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Feature Article: Sexy Success

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What makes for stellar success is a personal thing, but my recent visit with Jaiya, a successful sex educator, shows how doing what we like in bed may be just what we need to succeed. While being filmed for her VH1 special on somatic (hands on) sexology, we got a private peek into how she delights in using her sexiness for success, and her success to stay sexy – and why we shouldn’t settle for subpar in either.

Busting Myth #1: You have to Sell Out to Succeed

Have you ever noticed how things speed up when you’re feeling successful? You seem to do much more in less time, you have to say ‘no’ to things you could once say ‘yes’ to, and you don’t have as much time to hang out. To others it may seem as if you’ve sold out. The speed of things focuses your mission, challenges you to be excellent and makes you select where you place every precious ounce of attention (and where not to.) If you relax inside, you can handle the ‘swish’.  It’s exhilarating. The faster things happen, the more of a magnet you become for more connections. Now, take this same principle, and apply it to your private erotic life. Riding the sublime comes down to: just doing it creates the desire and energy for more.

Busting Myth #2: It’s Who You Know

It’s not who you know, it’s what you do with who you know. Success is contagious, as the happier and more generous you are, the more fun you are to be with and thus the more opportunities land in your lap. Since success tends to make you feel wanted, you become someone people want to be near. That is, if you are actually enjoying your self inside the buzz. Now take this into your personal erotic life. When you are generous, even inside the whirlwind of busyness, taking each conversation to heart, appreciating anyone near you, you are multipling pleasure. This is the alluring energy behind success, and it works in bed too. If you’re tense while doing the never-ending stream of whatever you’re doing, or you are not content with what (or who) is sitting next to you, success will always be just out of reach. It’s not only who can help you succeed, it’s who’s around to share it with.

Busting Myth #3  It Takes Money to Make Money

This myth is about the idea that you have to have money to make it, or erotically, you have to have a partner to have sex. While it’s true, sex is always better with a warm body, the trick to both money and sex, is having some. In Jennifer Goldberg’s article, Why you Need Good Sex, she says,Seeking out—and having— good sex is a self-perpetuating cycle. The neurotransmitter dopamine—which “focuses your attention on something you really want to go after,” (explains Dr. Pfaus)1—gives us the confidence to approach mates we think will provide the most pleasure, while good sex releases opioids, which further stoke the fire.’

Busting Myth # 4  Pain = Gain

The myth that successful people are too driven by ambition to enjoy anything (and there are plenty of examples) comes from the idea that it takes self – sacrifice and suffering to end suffering. But pain loops may not only deplete your reserve of dopamine, if you don’t have it right along the way, it wont will be much fun when you ‘get there’. Another option is to operate on a pleasure loop for success. It’s not a selfish grasp for pleasure, or a perpetual craving for what’s missing, it’s a loop where you derive pleasure by giving something of value to others while having a blast along the way too. It’s the tease of anticipation, savoring every nibble and squeeze while feeling delight in another’s joy that’s the stuff of success. When it starts happening in the boardroom as smoothly as it does in the bedroom, as I experienced being with Jaiya, you know you’re onto something good.

What’s success? Feeling grateful for being alive is success; the rest is relative.

In beauty, © Amara Charles

Quehestemehah ‘You dance in my heart’

Amara Charles’ Best – Selling Book ‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’ featuring the Sexual Anatomy Types as Seen on VH1 is available on or

Aphrodite Nipples: Chocolate Elixir

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We love this place in Sante Fe…
They used to make Aphrodite Nipples, maybe, after seeing this, they start making them again…
Made this a while back. We have a chocolate pit stop for the 7hour drive back to phoenix. Keeps us awake the whole ride…

In the Presence of a Master

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Angela Yan Healing Workshop

For the last few weeks I’ve had the remarkable experience of being with Master Angela Yan. Although she does not not call herself a Master, other people do. It’s not only because of her remarkable family heritage or because she trained from highly renown Qigong masters; it’s because of how she lives, what happens and how you feel in her presence.

It is said some masters arouse the fragrance of roses in your mind; with Angela, it’s more like tea and dumplings. More …

Healing Workshop and Clinic with Master Angela Yan

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Angela Yan

Healing Workshop and Clinic with Qigong Master Angela Yan
Phoenix Arizona
You can attend Friday Night
Where? Center for Divine Awakening
near 40th Street/Greenway
contact: Susan Oake

Healing Workshop: December 2-4, 2011
Healing Clinic Sessions: December 5-10, 2011

Angela Yan has dedicated her life for the last 30 years to healing the sick and
teaching others to heal themselves. She has been invited to give healing
clinics all over the world, yet she is selective where she chooses to travel. We
are thus extremely grateful and happy for the rare opportunity to learn from
this amazing woman in Phoenix, Arizona.

