driven, pounding love, there is a softer world filled with off-the-chart sensations – for both men and woman. The truth is, soft is where the sensation is. When you’re soft, relaxed and open you can feel more. And the softer the power, the bigger the bliss.

For Him

Of course, there are physiological (and highly pleasurable) reasons for staying hard. Most, but by no means all! ejaculations happen at the apex of a sturdy rod. While this often feels very very good, until you develop the ability to relax and open during epic surges of energy, both you and your partner will lose a great deal of what could be harnessed to feel more healthy, happy and alive. More …

Watch This: Texas Shakti Queens Talk with Amara

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Protected: Yee Ha Shakti Queens – You are Gorgeous!

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Why Should You Use Products With Lavender Oil?

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Lavender is one of the loveliest fragrances in the world. For many of us, it is a highly nostalgic fragrance…bringing back childhood memories of lazy summer days in the forest or helping parents with the flowers and garden.

Lavender OilHowever, lavender is more than just a beautiful plant with a wonderful fragrance. It also is a powerful herb with many physical and emotional health benefits. Lavender has been used for many things, including:

  • Stress
  • Sleeplessness
  • Infections
  • Skin issues
  • Migraines
  • Burns

One of the key reasons that lavender is effective for health purposes is that its aroma is rich in molecules known as esters. These molecules are antispasmodic, tonic and pacifying. Other molecules in lavender provide it with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Below are some of the most common uses of lavender:

Respiratory System

Lavender oil is very useful in keeping the respiratory system in good health, and can help to reduce colds, flu and cough. It is particularly good when the respiratory tract is clogged with mucous.


Lavender oil has cicatrizant properties that are helpful for wounds, and also for burns and cuts. Some users report lavender can help with dermatitis and eczema.

Aches and Pains

Lavender is known as one of the best ingredients to relieve sore muscles and joints. Rubbing lavender oil into these areas can provide you with quick pain relief, and the aroma also is most relazing.

Ways to enjoy lavender oil include:

· In the bath: This is one of the best ways to use lavender for aching muscles and joints, as well as stress relief. You can simple add about 10 drops of lavender oil in a hot bath and agitate the water. Lie back in the water and feel the pain and stress melt away.

· In the shower: After you get your hair wet, just add three drops of lavender oil to one cap of water and pour it on your head. Stand under the shower and allow the oil to run off. Put your hands over your face and inhale the fragrant vapors.

· Lavender massage: This is one of the best ways to apply oils to your body when you have tight muscles or sore joints. When you rub the oil into the skin, it usually is absorbed quickly and reduces pain within minutes. Massage White Flower Analgesic Balm into the sore muscle or joint can be especially effective in melting away pain.

· Lavender foot bath: This is a wonderful way to ease tired feet. All you do is add six drops of lavender oil to hot water in a big bowl and soak the feet for about 10 minutes.

As mentioned above, a good product to enjoy the benefits of lavender is White Flower Analgesic Oil, which is commonly used in China as a gentle and natural alternative for pain relief. Also, this balm helps to relax the mind and promote a good night’s rest when used at the end of the day.

This balm works wonderfully as a foot soak to ease the pain of tired feet, and the soothing aroma helps to relieve your stress at the end of a long day.

Another option to relieve pain with lavender oil is Camphor Oil.This oil also is highly effective to naturally relieve pain in sore muscles and joints. In addition to lavender oil,  camphor oil is also is a highly effective analgesic for sore joints and muscles. Camphor is extracted from several types of trees. When it is rubbed into the sore part of the body, it helps to increase circulation to that area, which can quickly relieve pain.

Whichever product you choose, the lavender oil combined with other natural products is highly effective in relieving pain and providing stress relief.

I am a Young Living distributor.

You can order essential oils with my Member Number


Pearls and Perils of Online Dating

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Part Two

In case you missed part one: Virtues and Vices of Online Dating

I’ve been getting two kinds of comments from my last newsletter; tales of awful dates and stories from those who, while they first thought nothing spiritual could come of this, now bless the day internet dating was born. As promised, a friend who’s in the midst of this adventure, agreed to share the progression of her date ads.

If you’ve ever been curious about how to put your self out into cyberland in a good way, or you have some experience in the matter, we’d like to learn more. After reading these examples, I would love to know what you think makes a great ad or what turns you off? Would you respond to any of these, and if so, why? More …


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Out there somewhere

there is a love who will never dream

of saying you’re too much…

Who speaks, like you,

in poetry and candle wax and stardust…

Who runs outside on stormy nights to howl at the moon…

Who collects bones, skulls, feathers and tattoos

and sings incantations and communes with ancestors…

And that lover,

when you find him or her,

will see you and know you,

just as you are and just as you should be…

And they will say

Yes. Yes, you!