This workshop will focus on self-healing through an introduction to ancient
Buddhist Chinese healing methods. You will learn simple, yet powerful
Qigong healing practices to improve your health and well-being. You do not
need prior knowledge of Qigon
g and you will be able to practice on your own
after the workshop, In addition to learning how to harmonize your physical,
emotional and mental energies , you will experience Angela Yan’s uniquely
uplifting teachings about how to sustain health, harmony and happiness.

Angela Yan Tai Chi

‘A natural life is 120 years. This should be common. Yet, why do people die
early? They do not follow the law. They do not know how to harmonize their
natural self. You must find where your personality comes from in order to
purify and cleanse. Knowing who you are and where you come from helps
you find and follow the right path. To heal, you must understand yourself
more, regardless of your path or religion, in order to reach enlightenment.’
Angela Yan

Angela Yan Sword

The Healing Clinic
Following the workshop, you can also book personal healing sessions with
Angela Yan where you will have the opportunity to ask for personal guidance
on specific health issues. She will be helping to heal your energetic field,
locating the sources of your illness and giving you guidance on what you
must do to maintain your health.

To Book a Session with Angela:

Angela Yan Pouring Tea

Workshop: December 2-4.

Attend Introduction (Dec. 2nd) Friday Night Only:
Healing Clinic Sessions (1-3 people):

Angela Miao Fu Yan is a Qigong doctor with over 30 years experience healing patients from many types of illness ranging from cancer, to arthritis, depression, and other imbalances. In both the workshop and personal sessions, Angela will impart healing from her extensive Shao-Lin lineage training with some of the most important Asian martial artists and healers of the century.

Angela Yan was born to a family of deeply traditional Chinese cultural and artistic heritage. Her great grandmother was a legendary herbalist and healer; her father, Professor Yan Hai, was a renowned teacher and publisher who risked his life to preserve the knowledge of some of Asia’s greatest martial
artists following the Cultural Revolution.

Please view Angela’s Yan’s formal lineage to see the masters she has trained with, as well as her history of successful healing sessions with patients around the world.

Angela sees herself as a disciple of Buddha, who she views as a sacred life scientist. She aspires to become a “life engineer” to give and share her best through her “True Qi Gong Kung Fu”.

Healing Workshop and Clinic with Master Angela Yan
Phoenix, Arizona

Attend Introduction (Dec. 2nd) Friday Night Only:
Times: Friday: 7-10pm. Sat. 10:30 am-5:30pm. Sunday 9am-3pm
*If you choose to attend the workshop after attending Friday night.

Workshop Times, Details and Location will be provided upon registration

Reserve a Healing Clinic Session (1-3 people):
December 5-10
Contact Susan:

To Register by Mail: Make checks payable to Nourishing Arts.
Send Payment To: Nourishing Arts 3741 East Shangri La Road Phoenix, AZ 85028

Or Register Online:

CANCELLATION POLICY: You must notify us 10 days before the event. There is a
$100 nonrefundable fee for office expenses. Within 10 days, deposit is non-refundable.


A boy named Luke developed RSD, a chronic progressive neurological condition that affects skin, muscles, joints, and bones. He could no longer walk and
regular doctors were unable to help him. After working with Angela, his RSD completely disappeared. His pediatrician said, “I could not believe it. I have no explanation. It’s a miracle. They carried him upstairs to her office and he walked out.” He went back to school and soon was playing football and soccer.

Angela Yan’s Lineage and Healing Case Studies

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Angela Yan

Angela Yan Chinese Qigong Healing Works and Research

In 1989, Angela performed her “steel needle” demonstration at the International Qi Gong Conference. Ten volunteers performed blood and pain-free “needle-trough-leg”, (piercing a needle through their calves) at the same time under her Qi Gong force. This created a major impact at the conference.

She then traveled to Germany, France, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Tai Wan and Mexico to teach and heal patients. She performed many group healings with as many as 20 patients in a single session. In one month, as many as 200 patients were either fully recovered or showed great improvement from Angela’s healing sessions.

During her visit to Germany, Angela held a seminar for western doctors where she presented research from universities of Berlin, Zurich and Italy that substantiated results of her direct healing methods. Modern instruments were used to test her Qi Gong healing on a brain cancer patient. The result showed significant changes and brought her great respect from European medical practitioners.

Angela Yan Qigong Case Study

Another recent Qi Gong study was done at California medical center in Orange County, California. The results shown here indicate significant increase in circulation and reduced muscle pain before and after the Qi Gong session.

Besides in person healing work, Angela has also performed numerous long distance healing sessions. Her most recent session was performed from Buffalo, New York to Tokyo in the spring of 2011. This patient was diagnosed with bladder cancer and was informed by doctors he had one month to live. After Angela performed long distance healings, he showed great reaction, left the hospital and still lives normally until today.

Angela has had success healing gum and blood cancer completely in a single session, and has helped heal other seemingly incurable diseases in 4-5 sessions. In many cases, since dramatic results occurred quickly and sometimes immediately, at times they appear even unbelievable.

Angela’s Teaching

Angela believes that no external help or approach to healing can be ultimate. Every human being must learn about life, and learn how to exist in a healthy, harmonic and balanced state. Besides her own Qi Gong method teaching, she also provides teaching on many other Eastern traditional and spiritual healing methods which include:

-        Buddhist chanting, dharma and sutra, energy hand gestures;

-        Taoist energy cultivation and breathing techniques;

-        Yoga, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Fan, sword, calligraphy and Tea ceremony

Angela Yan Tai Chi

Recent Cultivation

During recent years, Angela has been traveling to several famous sacred Buddhist mountains in China to cultivate and go into retreat with several holy Buddhist masters, including the well-known great monk, Master Meng Can. She continues to receive teaching and training both physically and spiritually to improve herself.

Angela Yan’s Goal

Angela sees herself as a disciple of Buddha, who is a sacred life scientist to her. She aspires to become a “life engineer” to give and share her best through her “True Qi Gong Kung Fu”.

Angela Yan’s Family background

Angela Yan was born to a family of deeply traditional Chinese cultural and artistic heritage

Angela Great Grandmother

Angela’s great grandmother was the earliest known family member to practice Qi Gong healing and herbal remedies. A legendary figure in her time, stories of her remarkable healing powers were considered almost “supernatural”.

Prof. Yan Hai

Angela’s father, Prof. Yan Hai was a sports work pioneer of the new communist China founded in 1949. In addition to bringing Western concepts of sports into China, he traveled throughout Asia to study and promote the practices of numerous grandmasters in the field of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, martial arts and yoga. He was the author, editor and publisher of hundreds of books on these subjects, most of which were meant to be destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.

Angela’s father and family risked their lives to preserve much of this precious  material.

Professor Yan Hai had worked and studied with, then edited and published books and articles for many well known Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga grandmasters including:

-       胡耀贞 Hu Yao Zhen. 1897-1973.

Contemporary Chinese Doctor, martial artist, acupuncturist and Chi Kung Master. Known as the “Father of Modern Chi Kung”. Founded the Capital Martial Arts Research Society in 1953 and the first Chi Kung hospital in Beijing in 1956. Persecuted to death during Cultural Revolution.

-       曹锡珍 Cao Xi Zhen. 1898-1978.

Modern Traditional Chinese Massage doctor. Founder of the Cao’s Meridian and Acupoint Massage System. His three major books are “Chinese Medical Massage for Trauma”, “Preventive Massage” and “Traditional Chinese Massage Healing Methods”, which were all edited and published by Professor Yan.

-        刘贵珍Liu Gui Zhen. 1902-1983.

Contemporary Chinese Doctor and Chi Kung Master.  6th generation master of “Internal-Conservation Chi Kung”. Founder of the Bei Dai He and Tang Shan Chi Kung Sanatorium. Best known for his books “Practical Chi Kung Healing Methods” and “the Internal-Conservation Chi Kung”.

-        顾留馨 Gu Liu Xin. 1908-1990.

Famous martial artist. Specializing in Yang’s and Chen’s Tai Chi Pushing Hands. He was Tai Chi teacher for Hu Chi Minh, and many Chinese government officials. Professor Yan was the primary editor and publisher of his works and a close friend.

-     郭林 Guo Lin. 1909-1984.

Famous female Chi Kung master. Most well known for the “Guo’s new Chi Kung Methods” which she developed. In 1949 she was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had to have her uterus removed. In 1959, the cancer moved to her gall bladder. After another operation, she developed this Chi Kung style which has been proved to have direct effects against cancer and other chronic diseases. Her books on Chi Kung still hold publishing records and her Chi Kung style is being practiced by people all over the world.