I will go there with you…

anywhere you want

into any light filled crack

or dark lurking shadow you have never shown

another soul


By our guest poet Kalil


I have been waiting for this!

Virtues and Vices of Online Dating

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This series is dedicated to erotically intelligent women and men who are increasing their magnetic presence to attract higher levels of engagement.

Have you ever considered writing an online ad?

It can be a fascinating way to increase your magnetic presence to seek, find and deepen your beloved relationships. I know quite a few switched on seekers who have found some rather amazing people online and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.  While online rules of engagement may change the way we meet, the laws of attraction remain. The question is, how can we refine our approach to seeking and finding a beloved, online or otherwise and turn it into a spiritual adventure? More …

Waiting To Exhale

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I was told that in order to be a real woman

I had to be so many impossible

and sometimes contradictory things…

Even the brilliant (so-called)

“new age”

abandoned my womanhood

in a barrage of criteria

about what it means to be a true woman,

and demands of men about how to be with us,

with aware, yet dissatisfied women…

And all the while

all I really wanted

was to exhale…

I was waiting to exhale…


I was told to pray for him to come,

Visualise him,

Create my reality with him in it…

This paragon of ultimate manhood

that is expected to be more divine than God

and surpass perfection itself,

to fulfill impossibly long lists

of feminine wishes and demands

so we could know we had “made it”,

know we were no longer usurped




And all the while

I knew I didn’t have to search for him,

I knew he would find me,

and I would know myself in him


lying on his chest,

surrendered in his arms,

I would finally


Written by a friend of mine, Kalpi



Dance, Helen, Dance

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Oh my Goddess Helen. You are so beautiful. You body flows on the wings of your heart. I cannot wait to see you at the November Quodoushka in Kauai.

Dance for me again and again, will you?

In beauty
Amara Charles

Jennifer Shares about Quodoushka on Kauai

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Jennifer Q1 Kauai

Quodoushka 1 & 2 Kauai November 4-7  11-17

Q1&2 Flyer registration HAWAII 2015

Free Quodoushka Intro Sunday November 

7pm on Kauai. Please contact Jennifer Easterly <roseskybird@icloud.com>

Two Faces of Beauty

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mirror-effect-a-1You’d think the choice between beauty and something unattractive would be simple – just nudge closer to what feels nice and avoid what you don’t like.

But have you ever noticed how right behind what attracts you most comes something that does not? It’s as if beauty has a secret twin that pulls you closer to what you want, and then, once you’re enchanted, shows you the other side. Don’t think of it as beauty = good, ugly = bad; really, because what is unattractive to you helps you look past surface beauty and opens you to being nourished by deep beauty.

It’s not only that you can’t have one without the other, both are perceptions that we react to all the time. Sometimes we avoid beauty, sometimes we melt into it. Sometimes we cringe away from something ugly, sometimes we can’t take our eyes off it. Beauty and the unattractive are inseparable, and the more you see both sides as one,  the less you’ll be baffled or blindsided when the other face appears. More …

Chasing Your Shadow

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sherrys shadowDedicated To my Friend, Sherry Folb who helped me birth my first book, Sexual Agreements.

May you rest. And continue your journey in peace.


Me and My Shadow Drawing by Sherry Folb

 Let’s imagine someone has a growling shadow lurking within, which when poked, likes to start aggressive arguments and behavior. This person will project their shadow through quarrels and disruptive actions, and if it the shadow gets its way, he or she will find some clever way out – either by leaving or finding the perfect distraction – anything to avoid a good look within. More …

Amara Charles Interview with Chatter Box TV ~ Part Two Crickette

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Crickette vid Pt 2 clip

Crickette Gill of ChatterBox TV – she’s irreverent, she’s funny – and she’s a cat woman (very intelligent)  We chat about Erotic Intelligence, jade eggs, what happens in Shakti Queen, vaginal restoration, jade stems, gazing at the dragon and how to give your pussy a PHD… (as if she doesn’t already have a master’s degree…)

I thought our last interview was good ~ this one’s great. Crickette is so funny and so easy to talk with! Her questions turn me on! We had such a blast in my backyard and having tea…I  only wish we had camera rolling afterwards because that’s when the camera man gave his two cents, starting with something like, “well, I haven’t gotten too many complaints…

Yes, I said laughing, still, if you’re really intelligent, you’ll keep asking me questions. (which he did). So I asked if he wanted to hear my shortest poem, The Mark of Intelligence, (which he did).

The Mark of Intelligence

is the way

you open your legs.


Don’t you think?