-        番場一雄 Kazuo Banba. 1937-2003.

Japanese Yoga master, doctor and philosopher. 2nd generation master of Yuko-Yoga and founder of the Japanese Yoga Korei Organization in Kyoto, Japan. Professor Yan was invited to become the consultant of the Yoga Korei Organization in Beijing where he had many of Master Banba’s books translated and published in China.

Professor Yan Hai’s titles include:

-        Honorary Director of Chinese National Chi Kung Society.

-        Commissioner of Chinese National Sports and Physical Culture Association.

-        One of the ten founders of the new Chinese Sports and Physical Culture Commission, and the People’s Sports Press.

-        Received life achievement award as the “New China Sports Pioneer” from Chinese Government.

-        Deputy Chief Editor of “China Encyclopedia” Sports Volume.

-        Consultant of Japan Yoga Koreikai Beijing Branch

-        Honorary President of United Kingdom Nei Chia Taijichuan Association

-        Consultant of German-Japan Goshukaku Zen Dojo.

Angela Yan’s Formal Lineage

Angela Yan Sword

Angela’s earliest training started with her father, Prof. Yan Hai. She was trained in both the traditional ways of Qi Gong and martial arts as well as western sports. She received her formal healing training from 2 grand masters in China:

Master Li Yong Chang (李永昌)

Master Li was the founder and president of Chinese Martial Arts Therapeutic Research Center. Members of this center are elite martial artists and national competition champions. The famous actor Jet Li was treated, trained and transformed from a weak young man into  a highly acclaimed martial artist through Master Li Yong Chang’s teaching and healing methods. Angela trained with Master Li for several years where she received the knowledge of his unique, comprehensive healing method which includes the essence of acupuncture, Qi Gong, massage, folk remedy and martial arts techniques.

Master Qi Yao Qing (覃尧卿)

Master Qi Yao Qing (覃尧卿)
Master Qi was born in southern China at Guang Xi Province. In early 70s’ he was named a “national treasure” Qi Gong master by Qi Gong science researchers. His energy magnetic discharge was measured at 3 times the level of other contemporary Qi Gong masters. He also performed in many Qi Gong conferences and showed instant results in front of as many as ten thousand people. His Qi Gong method Jing Gang Zi Lai Gong was formed 170 years ago by Master Shi Zi Lai from Shao Lin Temple. Master Qin’s grandfather received intensive training from Master Shi Zi Lai and thus became the 2nd generation master of this powerful Qi Gong projecting style healing method. Angela’s master Master Qin Yao Qing was trained with his grandfather and became the 3rd generation master. After Master Qin Yao Qing passed away, Angela officially became the 4th generation master of Jin Gang Zi Lai Gong.

Angela Yan Pouring Tea

Angela Yan – Qigong Master Healer

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Our friend Kenny  went to China with this amazing woman, a Qigong doctor who is invited around the world to heal all types of illness. I will be updating this post and giving more information about who she is and why you should meet her soon.

Fortunately, Master Angela Yan stopped by our home upon their return from China.

This rare video is a short documentary of her remarkable healing work. (Please keep in mind it was made about 16 years ago…)

Well, they did stop by for a few days. All I can say is that Angela is amazing. Wow. We are bringing her to Phoenix because we have so many friends who need healing. Including Physical healing of all kinds and Emotional healing, such as depression, anxiety or any type of imbalances you may have.

We have not even announced that Master Angela Yan will be coming to Phoenix December 2-6  , and her workshop and clinic are already booking up.

In addition to a Friday, Sat and Sunday workshop, where Angela will be teaching and practicing her special healing form of Qigong, she will be seeing private patients in a clinic following the workshop. Workshop participants will be given first choice of private or semiprivate healing sessions with Master Angela Yan. December 4-6.

Enjoy and be inspired to come and learn!

Contact if you want more information.

My First Quodoushka Book Signing in Asheville!

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amara booksigning

My Dream has come true!

Many years ago, when I was roaming the Strand Book store in NYC (which still smelled like books), I said to myself,

‘Someday, my book is gonna be on ‘the shelf.’

25 years later, it has happened. It’s still sinking in.  And yes, it feels as good as I dreamed it would.

Seeing my book on the shelf (next to the Kama Sutra, no less), is as sweet as sweet can be. I hope people will enjoy reading it.

Then I got to talk and sign books. What a blast!

Talking about sex on a Monday night, with kids roaming about, people drinking coffee, and more than a few fellow book lovers listening in… what could be better?

Support Local Book Stores!

Support local Book Stores!

Malaprop’s is the quintessential independent book store. It’s cozy, warm and big, and it’s in the heart of funky, upscale Asheville, North Carolina.

(there’s rocking chairs in the NC airports instead of benches. Seriously. )

You can get lost in the aisles, pulled by rows and rows of books, and of course, there’s some rather fair and shiny, down-home folk strolling about.

I ask, ’how many of you have been to a book reading at Malaprop’s before?’ They ALL raise their hands. Most come to the store to hear authors regularly. Nice. Not many places like this left. (BTW, if you know of a great Independent book store where you live, I’d love to come by.)

Malaprop's Book Store

Signing books was fun, because it’s still the personal connections we make that really touch us. There were women and men in their seventies, and several young guys in their 20′s (I do like this), with every age in between. The questions were intelligent, as you would expect in a book store…

Yes, there were some raised eyebrows, and you could feel people swallowing tightly, at times, but, (and maybe it’s the Southern hospitality,) they were more than polite. They seemed quite open to my message that our sexuality is natural, healthy and good.

I love introducing the idea of spiritual sexuality to new, curious folk. They wonder what it is. Rightly so.

Malaprop's Book Store

The Best Part

The Sexual Anatomy Types certainly gets their attention, especially the way I talk about it– just on the edge of acceptable conversation. Right on the edge, actually.

Virginia, who takes care of guest authors who come to speak, bless her heart, had a grin from ear to ear the whole time. Virginia, you, and Asheville rock.

Thanks for having me.

p.s. Help me Hit #1 on Amazon on September 27th.

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka

Buy a copy of  ‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka’ on September 27th on

p.p.s. No, it wont be signed… BUT, being highly ranked on Amazon means a great deal to the books longevity and worldwide availability.


Are You a Pit Bull Man or An Antelope Woman?

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Sex Types: Do We Fit?

Do We Fit?



I Rocked the House @ Ignite Phoenix Afterhours with: Find Your Sex Type from my new book : ‘The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka.’

Anything goes at the Axis Club with Ignite…. Best Part: after the show  everyone wanted to know their Sex Type. Some rather Interesting conversations… I’m talking to men asking their ladies to confirm the length and thickness of their members. To total strangers! And they were loving it!

One woman, when I say she’s a Fox Woman and that her bf is Deer Man (after a bit of description) she asks,  ‘Does a Fox ‘fit’ with a ‘Deer?’

I saw them later sauntering away to their car, looking like the night was going to be good… More …

White Tigress Show by Kamala Devi ~ inspired by an interview with Amara Charles

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The Sacred Slut Show July 8 & 9  in San Diego at the Moxie Theater

Screw social taboos, question legal limits and defy religious assumptions. I go beyond sharing my personal sexual healing, and deliver you into the arms, onto the massage tables and bedrooms of my sacred sex mentors. I tell the story of 5 outrageous women who share turning points from their lives. Come learn about Veronica Monet, Amara Charles, Mare Simone, Tracy Elise and Annie Sprinkle. Past and present prostitutes, Tantra Teachers, Sex Surrogates, Mother Priestesses, and Porn Stars.
I use oral tradition and temple arts to transmit their powerful teachings, and the show culminates in a sacred self pleasuring ritual.  I’m doing a truly transformative tribute to sexy performance art legend, Annie Sprinkle.

Kamala does a great job. it’s  a MUST SEE!!!

Hitting the Sweet Spot

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Shyena Venice, Richard and Reid Mihalko hit the sweet spot at our home in Shangri La. Richard Cooke (from Free Notes) makes these remarkable instruments, which are so easy to play- you simply cannot hit a wrong note. This is Reid’s first go on the gamelan.

Huge out door versions of these amazing instruments are installed in playgrounds around the world.

Guan Yin Goddess of Compassion

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A visit to a Buddhist Temple in California called the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. It’s an extradinary place. We chanted to Guan Yin, Goddess of Compassion for 7 days in the temple and celebrate after wards. This video gives a taste of the beauty and joy of Guan Yin.

Seven Cups of Tea

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Visiting My favorite Tea House Seven Cups- in Tuscon Arizona. We listen to marvelous stories about the Taoist tea culture and where the tea comes from.

Making Erotic History

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We presented Feminine Spring Women’s Spiritual Sexuality and the Sex and Intimacy Retreat in Las Vegas at the Erotic Heritage Museum. It’s a fantastic Museum you must visit if you’re ever in Vegas.

One More Day

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Sounds of the Little Colorado

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